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Created : Jun 26 2018 04:27:00

The Energies of June's Solstice




Winter Solstice…Birth of the new light

June 21 to July 29, 2018

The year reaches its turning point. In astrological predictions the energy of Solstice is said to colour the whole period through to September's Equinox. Winter Solstice is a special and sacred moment in our annual cycle through the solar system, the shortest day of the year. In our Southern lands Solstice is June 21. After this the light can only grow again. Called by Taoism, ‘the birth of the young light’, this special event is celebrated around December 21 in Northern latitudes. It is there that various sacred celebrations of the birth of the new light originate: Christmas celebrations and Judaism’s Festival of Lights, are two examples of Winter Solstice traditions. In Aotearoa/New Zealand Maori New Year is celebrated around Winter Solstice, with the return to the pre-dawn sky of Matariki - the Pleiades star group. See it via upload details below – a mere 440 Light Years away from Earth! This Solstice season Mars is impressively bright in the night sky and it is astrologically strong - all explored in the Planet Dance article, covering the aspects through 'til July 29... now up on this site. 


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