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Christines' Planetary Currents

October - November Transits, Themes of change

Oct 01st to Nov 30th, 2013


Theme: A New Solar Year. When Sun and a New Moon conjoin in Libra on October 5, the seeds are planted for your year ahead. As it happens, Sun and Moon also activated change planet, Uranus, so there will be many twists and turns on the path. That can work to your advantage, expanding your intuition, as long as you don’t get side-tracked at critical moments. Your efforts to get financial affairs onto a stronger footing are likely to succeed over the next two weeks. Keep yourself grounded, with sufficient rest, to protect that Libran fast acting but sensitive nervous system. Little details like this can best support you, with simple healthy routines. Find find time each day to focus on gratitude for the good things you have, which feeds you emotionally during this Water sign feeling abundance. There are many advantages to be gained October 8 to 19, if you realise that even though it is the Libra sun sign time, feeling and instincts, rather than intellect, are in charge. While October 17 can surprise you in a wonderful way, Full Moon in your partner sign on October 19 can stir emotions and misunderstandings may come out to play. Neptune, planet of illusion and inspiration makes things rather misleading, so take nothing for granted on that day. October 21 to November 10 is a ‘retro’ cycle offering you an excellent chance to review your progress and redo some things relating to work. Maybe a better personal profile can be designed now. Creative ideas and design are boosted by the presence of Lover, Venus – your ruler, in a sunny Fire sign and November 1 to 5 is particularly creative. In November numerous planets gather in your money sign and from November 4 to 18, goals and a sense of responsibility gather good results. November 24 to 28 is celebration time.



Theme: Trust the Process. There has been a convention of planets meeting in Scorpio lately and now the party include communication planet, Mercury. This means everything is getting verbalised, you are meant to be speaking out and strutting your stuff in October. Do this promptly and October 6 to 9 could surprise you, with another burst of energy October 13 to 19’s Full Moon. On October 21 that same communication planet - Mercury - goes ‘retro’ in Scorpio: You may have the vision of where things should go, but action could lag way behind for a few weeks, or just get re-directed onto something more urgent. Since October 23 brings the annual return of the Sun to Scorpio, followed by Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on November 3, (November 4 in NZ) this is all about you making a fresh start in a whole hearted way. With energising boosts first from Mars, Pluto and Lover Venus, then business planets Saturn and Jupiter, you are on a roll. November 3 to 13 is perfectly designed for building intimacy in relationship and creative development. Be careful what you say and who to on November 15 and 16 and don’t jump to negative conclusions. By the Full Moon in your partnership sign on November 18 you are shining. An effective productive cycle from November 20 to 28 says completion of your vision can occur, if you reboot your plans now.



Theme: Swimming in Deep Water. Sagittarius does adventure and enthusiasm well, even though more earthy types might warn against celebrating too soon. Yet there is much to celebrate, from October 8 to November 5, when Lover Venus moves through Sagittarius. Likely are more opportunities to be sociable, as well as an exciting plan taking shape around October 17. An unexpected meeting that day could prove to be helpful and gatherings work well, but the lunar eclipse and Full Moon on October 19 needs more caution. While your love nature is heightened by this lunation, there is a double signature of emotional overkill and confusion. Enjoy the passion of Full Moon in your love sign but beware misplaced emotions! When life feels like an adventure, Sagittarius is usually happy; but too many obstacles to free expression, make the Archer bored or rebellious. Routines and obligations can feel like obstacles, yet the Earth/Water harmonies of late October and November, mean the right routines ensure a happy healthy time. Taking the slow path is also a wise way to secure your finances. Around November 3’s New Moon is a good time for retreating from the world and from November 8 to 15, progress is easy with practical concerns. The high points are November 13 to15. Since your annual solar cycle begins on November 22, it might be tempting to throw caution to the wind but real progress depends upon staying receptive to other people’s feelings and sticking to the rules like glue. Then November 24 and 28 can be very productive indeed.



Theme: Letting it Flow. Being prepared is Capricorn’s strength – your organisational skills can really shine in October and November. Sure-footed is the way you like it but there are also a few curves and unexpected detours ahead. These will push you to use your imagination and to leap into new opportunities. The numerous Water/Earth harmonies of these two months, is well designed to boost these abilities, but Pluto is also in Capricorn squared off to the planet of change. This means that learning to be more spontaneous is part of the challenge and the best way to avoid unnecessary power struggles. Beware critiques and ultimatums on October 9, 12 or 30. You don’t want to block the potential of October 7 to 31, which offers a chance to celebrate productive partnership, both business and personal. Then Water sign energy really starts to flow after November 4’s New Moon, flushing out satisfying connections and effective networking. November 5 to 28 also highlights your sexual magnetism and social skills, when Venus moves through Capricorn. This perfect time to connect deeply with loved ones will be very satisfying, if you are restrained and cautious on November 15 and 16, when small disagreements can escalate. From Full Moon in your love sign on November 18 through to 28th, both business and love have a boom time if you just let it flow.



Theme: Vocational Delights. All those roles Aquarius loves, like organising gatherings, helping out friends, driving community concerns and dealing effectively with big mental challenges, may have incurred some difficulties lately. But now October 5 is a New Moon in your adventure sign and the good fun of it all starts to emerge from under the responsibilities. Good productive team work helps from October 7 to 17 and cooperation is just easier to find. A huge gathering of planets - including Saturn - in your vocational sign is not going to let you off the hook of all your responsibilities, but the key is to enjoy it. A Mercury ‘retro’ cycle from October 21 to November 11 is the perfect time to review your schedule and commitments and see what can be pruned or delayed. Find simple ways to take the pressure off and preferably do not start new initiatives during these three weeks. Recent Saturn ‘squares’ may have meant some frustration, but November 6 to 24 is a helpful Saturn phase, making it more likely that your view of what you want to achieve, is nicely in sync with what you can achieve. This is the ‘look deeper’ month, a dig for hidden treasures time, which gets an extra fiery rush of enthusiasm to help you along; as November ends, your progress simply accelerates.



Theme: Swimming through Turbulence with Ease. Ultra sensitive to environments, but sometimes so caught in internal dramas you notice nothing else – this is the duality of Pisces. Since October is a moving adventure, busy dynamic and full of strange detours, your ability to make quick shifts will be an advantage, particularly on the tricky days of October 10, 13 and 17. The two days building up to Full Moon on October 19 are very volatile, potentially in a good creative way. Make the most of this but refuse to fall for crazy unrealistic plans. With so many Water sign harmonies building force from October 26 to 30, you can be successful on many levels and loving connections are one of those levels. November 2 brings clarity about a moral question or adventurous plan that has been on your mind and From November 4, New Moon energy starts to define your moves, as you let that clarity lead the way. Maybe travel with a serious purpose, a bigger commitment to a love relationship, a study plan – whatever is driving you now is backed up by strong intent. Once Sun and Jupiter join forces on November 13 you are ready for the action phase. Adventures of body and mind that feel right for you now, probably are and the last half of November paves your way.



Theme: Managing the Details. As your fiery Aries Full Moon approaches, it’s quite OK to be a bit manic in your level of commitment to a goal that probably has been unfolding since last April. But despite your personal Fire and despite the fact that October is Air-sign Libra time, most of the planets are in Water and Earth signs now and practical concerns and responsibilities are ruling the day. Don’t let it bother you if no one can really understand your level of obsession right now, just get on with following your passion. When a fat Full Moon in Aries rises in the East on October 19, try to see this Moonrise. It is a special day when a ‘karmic’ 18 month eclipse cycle commences for Aries. During this cycle an old acquaintance or a past project from 9 or 18 years ago, may become important again. Something you thought you were finished with may re-enter your life. Planet Mars is said to ‘rule’ Aries and from October 15 to early December Mars keeps your nose to the grindstone. Big dreams and adventurous plans don’t go away but they may have to wait awhile. Tread warily on October 19, 20 and November 1, when keeping your opinion to yourself is also a good idea. Happily, Mars makes powerful friends in late October and all through November, so success following hard work is a likely outcome if you are willing to manage the details. November 4 to 18 is particularly juicy with creative ideas, rich insights and inspiring presentations. Part of managing the details is maintaining good health and busy times balanced by rejuvenating breaks.



Theme: Breathing Space Please! Planets of love, communication and control – Venus, Mercury and Saturn – are all in your partner sign and other people figure prominently in your decisions. Coming up is a time to look more closely at relationships around October 9 – to see the ‘warts and all’ view. Then October 21 to November 11 is a ‘retro’ cycle that ensures you get more glimpses of the behind-the-scenes realities at home and at work. One great benefit of this intense Water sign energy is that it supports you in being fruitful on many levels, particularly after October 23, when Sun moves into your partner sign too. It is wise to tread warily on October 19 to 20 when an unpredictable Full Moon is in charge, and again on November 1. Yet the period of October 30 to November 26, can be a wonderful learning curve, and a chance to really have deep communication about a relationship issue or need, that first became clear October 9. Real understanding can heal relationships in November, whether intimate, friendship or work-related. With a Full Moon in Taurus on November 18, this lunar climax of your year will be a busy one, followed by November 20 to 28’s head-spinning range of opportunities. Earth/Water harmonies help you to dream grand dreams.



Theme: Highs and Lows, Creative Depths. Being emotional is not Gemini’s favourite experience, but with ruling planet Mercury in Scorpio all of October and November, these are emotional times. Be ready to jump into heart matters, with your nearest and dearest and a much deeper intimacy will be born. With Lover Venus in your good-natured partner sign from October 8 to November 5, plenty of laughter and a sense of the ‘cosmic joke’ will move things along nicely if it gets too confusing or disappointing. Remember this around October 10, October 20 and November 1. Do not make big financial commitments on these dates. You do like to keep moving on if boredom sets in, but many aspects of your life demand a concentrated effort and some tedious tasks, will simply have to be done, when Guru Mercury is ‘retro’ from October 21 to November 10. The details Do matter and the Water/Earth harmonies suggest more earthy types reach out to help you, when you make an effort. Since the planet of expansion is in your money zone, there can also be significant financial gains and most important - protection from loss, via a detail-oriented attitude. November 3’s New Moon can set you up to drop a habit that has interfered with successful working or health routines, so give some thought to what this might be. Then, if a long-held dream looks good again on November 12 to 13, you will have a better shot at it in this high enterprise month. Stay practical and progress is easy. From November 22 to 28, play by the rules and a good idea can become something with exciting potential as the climax of December approaches.



Theme: Time to Love. With generous Jupiter in Cancer for months to come, new relationships and new roles are likely to unfold. Since October 13, then October 19’s Full Moon, are both challenging triggers for the Jupiter cycle, this is a ‘bright of the Moon’ week to stay aware. While Full Moon may deliver a tantalising future vision, confusion and unrealistic expectations are likely as well. Hiding out is not the answer any more but joy in each and every action, is the answer. If you let that fiery Full Moon add up to open-minded curiosity, then the very much easier November 4 New Moon and November 18 Full Moon, will be your steps to success and happiness. Creativity blossoms and confidence grows in a cycle like this, and you are simply too busy to do the Cancer worry routine! Healing instincts, love energy grow as well, all helping you crack out of an old shell. Caution is needed around wild unpredictable people on November 1, 15 and 16, yet there is no better month to vote for the positive and express your expansive attitude by trying new things. November 4 to 24 has so many Earth/Water planetary harmonies, they can’t all be listed but suffice to say, travel, learning and love, all look good, with November 28 another exclamation point.



Theme: On Fire with Desire. With planet Mars burning its way through Leo until mid October, you need to burn brightly, so make sure you get the right fuel. This means follow the right desires – the ones that actually support your feel good connections with home and family right now. October 7 to November 4 brings Venus to the fiery party, and lo-o-ove is ever so attractive, except for a confusing patch around October 9-10. Since October 17 to 26 is a time for inspiring conversations, maybe even a sudden revelation around October 19’s Full Moon, be attentive. November 1 could be a fireworks day so keep expectations low, then November 3’s New Moon plants the seeds for an even stronger emphasis on home life through to mid November – a sweet time to be enjoyed, but also responsibilities and effort that peaks around Full Moon on November 18. The home-based projects that work best are repairs and problem solving but big ambitious projects have more chance of success in late November and December.



Theme: Fruitful and Chaotic. You are one of the Earth signs in a very productive life phase right now, yet your guiding planet, Mercury, could slow things down from October 21 to November 10. This means make the most of the next two weeks! You can best capitalise on previous efforts from October 7 to 17. With October 19’s Full Moon a lunar eclipse, it is a new start in your attitude to money. It also strengthens your determination since Mars is now in Virgo, stirring an adrenalin rush of excitement and anticipation that can work very well for you. However, do beware over-reacting to any financial stresses – they will look different by 20th. Mars ensures your ability to juggle different tasks and wear a few different ‘hats’, in November. That suggests you now have an extra-good eye for detail and can find opportunities and act on them. However, once Communicator Mercury is in ‘retro’ motion, from October 21, it will be time for reconsidering your designs, doing research and noticing where your weaknesses are, or where you are least experienced. From November 3’s New Moon focus on making those weaknesses into strengths, by tackling them. Your communication is the place to look – particularly communication with a partner, which could need a little more finesse. Critiques are not always welcomed! After November 11, everything moves very quickly so be prepared. November 13 to 28 is your best action cycle, well supported by Venus, attractor of love and money. A partner needs to be acknowledged now by small acts of love.


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