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Christines' Planetary Currents

Aquarius Time

Jan 20th to Feb 19th, 2010


Full Moon in Leo on January 30 is a wonderful viewing opportunity to also see the red planet Mars, which will be closely aligned Moon. Look East at sunset and you may have the pleasure of seeing Full Moon rising. Since Sun has Venus lined up with it, this is a double opposition of Sun and Venus opposite Moon and Mars, so relationships are the prime theme: A time to remind the people that you love that you do care.

New Moon in Aquarius on February 14 is the process that takes place behind the scenes. It is sacred time, time to breathe energy into an intention, to realign with your own body, to cleanse and rest. Moon is invisible until she distances herself from Sun two days later and reappears as a slim crescent, setting in the West, just after sunset. In Aquarius, the power of community, of shared dreams and ideals is the theme.


Sun moves through Aquarius for a month and you get into your stride. The deeply healing message of a dreamy Neptune duo aligned in Aquarius is stronger now that Jupiter has moved out and Lover Venus has moved in. Between January 20 and 25 the Water Bearer gathers force as Venus and Sun get a very strong ally planet Saturn. This means practical plans, perseverance and a credibility boost all help you get where you want to go. Just don't fall into the negative side of Saturn and become ultra judgemental of other people's failings or allow yourself to be weighed down by an excess of responsibilities. In other words, be compassionate with yourself and others. The week building to Full Moon on January 30 also a ‘Blue Moon' is packed with opportunity. If you pace yourself, then by Full Moon you will be so in touch, in charge and so acting like a legend, that lesser mortals will want to crowd around! By February 13 an important deal can be successfully concluded. Then arrives New Moon in Aquarius on February 14, which seeds a new crop of ideas for the great Aquarian dream. By then, Sun and Moon exactly align with no less than the Dream-maker team of Chiron/Neptune and the two ‘benefic' planets Venus and Jupiter, are in your money zone. This means a vision hatched now could bring very good returns later. Best negotiation days are February 16 to 19.



Now that giant Jupiter is cruising Pisces you are ready to wow the crowd. Yet, true to Pisces duality, you probably feel equally drawn to packing a bag and taking off on a grand voyage. Indeed 2010 could offer you some awesome opportunities around May and even March but for now staying put is a better idea. Reconnect with past biz contacts, transform the way you network and make the most of the ‘bright of the Moon' phase between January 21 and 30. Keep petty, negative people at a distance because you are super sensitive, aka a bit of a psychic garbage can, right now! Those four planets in your soul sector that amp sensitivity also give you a lot of personal magnetism and people are drawn to you. Just remember to be selective, particularly on January 27. Once Full Moon illuminates your hard work impetus on January 30, there will be no stopping you, but on February 1, don't discuss money or sign contracts. Strong action, clear goals and excellent communication to achieve those ends, are on the cards for February 4 to 11. Listen to your heart and stay spiritually sustained and you will get the best of Venus in Pisces, there from February 11 to March 6. Most memorable days are February 15 to 24. More attention, more sweetness enjoy.



January has had its sweet and sour sides but these last ten days of the month are the time to put your skates on. With Venus now in socialising, networking mode for you, it's connect, connect, 'til you drop. Best days for that are January 22 to 26. February begins with another reminder of what has been very clear since last November this is a time of career opportunity, you are willing to do what it takes AND it takes a lot. Known for your fire and drive, you easily overdo things, then your body or your relationships, or both, suffer. At least one prime relationship is putting lots of demands on you as well, so what is going to give? This means that between January 27 and February 1, protect your health and state of mind by making compromises, releasing irritation by a short walk rather than heated words and getting sufficient rest. The demands and controlling people won't go away but you can choose to see these as a welcome challenge. Your friendship sign is centre stage, so reconnecting with good friends is exactly what takes the pressure off. &>From February 5 to 7 this can really soothe your soul. Once Moon and Sun embrace at February 14's New Moon, any ‘all work, no play' motif gets redesigned, particularly around 15-17th when a Venus, Jupiter team simply inspires you.



Caring and capable is an impressive duo and this is typically Taurus. So too is a desire to control the people you love only to keep them and you safe of course. Since Lover Venus rules your sign, any relationship dynamics, good or bad, will hang around in your mind. Yet you are ready for a change of pace...Enter Aquarius time, your career sign is lit up and practical action can have very good results right now. Between January 22 and January 30's Full Moon, a feel-good path towards your goals lies ahead. Let go of any depleting emotions like worry and enjoy the forward thrust of this time. You will not see the clear results until late February when Venus reappears in the evening sky, so try trusting the process. Sweetly reaffirming events will coincide with the meeting of Jupiter, planet of opportunity and Venus in mid February, buoyed by a New Moon. Exceptional opportunities exist in the second half of February, if you are willing to throw resistance aside and build the new contacts, perhaps embrace new roles that are on offer. February 17 to 20 holds the key.



When the solar cycle illuminates a fellow Air sign and Sun travels side by side with Venus, your enterprise and breadth of vision lead the way. It is not about making plans and sitting around discussing options, rather the energy that works for you now is more like a spring gushing forth fresh life-giving water. Giant Jupiter planet of opportunity is adding extra impetus from your career zone, pushing you to embrace change, new ideas, to show your worth. Fruitful action is the outcome when you unleash your enterprising side at such a time. People will listen to your well thought out ideas and clear communication is an important part of the week building up to January 30's Full Moon. January 22 to 25 supports love and pleasure as well as boosting your biz credibility. An important contract may be signed around Full Moon. With Venus boosting your career path from February 11 to early March, you are in demand. So put yourself out there, particularly from February 14's New Moon to February 17 with its sweet alignment of Venus and Jupiter. If you go with the flow, vocational success may be the destination.



Money honey and security plus, plus, is the theme of January 30's Full Moon cycle for you. Not just a luminous Moon but also the red planet Mars adds energy and chutzpah to your ability to earn, to build security and plan for future incomings. If your home base is in the process of change and growth, this will simply help it right along. Since Pluto is unveiling slow but deep changes in the way you do relationships and this is merely stage one of a very long cycle, it is a good idea to stay alert and cautious on February 1 to 3. This is when Saturn challenges the peace, when control issues surface. This too is part of a longer interface cycle between the heavyweight planets, Saturn and Pluto. It began in November 2009 and rolls through to September 2010...get used to it. Your persuasive powers at such a time depend as much on what you don't say as what you do. Refusing to react or refusing to buy into an ultimatum will simply increase your lunar mystery and secure your so important peace of mind. Whatever power urges have lurked in the heart of nearest and dearest, you are learning about them now. You have the opportunity to share power in relationships, much more effectively than you ever have done if you ride the currents of this interesting cycle with an open heart. February 15 to 17 can be a new start on the level of sharing resources.



Roar you must when Mars aligns with Full Moon January 30. Mars being in retrograde motion in Leo, since late December and until early March, is a good excuse to do less, to laze around and refresh. Of course many things interfere with such a fine plan, mostly reality. Yet January 20's advent of Sun and Venus in your partner sign for a while suggests nice understanding people who take the weight off your regal shoulders...allowing you to mostly do the fun stuff. January 22 to 25, January 30 and February 13 to 15 are particularly well designed for creative flair. When the mid February New Moon illuminates the inner dimensions of your relationships, please take some notes! Moon, Sun and Neptune, Chiron all converge to shake up your complacency or reward your thoughtful partnering skills, at home and work. New alliances will be taking shape in the last half of February but it will be mid March before the significance or outcome is clear. You also may be disillusioned by an existing connection mid February and again need a month to process the results. In late February Jupiter helps you have faith and optimism re future security and that magnetically attracts just what you need.



One of your Jupiter super cycles has begun, as the ‘benefic' giant planet cruises your partner sign. This begins a period in which your fortune and happiness are directly linked to prime relationships on personal and business fronts. It helps partnership to get stronger but shows up the cracks where a mismatch occurs. If this is happening at work it stirs your restlessness for change. The more you open the ‘Pisces envelope' and embrace optimism and faith as a modus operandi, the easier it gets. This will not detract from your analytical skills, but it will guard you against those digestive upsets when anxiety gets the better of you. Since Change Agent Uranus has been in your partner sign since 2003 and Jupiter will conjoin Uranus three times this year, you have a special opportunity. The occasional challenge to your expectations and surprise happenings changing some plans is best met with maximum flexibility. January 30 to February 1 and February 13-14 are contenders for this if so see it as a practise run for late April/May. Your best diary dates for ease and flow are January 22 to 25, February 6-7 and 11 to 17. When Venus and Jupiter canoodle in your partner zone on 17th, sweet connections dominate the rest of the month.



A new solar cycle illuminates the nooks and crannies of your love life, your creative yearnings, your children and your general love of life. January 20 to 26 is likely to provide a brief hiatus when you can forget the striving and heavy responsibilities for a wee while. They will return of course because Saturn is now in Libra, pushing you to tackle the big things. But you have two years to do it so don't fall into stress on February 1 to 3, when some kind of test is likely to occur on the home or money front. Your Libran diplomacy and conflict resolution smarts could be needed from January 27 to February 4, so don't take sides, particularly at home. Hold onto your brief respite from worldly concerns by making the most of February 8 to 13, when numerous planet harmonies play your kind of tune. Catch up with friends and family, deepen your connection with others in playful ways and you resonate with this time. Around February 16, a very special agreement can be made but it might be late March/April before you can expect some results, or even forward movement. In many senses, you are laying foundations now that only go further in the second half of the year. Let this be an exciting process.



Ever true to your principles, no matter if others support them or not - it is still nice when others do support them! Such is the bounty of Jupiter in your love sign, more support for your ideas, more recognition of your gifts, assuming you are prepared to share them rather than hiding away. Yet - it does take something more than stepping up. Believing in yourself is a good start and with Mars moving ‘retro' through your career house, you are meant to be doing the background work right now. January 19 to 25 oozes with practical opportunities - Mars, your martial ruler is challenging you to hone your skills and speak up for yourself. Now that the Sun's cycle is illuminating your home and family concerns as well, you may feel like the squash ball bouncing between home and career demands - in the build-up to January 30's Full Moon. Resisting the demands of home or of worldly ambitions is hardly a choice, so time to shrug and make the most of it. Jupiter's bounty will still be flowing after this demanding time and you get the best of it in late February/early March. Happily small blessings like helpful people and good contacts feature from February 6 to 13 and February 14's New Moon begins, on a small scale, a new era for your home life. Clarify constructive changes then let it flow.



The Archer has a special year when Jupiter your ruling planet, cruises your home zone. This is a collect yourself, determine some new directions year, a chance to feel more nourished by your life. In a more literal sense it is also good for home improvement and for glossing up old tired areas. Home and family connections take on extra zest and a few challenges. The extra zest may even come from time away from home, January 22 to 30, but it will come. Since you get bored without challenges, the delicate situations that could arise occasionally will provide added spice to your life. If you want only the spice and not a full blown fire, then situations arising between January 27 and February 3 require that you stay detached from your own interests. Go for the common good and keep negative opinions to yourself. Happily, February 6 to 24 features Jupiter connections that touch your heart. When Jupiter aligns with Venus on February 17, the real potential of February 14's New Moon new start is released. Your own emotional nourishment and people in your home deserve a lot of attention now. Even plans that have been on hold start to have somewhere to go in the second half of February. Enjoy.



When transformation comes a-calling in the shape of Pluto in Capricorn, the Sea Goat feels the call of a new life. Since Pluto will be with you for 14 years, no hurry you may say. that your control-freak ruler, planet Saturn is squaring off to Pluto, the schedule shifts. It is your career sign that Saturn transits and February 1 is the next crunch time. These challenges and exciting calls to action have been making waves since November 2009 and now you are reaching the next stage. Be patient, as indeed you can, because it will be September 2010 before this cycle of shift and redesign is really complete. Use the kind of long term planning suited to your sign, to plan your moves - because February 14 to 28 is excellent planning time. The other good news is that Communication Guru Mercury has been retro in your sign but now moves rapidly ahead, helping you to move ahead with contracts, contacts and practical networking. When social magnet Venus brings you a gentle helpful socialising phase from February 11 to March 7, it will be the human connections and shared interests that work for you. The most fortunate part of this cycle is February 15 to17, when an open mind and informal warmth in your dealings with others, bring fulfilment.


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