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Christines' Planetary Currents


Feb 19th to Mar 20th, 2010

* Venus reappearing as Evening Star from February 22 on. Right after sunset, you will see Venus setting in the West and each night she will be visible in the sky for longer.
* Full Moon on March 1. This special Full Moon carries a theme of service and generosity. It lights up the sign of Virgo and draws upon the spiritual energy of Jupiter and Sun side by side in Pisces. A Moon for deep reflection.


Big times are afoot with Venus and Jupiter still firmly on your side. Even your unlucky breaks have lucky components right now. In the last week of February the pace of life keeps accelerating as Full Moon approaches. Adapt by being as flexible as possible in good Pisces style. This is your time in the sun and it is truly a solar cycle that makes the flow all the go...Those two brightest planets in the night sky, Venus and Jupiter feature from February 28 to March 1's Full Moon, making this lunar climax especially fortunate. The door opens on desired results, in a way that can only occur every twelve years, so make choices carefully. Lover Venus is closing in on that other unpredictable force that has been moving through Pisces for years Uranus and by March 4 that coupling can turn many plans on their heads. Disruptive people or circumstances can make you forget yourself then. Fortunately, an organic sense of universal oneness is the Pisces birthright as the twelfth sign and this will protect you better than anything else. Don't be the fish out of water, flopping around in uncertainty, find the calm centre instead. Even more important, let other people flop around if they must, without feeling you have to fix them. As a sensitive Water sign you often have leaky boundaries and let negative or wounded people overly affect you and 2010 is the year to perfect your natural defences. A Jupiter year expands everything, so let Pisces New Moon on March 16 be the right kind of new start. New Moon makes implementing changes easy since Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus all conjoin. An important realisation and fresh inspiration follow.



Normally this solar phase is a time for Aries to withdraw a little, have more periods of seclusion. Yet your ruler Mars is in sociable Leo and ready to move direct on March 10 after many months retro, so you are pulled both ways. Add to that February 24 to 28's quota of high inspiration and March 1's Full Moon bonanza of strong emotions and life is not low key. Still it's wise to grab every moment of kick-back and reflection time you can, sanity demands it. The overload of Pisces planets is bound to throw some water on some of your high expectations yet it is a fortunate time and bound to give you a creative recharge if you let it. As Mars reaches its 'direct station' on March 10, take a seat in the new express version of your ruler. Reverie, meditation, swimming, water therapy will all keep your Mars Fire contained in the right way. It is your house of love that now has two months of fun, your creative flashes that reach towards genius. If you keep your ego in check and let other people have answers too, this can be an ultra happy time. If not...not. At Pisces New Moon on March 16 plant some new seeds, clarify your intentions then bless and release them, join the dance or yoga or inspiring class that has been calling, find your flow. Now Lover Venus is in Aries from March 7 to April 1, having a fling with Mars. You may be ready for more romance and extra dash but don't get impatient or mouthy. Your social instincts are very good once Communication Guru Mercury joins the party on March 18 and speaking loving words make you glow.



She is back your lovely leading lady, Venus. Again featuring as an Evening Star as of February 22. Remember to look west right after sunset and wish upon that star. If you wish for more happy gatherings, the sweetness of friendship and shared interests, your wish may well be granted. In social matters, a lucky touch just seems to be yours from February 28 to mid March. Highlights are February 28 and March 1as Jupiter and Sun oppose an earthy Full Moon. Since this illuminates your love zone, pleasure is the theme. This may take the form of a creative or love relationship breakthrough. If so, make sure you expand this trend by padding it out with quality time and practical plans that support the flow, particularly on March 6, 10 to 11 and 15 to 17. The latter period is special because it hosts a New Moon in your friendship zone and this is your best chance to manifest that extra edge. Somehow your persona now yells, 'Let's go for it' and sudden inspiration and special meetings are likely to help. Yet Venus may evoke misunderstandings on March 9 or 12, which is no time to over-react and make long term decisions. It is the mighty Mars that comes to your assistance on March 18, vitalising your energy and your certainty. Just reach out. A waxing Taurus Moon from March 19 to 21 helps you find your groove.



Mythic messenger of the gods and planetary ruler of Gemini Mercury, has been stoking up your bright intelligence and there is much to keep your mind busy. With Neptune's visionary energy adding inspiration to late February, you scan many possibilities. This year features an expanded career emphasis so you want to use the opportunity well. The times are demanding and there is little you can do about that except surrender gracefully to your various responsibilities. Energy pumps between February 24 and 28 and peaks at the March 1 Full Moon. Life gets even busier after March 2 when Mercury joins Sun, Jupiter and Venus in amplifying your vocational concerns. Emotions might be running high over the next two weeks, so don't make important decisions under duress, especially March 4 or from March 9 to 12. It is New Moon on March 16 that brings the turning point. This means you shift from the high mental aspirations of late February to a more practical linking of heart and head. You feel the urge for some kind of fresh career start but must beware acting too quickly. The best time will come when Mercury moves into action oriented Aries on March 18 and gets extra energy from Mars, extending the helpful time to March 23. This all boosts your communication and even more importantly your ability to create a plan of action. Having the support of friends or colleagues helps you to shift gear and more readily climb towards your goals.



You have every excuse for mooning about since you are the Moon's own sign, yet you are likely to be in a far more energetic frame of mind than that. In fact this new solar cycle from February 19 to March 20 boosts your spirit of adventure - even urging you to (gasp) take an emotional risk. A soft touchy-feely vibe suits you and is particularly strong from February 27 to March 1's Full Moon, which stirs strong attachments and urges you to voice them. March 4 to 12 supports fertile partnerships and cooperative group activities. Then you engage with the progressive outlook of mid March, when New Moon links with the planet of rebellion - your hunches go into overdrive. In many ways March 16's New Moon is the real start of a new lifestyle you have flirted with for some time. This is indeed an excellent time to restore your equilibrium since Cancer takes a while to fully integrate the changes that have been occurring. Seeds of intention planted now will have great power to transform your life in a way you have anticipated for some time. Don't lose heart on March 18, 20 or 22 just because certain people throw challenges your way. You are more than up to it, once you gather your focus and become calm.



Have life's practical details tended to exhaust you with their slow pace? Have you been burning through money? Fear not change is seeping under the door. First a visionary impulse grabs you in late February. Then Venus and Mars collude on March 8 and Mars shifts gears on March 10. In other words, you are magnetic and attract good support, things are looking up. Big times loom for Leo as the full force of your Fire goes from spark to major blaze when go-getter Mars in Leo resumes '˜direct' motion and you get two months of golden opportunities to prove yourself. This gets another forward push with first crescent Moon March 18-19. Happily creative, sweetly connected is the Venus message in March and that extra Mars edge gradually emerges as a clear plan of action. Late March continues to help you make good connections, you are claimed by busy times'¦Yet sometimes the warrior side of Mars in Leo can trigger sparks of anger and from March 20 to 22 power struggles might simply frustrate you. If so, lavish yourself back into high energy. Get thee off to the pet parlour and get your mane polished by loving hands and it might just adjust your attitude at the same time. You need your energy to do some financial planning, which can work out well this year.



Now it's time to plan a welcome back Saturn party since the many ringed planet will be back in Virgo for three last months in early April. This is a good reason to make the most of February /March with its strong partnership influence. Feel free to express your heart's wisdom. Sweet shared times are on the menu, with February 24 to 28 particularly yummy. Then March begins with a Full Moon in Virgo, opposite a cosy coupling of Sun and Jupiter giving yet more emphasis to love new love, old love rekindled, opening your heart to loving again. Your Raunchy Virgin comes out to play as a deluge of Water sign planets wash away your restraint. Even your digestion will benefit from making fun a higher priority in response to your March 1 lunar climax. Close people will continue to surprise you and be basically unpredictable particularly around mid March. Why not decide to enjoy it, learning to relax when plans and promises come unstuck. Consider this around March 12, 20 and 22 when 'go with the flow' is not so easy to achieve. Behind the scenes is often your preferred stage yet Mercury has other plans for you. At March 16's New Moon it's time to celebrate your successes and forge a new path forward. Your guiding planet Mercury links up with the planet of rebellion, promising to turn some expectation on its head and to open the door on unexpected pleasures. Enjoy.



You will see Venus appear again as Evening Star on February 22, if you look west right after sunset. Now she will herald the evening every night for about nine months and this is the signal for you to reflect on what you have learnt about relationships in the last few months and put your new found wisdom into effect. Since the Lady of the Night is travelling with three other planets and the energy is focussed on hard work behind the scenes, some general reflection on your life is fortunate for you. Late February hosts a soothing dance of Venus, Jupiter and Sun and you will easily attract help and support to get things in order. However, once March 1's Full Moon stirs up confusing emotions and Venus goes on to conjoin Uranus, planet of hectic unpredictability on March 4, there will be more cross-cutting tensions and changes of plan. Meditation, dance or contemplative walks will all help you to keep life's demands in perspective. With Saturn in your sign it may feel as if there are just too many balls to juggle. Yet Venus will enter your partnership zone on March 7, signaling a time for more sweet connections and happy gatherings. Lifestyle balance is the key. Also do avoid difficult people on March 9, 12, 18 and 20, when low key power struggles could suddenly explode. Aim to have good escape plans in place for those days. If you make 'Life is too short for stress' your motto, you will rediscover your cruise control.



Happy to delve deeply, feel deeply and put all the clues together in your psychic detective way, the sweet and easy flow of late February might seem too good to be true. The best idea is to enjoy this time while you can because March 1 Full Moon begins a more complex and demanding month. Four planets have gathered in your love zone and one of them is Lover Venus herself. The easiest version of this creative payload of planets is in late February but Venus could easily stir up trouble on March 4 before moving into your hard work zone on March 7 and reminding you that good support is available on March 8. Your friendships and your social conscience are illuminated by Full Moon but the energy to do something about this comes far more easily once your guru planet Mars goes into direct motion on March 10. With your love of life and creativity continuing to be evoked by this solar cycle, you become a real force. As Mars wakes up your determination to be a mover and shaker in your chosen career, this goal will keep you busy between now and early June. The .choices you make in March pave the way. Big setting of intention time is March 16's New Moon. Since Mars stirs up a willful and theatrical side of your nature, do regular reality checks to stay grounded, particularly around March 20. This will protect the new creative vision that is emerging.



The Pisces solar month offers you a chance to connect with home, family and your ideas for future security, all with renewed enthusiasm. You can cement this enthusiasm as practical steps between February 24 and March 1, thus getting the best of that '˜bright of the Moon' week. Once March 1's Full Moon highlights the push and pull between your professional and personal responsibilities, a sense of chaotic overload might start to build and reach a climax on March 4. Fear not, you can effectively juggle your life demands and with your ruler, Jupiter voting for an expanded home life, there is a lot of personal satisfaction to be gained. The heat soon rises in ways to your liking, Lover Venus enters your love zone, linking with energetic Mars, who then goes into direct motion between March 7 and 10. Your philosophical interests and plans for future travel fire up, people from far afield may make interesting offers. Your love life or an exciting creative project, or both, remind you of the sheer pleasure of being alive. Happy connections prevail, yet the New Moon of March 16 falls in the middle of three emotional days. Now a family or home issue needs attention and decisive action. March 18 to 30 adds extra clarity of mind and conviction to help you along.



As the '˜cardinal earth' sign you like to plan carefully then stay the distance once you commit to a challenge. With Pluto in Capricorn since late 2008, there have been plenty of challenges, some intensely frustrating. Your key to success as you navigate the various hurdles and pitfalls is to develop your most constructive obsessions and not let career or life role demands put you off course. Happily, the Pisces solar cycle is well designed to provide a softer intuitive energy that will guide you true. This Water sign energy makes it easier to yield results from your hard work and can be its most helpful in areas of communication by deepening your ability to empathise with others. This is most pronounced from February 24 to 28, a good period for important meetings. Early March takes your goals to a new level, beginning with the March 1 Full Moon. This climactic day signals a result from the accumulated efforts of the last month. The first week of March soothes you emotionally on some level. It is true interface between head and heart that does the trick. Yet March 9, 12, 18 and 20 might throw tests your way as your ruling planet Saturn crosses swords with Venus and Mercury. To avoid a battle of wills at home or in your work, it's a good idea to consider an attitude shift, when you get the nudge of fate. With March 16's New Moon plant the intention to better balance home and work time. Assist the process by Inviting more laughter and spontaneity into your home.



It's get up and go time. Hopefully by now you have embraced your own wellbeing as a good cause, giving your healing needs as much energy as your other good causes. Since the captured comet Chiron is still aligned with planet Neptune in Aquarius and speedy Mercury meets up with them on February 27-28, an uncommon kind of wisdom is available. Prone to be so mentally engaged that the body gets disconnected, Water Bearers usually benefit from actually paying attention to their own physical needs. To achieve more with less, measure your desires by their heart depth and you will be guided true. March gives extra oomph to this metaphysical process and is likely to have a materially satisfying side as well. The whole solar cycle could well boost your income or affirm your material success in some way. Personal satisfaction is linked to learning, teaching and effective communication, once a Venus/Mars duet starts a sweet cycle for you on March 7-8. With Saturn opposing Venus, Mercury and Sun this month, issues will be polarized and you might be called upon to mediate. Beware taking sides March 9, 18 and 22. Mid March may be jumping with secret agreements and financial fine tuning. Only a really objective, fair-minded stance will keep you safe. If you '˜buy in' to anything shady in mid March, it could rebound on you in late April.


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