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Christines' Planetary Currents


Mar 24th to Apr 20th, 2010

MARCH 23 to 25
Cooperation and sharing dovetail perfectly with big responsibilities. A Mars/Sun dance enhances creativity and high aspirations.
MARCH 26-27
Keep ego firmly out of the way when Sun and Pluto square off. Find the common goal, the positive obsession and hold to it.
A Libran Full Moon gathers in the energy of Sun and Saturn. Venus and Jupiter bring happy results - visionary ideas can be made practical. Build a container strong enough to hold a dream. Tread lightly on the sensitivities of others.
April begins with the entry of Venus into Taurus, her happy home place. Until she leaves on April 25, it is a perfect time to expand sensual horizons, add the perfect touches to your life and revel in natural beauty. These are all healing choices.
Powerful emotions arise and are readily voiced when Venus and Mercury link to Pluto. Speak from the heart but beware wounding with words.
Now the seeds of the next month's actions are sown. As lunar energy rises, soul issues are stirred and powerful attachments are formed. Maximise the next four days to initiate important plans before Communicator Mercury goes retro, slowing things down.
Mercury slides backwards through Taurus for three weeks, warning against unwise spending and showing us where corrections need to occur.


This is your time - make the most of it by embracing Awesome Aries and giving Agro Aries a break. Your sign begins at Equinox, the hinge of the year. Fire is rising just as serious Saturn demands mental discipline! It inhabits your powerful counter-sign Libra. Being yourself '˜no matter what they say', is an Aries motif, yet Saturn makes everyone else's needs more important than yours right now. Libran skills like diplomacy and mediation are much called for. Perhaps it's your lover, or a friend or close family member who needs your help and who force you to put your Big Plan on hold. Don't despair, months of preparation show real results by March 30's Full Moon. Nonetheless, genuine commitment to peacefulness is required to reach the next stage. Keep opinions to yourself on the volatile days of March 22, 26, April 3 and 5 you will be pleased you did. Then a fresh charged energetic boost takes over from April 14 to 18, thanks to Aries New Moon. Sheer joy and exuberance still have room to exist, so find the way. Peaceable ways create the perfect container. Success without mega-stress is easily achieved if you protect yourself on March 26, April 3 and 5 to 6'¦by simply cruising.



Taurus of the gentle brow and cow-eyed are historical references to your sign. This is a wonderful compliment but do you care? Hindu poetry may celebrate the docility and fertility of your sign but do you need these things? Well'¦Yes. Once you begin to enjoy Venus in Taurus from April 1 to 25, you too will feel the joy. The gentle pace of life that you love has been lacking, with Venus swishing through Aries lately, fighting battles but soon it all gets softer and sweeter. Loud and pushy people do not thrill you but you make exceptions when love and duty call. Be ready for sudden opportunities that are worth exploring March 24 to 31. Guiding light Venus wants more fire and passion for you and makes you more magnetically attractive, so don't be foolishly stubborn. When Venus enters Taurus on April 1 your life gets on track - don't let shocks on April 3 or 5, de-rail you. There is light at the end of your tunnel and you glimpse it from April 14 to 24, when a spiritual recharge is coming. Mosquitoes do tend to like paradise but that is life. Your ability for realism can desert you in affairs of the heart, so listen to friends who know you well. Luscious days are, March 31, April 1-2, 6, 14 to 18 and 24.



With your razor-sharp mind and sense of duality - is it any wonder Gemini is known as the Trickster? The Cosmic Joke is well and truly obvious these days, with the mystery making energy of Neptune so readily available. Distinguishing between the Dream and the Achievable is the issue. Your worldly roles and career are on fire right now and possibilities abound. An inspiring new cycle starts March 21 and puts you on firm ground. You are ready to shine, to impress others, to network '˜til you drop. Big things are expected of you and it is best to maximize the potential of late March to mid April. You do deliver but be wise and steer clear of a communication fiasco at work or home on March 26-27, April 3 and 5'¦best not to share your take on things. The Joker in the pack is planet Uranus in your career zone. New opportunity and sudden chaos are equally probable in late April so use the '˜retro' cycle of Guru Mercury, to be better informed - explore deep needs and semi conscious desires from April 18 to May 12. There are plenty of playmates available now, so define your aims clearly in order not to be distracted from your most important goals.



With Equinox comes extra energy and drive, as well as extra challenges! Moon in Cancer from the evening of March 23 through 25th, moistens you up and reminds you again of the expanding possibilities of your life in this year of great potential. Ever sensitive to the secret streams that keep you creative and loving, a happy Crab has a happy home. Yet Saturn has precedence over your Home Zone now and responsibilities have probably been weighing you down. After April 9, that might ease for a few months before going into the final stage. It is wise to be circumspect about what you say to protect the emotional balance at home and work on March 22 and 26-27, yet a heart-warming Full Moon on March 30 empowers you to speak out. As long as you avoid being dramatic and are fair-minded, the right people will listen. Your inner rhythms will find an earthy ground in April and improving your body/mind balance is so much easier once Lover Venus is on your side from April 1. Between April 14 and 28 both Venus and Jupiter bring their '˜benefic' energy to help you fine- tune your lifestyle to get that action/rest balance you most need.



Sometimes a shining star and other times off the radar entirely, you like it that way. Yet you will march to the tune of a creatively fierce go-getter Mars in Leo from now until June, so get used to the attention. March 21 to 30 gives you a particularly strong blast of action and a big Leo Moon means a very special evening on March 25 and extra fire and spark to your style through to 27th. Then the Full Moon on March 30 has dynamics perfect for you. It's about teamwork and good communication, but your ideas most likely lead the way to a climax of energetic achievement. An important agreement could be settled in early April and it is worth promoting your ideals. Career or important formal roles come into the spotlight and success is so close you can smell it, so beware upstaging or insulting someone in your team on April 3 or 5. New Moon illuminates your love of adventure on April 14 but the powerful phase of creative cooperation that unfolds over the next fortnight might keep you close to home rather than allowing the travel you crave. Some lucky Lions will get work and travel rolled into one when April 15 to 18 unveils its high potential.



Virgo does have a squeaky clean side, but when you stand on your soapbox and give other people the lowdown on their many mistakes, your own perfection does come into question. Would you really need to criticize, if you were so darn good? So bring on the Raunch - the naughty side of Virgo that loves to play and tease. People you love will find this much more interesting than a torrent of complaints and while big expansive Jupiter is in transit through your partner sign, love and bonding is certainly on your mind. Your natural restraint is part of being an Earth sign but so is a deep love of physical pleasures. Try embracing a more holistic perspective on life, courtesy of Jupiter in Pisces. Laugh at the cosmic joke if you can, even if another testing time comes in late April. From April 1 to 25, Lover Venus stirs an earthy, adventurous energy, which will appeal on many levels. A short study course could prove very beneficial this month. Yet April requires caution around money and how you manage your time. On April 8 Saturn returns to Virgo for its last three months, so forget risky ideas and do make those commitments you have been avoiding. Then be patient after April 18, when some plans may be delayed for a few weeks.



Did difficult people appear far too often in recent weeks? Your responsibilities have probably escalated in March. A group of planets, featuring Saturn as social responsibility go-getter in Libra, have been squaring off to each other. The extra responsibilities that have come your way have probably gone hand in hand with differences of opinion. Mental energy is high in late March and problems are easily solved. Just make sure March 25 to 27 is not a time that you yourself, become the problem. Hidden resentments could take you unawares, so don't get wrong-footed enough to lose that Libran tact. With a Full Moon in Libra on March 30 this is the emotional climax of your year and worth doing well. Themes that began around your last birthday, really take shape now and you may need to change direction or simply complete and move on. Ways that you feel confined may seem impossible to put up with at Full Moon so cut yourself some slack and prepare for an easier April. Except for a touchy April 3 or 6, the pressure lessens on April 8 when Saturn slips backwards out of your sign for three months. From April 14 to 20 it seems easier to be productive and partners might surprise you with their '˜Can Do' attitude. Less serious, more earthy, equals peace of mind.



Mars ruled and seconded by planet Pluto, strong willpower is your calling card. Now your will is best directed to all the important worldly roles you carry. It might be personal, like being someone's partner or deeply linked to your ambition. Whatever makes your inner fire burn is worth an extra big effort, between now and April 20. Mars is on your side and it is made stronger by the new solar cycle. In a word this means, '˜shine'. Not the '˜lurk about in the background' kind of shine but the '˜be seen to shine' is Scorpio's potential now. Mars is prompting huge efforts through until June, but it is this current solar cycle that has a fiery kind of magic to light up your path. As March 30's Full Moon approaches, concepts come together easily and the Scorpio Moon of April 1 & 2 signals emotional fulfillment while Jupiter and Moon dance. Since Lover Venus also enters your '˜marriage house' on April 1, relationships give you sustenance this month. Many things encourage a deeper commitment. Don't fight the wisdom of this on April 3 or 5! You will find that April 6 to 24 will help you listen to your gut instincts, find more balance'¦more enjoyment.



When love planet Venus is in your love zone, your social calendar rocks and romance is on your mind. Yet work, family commitments and demands on your time close to home, have probably been cramping your style, sucking up your time in March. Mostly you have liked it that way and now the solar cycle adds more fire to your love of life. Mars kicks in an extra taste for adventure. Life's pleasures seem to find more room in your life in late March but do keep enough time available to follow up any good connections you make. March 30-31 has a Full Moon and Jupiter gives you a lucky edge, magnetically attracting an interesting like minded person. Expanding your home life and maybe your home itself is on the agenda in this Jupiter year. Emotional depth and greater satisfaction with the small pleasures of life come along for the ride. April 14's New Moon creates the tracks, with many things picking up momentum at once between April 14 and 18. Since late April brings the final challenge in a testing cycle that started in late 2008, leave yourself a safety margin with any financial or work commitments you make in this exciting month.



Now that the Sun has entered Aries, the challenges of your life are no less but they are more pointed. You know exactly where you need to apply your energy and what obstacles to overcome. Less uncertainty is good but you also have a sharper sense of what you need in order to relax'¦and it hasn't quite happened yet. Have you considered relaxing first, before reaching the goal? Considered embracing Aries spontaneous joy to attract what you need? Lover Venus too has been in Aries since early March thus the advice last month to invite more laughter and spontaneity into your home, since Aries is your natural home sign. Yet it's not a comfortable place for the Goat our '˜squares' make us feel edgy, which is why they stir us into achievement. It is Ruler Saturn, the power behind the Capricorn Cool in Control self that is in charge of a '˜transit' more to your taste. From April 9 Saturn's influence helps you find more practical ways to expand your worldview, to put your action where your ideals are. This only lasts until late July when the serious Saturn career challenge, that initially became very earnest last November, sets in for the next two years. Career and worldly roles will demand more of your energy and resolve than they have for a long time. With that heavy effort two years in mind, perhaps a bit of happy grasshopper in the sun time is not a bad idea for late March through to April 18?



Life moving in cycles is an elegant and obvious concept but the part of cycles that brings back an old tough lesson, is not so elegant. This is Saturn's specialty and Saturn is your traditional '˜ruler', so you know the theme well. Reality calls are what bring you back to earth. Frequently via a hard lesson about the body and its needs or the bank a/c and its needs and most recently, the partner or good friend whose needs seem to run counter to yours. A tough lesson is often the only thing that wakes you up from the Aquarian fantasy of being a disembodied head, who can just think it and then do it. Who needs the rest/balanced diet/time out? Well the recent years with Neptune and Chiron in transit through Aquarius have meant, the answer is You do. A special wisdom is available with this transit and knowing more is usually an Aquarian desire. This wisdom begins with listening to your body, finding ways to still the mind. In April, Fire rises and your Air fans the flames, creating many gatherings and spontaneous connections. Since Venus is in your Home Zone most of April home is your sweetest place to be. This also nominates home as the right place to let your artistic spirit have its wings.



The three outermost planets are in the three last star signs in this current era and Pisces has been hosting Uranus, planet of chaos and the lucky hunch, since 2003. Sometimes you can be so spot on in your grasp of things that it seems almost magical, but the Uranus influence can also pull the rug out from under your comfort zone in a split second. Fortunately Jupiter has popped into Pisces for a visit this year and your chance to capitalize on the Uranus lucky insights, has never looked better. Despite the chance of being surrounded by stressful people on March 26 and 27, you are all prepped for passion by March 30's Full Moon. Obstacles may reduce the potential, yet from March 31 to April 6, things just fall into place and practical projects can benefit greatly. Be generous with your time, particularly if finances need ordering. Being super efficient and inspired is a good combo. Since Jupiter opens the door on possibility, its meeting with fertile Venus from April 14 to 18, promises to be special. Helpful circumstances or people that arrive should not be taken for granted. After April 18, maximize the short Mercury cycle by reconnecting with friends and close siblings or returning to an abandoned project to see if there are some gems left.


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