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Christines' Planetary Currents


Jan 01st to Jun 01st, 2014


If you have found life full of changes and surprises in 2013, you can expect more oddball events, plus meetings with folks you have not seen for years, in the first half of 2014. Your planetary ‘ruler’ is energiser Mars, but it is not so wildly energetic for the first seven months of the year. Instead, Mars will be opposite Aries for all of that time, in the sign of Libra, which will be a source of occasional frustration, and at other times immensely helpful. We can all learn a lot from our opposites, and Mars now prompts you to think before speaking, to digest feelings before jumping to conclusions, and to enhance your diplomacy. These are the months to focus on improving all important relationships, with Mars and Venus particularly helpful in late January, mid February and the second half of March. Your Aries New Moon on March 31 has the signature of enforced patience, as well as exciting new challenges and renewed ambition. It is when Mars goes ‘retro’, appearing to move backwards from March 2 to May 20, that special awareness is needed. This is when tolerant amusement is the best answer to silly mistakes and a gentle approach will serve you well. Partnerships can be strengthened or broken asunder, particularly in the second half of April and no friendship should be taken for granted. The big caution days are March 3, April 1 to 3, April 9, Full Moon on 15 to 16, April 22 to 24, and May 11. Make peaceful relationships and beauty of expression, your priorities for 2014. When Venus and Uranus conjoin in Aries on May 16, then Mars moves forward on May 20, your year will unfold in very interesting ways. Embrace the learning curve and there will be no regrets!



It is a strange start to the year with a New Moon in your sign of adventure, while your planetary ruler - Venus, is in retro ‘backwards’ motion, through that same adventure zone for all of January. The testing days are January 14, 17, 23 and 25, plus February 12 and 19, so choose carefully in whom you confide. All this could well mean that you dream of adventurous getaways, but actually experience having your wings clipped in some way, perhaps financially. 2014 is the year of the fresh start and new adventurous spirit that has not quite arrived yet! Fear not, it will arrive, and with it a refreshing sense of going with the flow. Planet Saturn will continue to send hard responsibilities, even some self-sacrifice your way, but if you take the Venus retro cycle as a pointer showing you how to simply flow, then this fertile fecund year promises great rewards. There are Water and Earth harmonies galore through to mid July and these help your personal ‘garden’ to grow. After March 6, responsibilities and roles accelerate, contributing to your confidence, and consequently to your success. Now is the time to pump for your ambitions and to reach out to like-minded friends. A seriously committed relationship could take shape this month, and except for March 11 and 30 to 31, March is the time that people pleasantly surprise you. April can challenge what March set up and April 15 to 24 is a time to guard your health. Your Taurus New Moon of April 29 is the last fateful eclipse of an 18 month series and a genuine new start, which unfolds into a highly satisfying May. Shrug off any old anxieties and enjoy the ride. It gets even sweeter once Venus enters Taurus on May 29.



2014 is a year of gradual progress for the cosmic Twins and the trick to experiencing that is to not get impatient in the first five months of the year, by showing your hand too quickly. Ruled by planet Mercury, your mercurial, shape-shifting mind, is your calling card. This is fortunate because the challenges of January require your most flexible responses, particularly on January 6, 9, 14 and 31. Let people play their power games but claim the higher impartial ground. It is when Mercury returns over old territory during one of its regular ‘retro’ cycles, from February 7 to March 1 that most caution is needed. Don’t get dragged back into an old issue on February 12 or 19 and do record the insights gained on February 16, when Mercury and Sun align. February 24 to 26 could evoke a fanciful idea, a downright impractical or impossible plan that is best enjoyed as a mind game. This is no time to make financial commitments. With a New Moon in your career zone on March 1, Gemini benefits from letting go old disappointments and claiming the right to enjoy the parts of your work you love, while patiently allowing a new creative direction to take shape. This will happen and from March 2 to May 20, when Mars is ‘retro’, it is best to fly ‘below the radar’ of other people’s attention and quietly develop that new direction, helped along by Mars in your love and creativity zone. Again let power games go past you without needing to win points yourself in mid to late April, the danger zone. A New Moon in Gemini on May 29, will help you build up a head of steam from May 31 to June 9, and show your best results in July. Your progress may not always be easy to see, with this string of retrograde planets, but these sometimes frustrating cycles will massively improve your chances of a resounding success, which paves your way for creative satisfaction and security for some time to come.



Helping others, seeking union and staying balanced are the keys to a happy and successful 2014 for the Crab. In order to achieve this, claim the right to make space between yourself and overly controlling people but make sure you identify those powerful people who must be tolerated for your own wellbeing. Jupiter, planet of fortune and expansion, is in Cancer until mid July, so a once in 12 year opportunity is here. The catch is that planets Pluto, Uranus and Mars make hard angles to Jupiter, on January 6, 9 and 31, on February 26 and on April 1, 15 and April 20 to 24. Carve these dates in your memory and set reminders to alert you to the fact that these all suggest, too much of a good thing can suddenly become a very bad thing. If situations or people start to drain you during these times, simply withdraw your energy and attention, until you recover. March has highly satisfying family dynamics and provides many clues to what is therapeutic. Give yourself permission to look after yourself this way, even when things are tough. Then being helpful to others, will actually achieve better results. Unpredictable, exciting and confronting people or circumstances are likely to litter your path. A new vocation or important role could significantly affect you in April, with April 15’s Full Moon, an eclipse in your home and family sign, suggesting fateful new directions ahead. With further challenges from April 18 to 24, your sensitive emotions get a workout, yet May promises immense rewards and much to be grateful for. Since Jupiter gifts can be very big and the challenges equally big, patiently anticipate the grounded Saturn help, when it hooks up with Jupiter in late May. Manifestation and hard-won rewards are Saturn’s style, with children, love, and creative projects the likely recipients.



Sometimes known as the ‘royal’ sign, Leo usually knows how to get what Leo wants. 2014 is a year when getting what you want and satisfying certain dreams is likely. The biggest responsibilities and constraints are to do with home and security, while the exciting change factor comes through overseas contacts, higher learning and throwing yourself into an adventure. This is also a fateful area of your life with unexpected meetings and people from your past likely to play a part. The first five months of the year support research and development: January begins with a New Moon and a Venus ‘retro’ cycle that both suggest January is for work behind the scenes. February 7 begins another ‘retro’ cycle that challenges partnerships from February 13 to March 1, making this the perfect month to review and renegotiate agreements. Wait for March 1 - also a New Moon - to action any agreed changes, and then comes the Mars ‘retro’ cycle from March 2 to May 20! This is the cycle that can work best for you, since it prompts you to finesse and to strengthen your contacts and communications. A project dear to your heart may be tested from April 15 to 24 and any injection of finance needs to be done with care and restraint. Pleasurable social gatherings between May 3 and 16 provide excellent preparation and exposure of your ideas, which can flower most effectively once Venus enters your career sign on May 30. The series of retrograde cycles may demand extra patience but they also will ensure that your creative energy reaps good rewards and is not wasted on a brief flame that dies too soon. A steady burn is more in keeping with your style.



Whether an organiser extraordinaire, expressing your gifted, detail attentive tactile skills, or your helpful healing side, Virgo has a lot to offer. Yet sometimes you doubt yourself, question your choices, change your mind and generally create unnecessary anxiety in your life. 2014 is no year to indulge in such self sabotaging ways. Instead you will be thriving with the fecund Water and Earth harmonies the planets describe in the first half year. Your special skill of paying attention to the small things and hidden effects, will work well for you during the ‘retro’ cycles of this time. Since power planet Pluto occupies your love, children and creativity sign, this is where you can dramatically increase your sense of worth and self standing, even if it comes with a few tests. January’s tests are Jan 9 and 31 - times to be uncritical, while February helps both romance, and your work output, to peak. Yet your ruling planet, Mercury, will also be ‘retro’ in your partner sign from February 6, so treat partners with care! After February 13, you are more likely to be busy with ‘behind the scenes’ work until March 17’s Virgo Full Moon. This lunar climax of your year also requires care with the sensitive feelings of partners and mid March is a time to forgive human failings, including your own. It can be a creative climax if you take this approach. March has much to offer from March 19 to 29, when confidence and trusting intimacy can grow rapidly. Some old relationship wound can be healed on 29th. These trends enable you to sail through the testing time of April 15 to 24, when the people in your life will need you to stay calm, helpful and non-judgemental. The easy progress of April 25 to May 8 is especially well designed for Earth signs like you and practical tasks can be tackled in an orderly way, promoting success and happiness. May 13 to 16 and 25 to 31 also have excellent potential to deliver good results.



2014 is an unusual year for Libra, with your ruler Venus in backward ‘retro’ motion until February 1, and with energiser Mars, in Libra, until late July. All of this means that the year may start with the sense of a rush, but things could bog down and go slow. Be at peace with this process, particularly in January with home and family matters. February brings a different theme, even some cooperation from difficult individuals, but there could be hidden agendas at work. Agreements made with lovers or children could also unravel after February, so be awake to potential misunderstandings. It is when Mars goes ‘retro’ in Libra from March 2 to May 20 that the fun starts. Fast-shifting relationship or tricky family matters could slow you down in confusing ways, and change your plans dramatically. This is a period to be flexible and to limit your expectations of others, of legal procedures and of accountability. Life may simply not be as fair as it ‘should’ be, so don’t get mad, get smart. An eclipsed Full Moon in Libra on April 15 is an important step in this dance. It is a critical time to stay mellow, maybe watch the eclipse as Moon rises out of the sea on the East coast. A lunar eclipse is a slow affair but totality is at 5:47pm AEST and 7:47pm NZT. East coast NZ will get the best viewing. Force nothing but pay more attention to what is going on – then this rare ‘retro’ and eclipse, both in Libra, can be the signal that the relationship you have awaited or the deal you have brokered, come to fruition in odd ways. Union often comes when least expected and these are the five months of “expect the unexpected”. Complications can occur if you try to force anything, particularly in mid and late April. Yet March 15 to 29 and April 25 to May 8 can deliver solutions and boost finances. There are mild challenges on May 11 and 15, requiring your best diplomacy, but the whole month of May is loaded with gifts for the discerning Libran. It is Loving Libra that emerges from the ‘retro’ chrysalis, who knows that payback is small-minded. By May 31, weaving a dream, to enact it as true, is your path with heart.



This nourishing and surprising year has its tests for Scorpio but it also has an extra layer of high potential. Your eyes will be fixed on lofty goals at times in 2014 and the way you start the year is all important. Set your highest hopes now at New Year day’s New Moon and patiently water those seeds for the next few months. Because Saturn is in Scorpio and in direct motion until March 3, January and February are time to lay the tram tracks that you can roll along for months to follow. January 6, 11, 12 are golden, excellent for negotiating or teaching, while January 31’s New Moon gives a needed boost to family harmony, to intimacy and your sense of security. This flows into February with Venus sweetening communication and again assisting negotiation. Re-connect with promises and plans from January, between February 1 and 6, to give them legs. March is an interesting turning point month: Not only does Saturn go ‘retro’ on March 3, but your ruler Mars is ‘retro’ from March 2 to May 20. Through this period it might feel like you are treading water or getting lost in your dreams. This can be a wonderful time for design, creative output and spiritual work. Do at least take the time to reflect and learn in these months, because Earth and Water harmonies are supporting your ability to do so now, in rare configurations. Imagine yourself, swimming in warm tropical waters, or taking to the healing waters at a natural thermal paradise, to get in the mood. The insights that emerge in May will be super-charged by the Scorpio Full Moon, your lunar climax of the year, on May 15. If this also reveals power dynamics which are destabilising an important relationship, it is time to change your part in that. Jupiter, planet of fortune is illuminating the extra help and good feelings that come to you from overseas contacts, from spiritual study and higher learning. A healing shift is perfectly supported by a harmonious linking of Jupiter and Saturn on May 25 and folds into a sweet relationship phase from May 30 through into June.



Sagittarius is the most philosophically inclined Fire sign and characterised by ‘mutability’, which means a tendency to rapidly shift ground. Your mind can encompass huge sweeps but your ruling planet Jupiter, has been in the family sign of Cancer, and continues there until mid July, when things start to change in big ways. This means more mundane details, family affairs, and emotional or financial demands, are impinging on your preference for an easy-going life. You are capable of seriously offending people you care about this year, unless you keep that in mind. The easy ‘life’ is always a bit of a myth and if you aim for easy days to recover from the big demands of these times, you will continue to exude the warmth others expect of you. If frustrations start to dominate your mind in late January, late February or early April, do something positive to shift the energy. Remember that the potential shifts of late July, are in the context of loving relationships that need to be attended to now. Jupiter tends to focus expansive urges on shared assets, on financial teamwork and on building future security. Happily, some helpful planetary links between Jupiter and Saturn, suggest good things come together on that front by late May. Meanwhile enjoy the small successes of early March when building alliances from March 6 to 30, will strengthen your overall stability. This will also tend to offset any hard tests when Jupiter ‘squares’ and ‘oppositions’, may upset the status quo of your life. Any challenges from April 1 to 3, April 9 or 20 to 24, can then be taken in your generous stride. It is attention to the small details, and to other people’s feelings that is most important. Since late April has both disruptive and liberating potential, the transit of Lover Venus through your love sign from May 3 to 29, can only be good. Bring on the sweet pleasures of life!



Since Capricorn New Moon coincides with New Year’s Day (and with January 2 in NZ), this is a Big start to 2014 for the ever-striving Mountain Goat. It is also big for the mysteryseeking Sea Goat, your other symbol. When Sun meets Moon in Capricorn, it is your yearly new start. Practical striving is supported by power planet Pluto in your sign and it is part of a pattern with three other planets suggesting that sudden changes with partners and family, rebellious tendencies and hidden strategies, can all block your easy path to success. But this marks a year for hard-won success and the hard path is the mountain Goat’s preference. New Moon is the time to set the heart’s goals and breathe love into them. The Sea Goat wants to swim in deep and hidden places, to experience life’s natural wonders and this too is supported by your ruler Saturn and its partner planets. Since the year starts with Lover Venus in Capricorn but in backwards, ‘retro’ motion there, love is definitely on the agenda. Yet it is a mysterious agenda, woven through with reminders from the past and odd meetings. A need to review your relationships - at home and work and play – arises in January. Do reserve your urge to act on your reviews and wait for February or March, as the ‘truth’ is many layered. The best truth is one you can apply to improve the effects of your own actions on others - relationships are your path of good fortune through to mid July. This becomes most apparent in late March and through May. Your ambitions respond with depth and determination to this auspicious year, with results most clear in May. In good Capricorn style, you will probably work hard to get it ‘right’ and to focus your intentions, yet 2014 demands imagination as well as willpower, since surprises and sudden turning points are part of Pluto’s journey. Remember this on January 31, March 3, on April 1 to 3 and 20 to 24.



Ever willing to help is an Aquarian signature but sometimes it gets a bit boringly repetitive and something has to change. You are at such a game change time in your life: Saturn - your demanding ‘ruler’ - tests your vocational and life choices, and seems to demand ever more sacrifice or suffering. Meanwhile, your other ruling planet - Change Agent Uranus - is taking the shape of many small journeys or a big communication learning curve, even odd situations with neighbours and siblings. Community awareness is growing in you in some way. Entering that domain can bring significant and helpful change, but nothing should be rushed. It is not a time to fight the ‘stuck’ status quo alone but to come up with community solutions. Stability and security is all important with a Saturn transit, and building it can be slow. Remember this from January through to mid March. Your birthday period from January 20 to February 19, is an interesting one and changes are set in place late January. Yet, Mercury the communication planet moves ‘retro’ through Aquarius from February 13 to 28, so earlier efforts may need review and a rerun in March. Miraculously, obstacles you experience can suddenly reveal a hopeful bigger picture from March 6 to 30, with Lover Venus in Aquarius. There are golden moments in late March, yet March 30 requires restraint with your words and not too much faith in promises made. Hold onto all feel-good images that come along and roll them out, if April offers any setbacks. April 15’s Full Moon and total lunar eclipse is visible just after sunset in Aus/NZ, so worth a look. Yet this lunation highlights power struggles and just how tricky the act of teamwork is. You will get there - but push nothing from April 20 to 24. It is May 25 to June 20 that really inspires your best efforts, with likely accolades in July.



The first half of 2014 has the right Water harmonies for you, making you are one of the signs most likely to be relatively unconcerned by the sequence of three retrograde, (apparent ‘backward’ motion) planet cycles from January 1 to May 20. With the business planets - Jupiter and Saturn - both in Water signs, and your ruling planet - vision-prompting Neptune - in Pisces, you have the benefit of a three-way Water sign convergence. This assists you in your relationships and boosts business success and creative expression. There are of course some trouble spots and general warnings, but overall successful moves are supported from January 6 to 17 and February 1 to 6. In terms of potential trouble, the last week of January requires caution with delicate egos and maybe explosive situations, as does Jan 9 and February 26. The general warning involves communication planet, Mercury, which goes ‘retro’ in Pisces on February 7, moving into direct motion on March 1, your New Moon. This means that February is a good month for you to look behind the scenes of your life and do some psychological spring-cleaning. It is also a month that hidden things could be revealed so if you are holding onto big secrets, beware. Pisces Sun sign period begins February 19 and Sun joins Neptune on 24th, confirming for you a vision that you have held onto for the last year. From Pisces New Moon on March 1 through to March 28, much satisfaction can be achieved. April 1 to 3, 15, and 20 to 24 are again potentially explosive times – best to handle others with care. Sweetly dynamic periods from April 25 to May 8, then May 14 to June 5, include a potent business climax on May 25, suggesting that a combination of both hard work and luck are your path of fortune now. Yet going with the flow continues to be incredibly sweet in May and June.


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