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Christines' Planetary Currents

Taurus and Gemini Time

Apr 20th to Jun 21st, 2010


A passionate Full Moon with the potential for Mars mayhem. Control your anger and direct all that Fire into worthwhile passions.

MAY 8 Venus in Gemini sextile Mars and the sparks of ideas generated since April 25's Gemini entry, find opportune action. Warming fires of convivial communication inspire.

Venus rules this lunation and feelings must be shared and articulated for a new tactile, satisfying new beginning.

MAY 17 to 19 A mouthy Venus shares visionary dreams and has big expectations, squared off to Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. A storm in a teacup or the spark that wins hearts can happen in a flash.

MAY 20 to JUNE 14 Venus transits Cancer. Let the joys of home feed your soul. Gather with family and clan. Find security in shared feelings. Protect what you love.


MAY 24 Venus opposes Pluto. The intense feelings simmering since late December, reach a climax now.

This is a partying Full Moon with unexpected emotions that shoot to the surface. Be restrained with alcohol and mind altering substances, since the boundary between true and false, good and bad, could get blurred.

communicator Mercury rules this lunar event and it is in Gemini as well. This means you can now put your good ideas into action, with likely success.

JUNE 14 to JULY 10 Venus transits Leo now. On June 15 Venus joins Moon to harmonise with the rare Jupiter/Uranus pairing. Creativity, romance and large new projects are supported then.


Have you considered a sacred journey, travel that takes you more deeply into your own truths? Life sustaining insights, rich experiences that make you feel more human and more connected to larger nature, are readily available each year when Sun returns to Taurus. Your solar cycle has extra juiciness with Venus also in Taurus until April 26. Harness this fecund, sensual flow, when she squares off to Neptune on April 24, to focus the forces of hope and love, regardless of passing disappointments. Your calm energy will be needed by others less calm, on April 27 when chaos and control issues clash. On April 28-29, a Full Moon opposes Sun and Mercury in Taurus, a genuine spiritual recharge can follow, propelled by a moment of great clarity. May carries the mixed offerings of sublime moments and odd hostilities. If someone seems intent on conflict, avoid them on May 5 and 17-18 - negativity is catching. In any case, communication is unreliable; documents and messages can go astray in these 'retro' weeks until May 12. Since your Taurus New Moon falls on May 14, it is between then and May 28 that people really listen and your words carry the most weight. Ideas that occur to you could be very well received on May 19-20 and 26-28. Likeminded people appear, friends catch up as your planetary Light Venus, illuminates and sweetens communication from May 20 to June 14. Good contacts deserve vigorous follow-up but be ultra tactful on May 23-24, June 8-9 and 20 to 26, when egos are frail. Love energy is particularly strong from June 9 to 15, If you absorb this, its protective magic will smooth late June.



Your ruling planet Mercury just went 'retro' on April 18, making the next three weeks a perfect time to complete those many projects you have been juggling. Aim not to start new things but ensure your peace of mind by seriously reducing the To Do list. You have your most important birthday month in years coming up - with a clean slate is a great way to start…April 24 to 26 really supports practical success, as well as pleasure planet Venus entering Gemini then. Now your bliss factor includes sharing ideas, exploring new skills and a light playful approach to relationships. To protect the brief sweetness of this time, avoid heavy topics, angry people and big debates, at home and work, on April 27 to 29. All of these can get ugly because April 29's touchy emotional Full Moon follows the final opposition of mega-movers, Saturn and Uranus, across your home and work axis. May picks things up again and the maxim that laughter is seductive is certainly true for you this month. Delays ease after May 12. Make contacts and follow your sense of enjoyment on May 3-4, 8, 19-20 and 21 - some happy revelations are likely. The high strung days of May 18, 20 and 23-24 can also bring powerful results if you are gentle with people around you who are under emotional strain. You could experience a real breakthrough in the ability to use those already strong communication skills of yours between May 28's Full Moon and mid June. This should compensate for the crazy demands that just keep accelerating in June. Guard your health during the rush of June 9-10 and get ready for some Gemini New Moon, Mercury magic on June 11-12. A wave of inspiration and practical action just keeps getting bigger from June 15 to 25. In this pivotal month you find contentment.



Secret streams of feeling make Cancer moist, creative and loving, but if your happy home is under strain, it can seriously unbalance you. Seasonal shifts of heart are most pronounced around the Aries and Libra months. Now you can recover - Taurus energy soothes your soul by pulling you into practical tasks and home-based pleasures, yet April 27 to 29 could upset that. This is when general unpredictability climaxes in a Full Moon. A financial frustration or just a practical matter that refuses to be settled comes to a head, prompted by a 'retro' communication planet squared off to Mars. Shift your energy to reconnecting with your interest groups and good friends and this will save you from over-reacting. By May 14's New Moon you plant the seeds of renewal – the positive force of nature your friend. When Sun and Jupiter link on May 18, you see early results from a big effort or big idea born in late February. Now it's easy to fine tune your lifestyle to really strengthen you. Healing involves having the stamina to face the twin challenges of Saturn and Pluto – the two tests, one of feeling controlled or blocked re your home, the other of learning too much to process in great upheavals – revelations about partners and about your own public persona. Perhaps for Cancer, a kind of shell is necessary to protect both heart and body and a wall of reserve or a time of retreat is how you occasionally regroup. This is a small price for the rare whole heartedness you can bring to your connections with others and late May evokes this. Do not be afraid to take short bursts of time out between June 8 and 18, if you feel the need. Do also maximise the high potential of a welcome rush...inspiration, vital roles, responsibilities or openings, cluster at this time. When June 21's solstice starts your solar cycle, you are tuned and ready.



With Mars in Leo looking ready to leap at April 29's Full Moon, make sure it's not in the wrong direction! Attacking others with well chosen words or simply your disdain is ill advised. Consider the fact that Taurus Time highlights your career and prime responsibilities and Mars is offering a chance to strike a blow for your true sense of purpose. Yet the month of May will also test your financial acumen, and empty your coffers with irresistible offers, unless you are wary. Watch your words on May 5, 17-18 and 20 if other people put you in a hard position. Be patient and some issues will prove to be merely storms in a teacup. May 21 through to May 28's Full Moon rings the changes. A new solar cycle excites your imagination. This is a delight however May 28 to June 5 is also a time to protect yourself with healthy living because Mars opposes Neptune, potentially draining your energy. Since late May also starts a whole three months of unscheduled fun, travel, new learning, breakthroughs and unexpected twists, via inspiration planets Uranus and Jupiter, you have plenty of time. Residuals of impatience fade away when Mars finally leaves Leo on June 7. Turning things right around, Lover Venus comes to Leo for a month on June 14. How sweet it is. When Mars and Pluto link up in mid June your finances get a welcome boost. In fact, June 15 to 20 has a lot going for it as a getaway and at the very least this period will renew your enthusiasm and give you a happiness top-up. Just what is needed to navigate the challenges of late June with its testing Full Moon.



The raunchy side of Virgo is sometimes hidden underneath a list of tasks so long, that raunch has to wait. With the earthy delights of Taurus Time your pleasure meter kicks in, reminding you to reclaim some private time, to write yourself onto more of the list. With Mercury spurring you to look deeper and retrace a past journey or learning curve, this period to May 12 also helps you reclaim time. As the mutable Earth sign you can shift gears with ease and embrace pleasure with the same lack of restraint you apply to work. There is however a challenge to navigate from April 25 to 28…Saturn in Virgo opposes chaos agent Uranus for the last time. This means a cycle that started back in late 2008, finally reaches its climax, extending into early May. Both the helpful and the testing energies of this configuration will be more extreme now. Things shift from May 3 to 19, with relationships building strength on personal and/or professional levels. When Lover Venus slides into your friendship zone on May 20, added juiciness and greater emotional empathy are available. Jupiter links both abundance and happiness to partnership in 2010 so you are not meant to be flying solo. Your service roles might seem to accelerate in May and when Jupiter opposes Saturn in late May, the needs of someone you love take precedence. May 28's Full Moon is power packed and helps you build a good new connection. June is a month that propels serious action yet warns against moving too fast. Mars cruises Virgo from June 7 to July 30, suggesting that you don't let irritation force any decision, particularly on June 12, 20 or 25. June 9 to 15 has especially loving vibes and in mid June you find a balanced form of power.



Now Saturn has left your sign for three months, the pressure is off, but a general wake-up call in late April could impact on you through your work. May begins with a pleasant sense of accomplishment, backed up by an earthy emphasis on getting practical. Yet Taurus Time has some challenges for you and the Gemini period will be more your style. Any challenges in May are alleviated by Lover Venus, with May 8, 17 and 19 great for special meetings and events. This Venus prompt stirs your spirit of adventure, reconnecting you with far flung friends, even if just on the net. If some of your financial goals have gone into an endless loop, use this energy to analyse what went wrong, maybe getting professional advice. Once May 14's New Moon has moved things along and the communication planet has returned to direct motion, May 15 to 19 holds special potential for a project that had been stalled. Around May 23 to 24 any tensions in your life might seem far worse than they are, and this will pass. It is the shakeup surprises of Uranus entering your partner sign on May 28, for three months, then on June 6 the expansive feel-good flow of Jupiter, gets there too. Your relationships are the area under pressure but capable of great progress. When this unpredictable pair meets up on June 9, expect sudden insights that could lay the tracks for fortunate changes. Unexpected meetings can spell romance at such a time, helped along by Venus after June14. In fact, June 15 to 20 could be the most satisfying time of all.



Your instincts just zing when we reach Taurus Time and April 24 to 28 pushes you to claim something you feel passionately about. It also brings partnership to centre stage and warns against letting your annual Full Moon run away with your temper. A true balance between your personal needs and the needs of a partner is on your mind but tact is most essential now. Full Moon in Scorpio on April 28 is your lunar climax. Now a new phase in personal or professional relationships can regenerate both love and respect. Good communication right now is gentle – take account of a 'retro' Mercury effect. If you are prepared to resolve old issues with patient acceptance and to look back in order to reach understanding, miracles can happen, with an initial breakthrough on April 29 and real progress with May 14's New Moon. A sweetness theme gains greater prominence when Lover Venus propels you to be more adventurous and passionate, from May 20 to June 14. May's earthy harmonies contribute to your sense of sweet wellbeing, while June's mental energy stimulates your sociable side into action. Since Scorpio likes to look under the surface and is not afraid to upset the harmony, certain dates require more restraint. These are May 5, 20, at May 28's Full Moon, also June 5 and 20 - hold your peace then, rather than make war. Let things simply unfold in June as it will occasionally be demanding and revealing. Down-size expectations and be flexible. June 12's New Moon begins a five day creative rush - make the most of it.



April 27 to 30 brings a final stage of the chaotic meltdown cycle that began in late 2008. Being a long lasting opposition, it must be explored and understood before making suggestions or positing solutions. In some way this opposition applies to both your work and home life. Home is where the greatest unpredictability or change of patterns applies, while work and responsibility is where life demands more structure and reliability. Your timely choices now can pave the way to an empowering combination. As Saturn opposes Uranus in late April and gathers Full Moon energy, a window of opportunity opens, intuitive confirmation of your deep security of self comes along with extra kudos or credibility, in your life roles. By staying quietly centred and open minded from April 26 to May 1, a genuine illumination can occur. If this period is a window, May 28's Full Moon in Sagittarius is a door of opportunity. At exactly this time, Awakener Uranus leaves your home zone and casts its evocative influence on love and creativity. From June 6 to 9 expansive Jupiter joins in. This begins a three month period when many things are possible – good financial moves, great adventures. Clarify your intentions at June 12's New Moon, to get best results. Saturn is back in your career zone for its last reality check, so discipline and prioritising work a treat. May 8 to 19, then the creative climax of May 28's Full Moon takes you there. Once June 8 to 20 carries you forward you just have to cooperate with the process. Around you there is loving support, openings and inspiration; your positivity is the key.



Ever the sure-footed Goat, sometimes the terrain is very demanding. In fact, you have been in demanding terrain since late 2009, with Pluto in Capricorn and 'squared' by your 'ruler' Saturn, reminding you of your physical vulnerability or of human mortality. However, Saturn's tests go off the boil now until late July and your 'mountain' climbing ability comes to the fore. Something you have labored at since late '09 or early 2010 will yield good results in Taurus Time. This solar cycle is a key for pleasure and rewards. Even the challenging opposition between Saturn and Uranus in late April can be a helpful climax for you. There is a catch however – Communicator Mercury is 'retro' until May 12, so a little more patience might be needed. Normally careful in how you choose to expend your energy, you can also get obsessively task oriented and Pluto is evoking perhaps a different kind of obsession. If you stick to one deep desire - to be true to yourself, you will stay within safe bounds and constructive obsessions will rule the day. Start noticing rare and beautiful things like sunsets and babies; reconnect with the lover within, This will be carried by May 14's New Moon and by Venus in your marriage sign from May 20 to June 14, you embrace the wild side! Pleasure heals your state of mind. You shift into softer mode in May, so enjoy it. With May 28 to late June comes a series of career opportunities and a chance to highlight your skills of initiative. This entails hard work well worth the effort. Be patient with others in late May and late June, or regret it.



Sometimes the best cause is your own wellbeing and spiritual health - Neptune in Aquarius is a reminder, particularly when it mixes things with Venus on April 24, a day to be forgiving. When your two 'rulers' – Saturn and Uranus, oppose each other April 27 to 28, every stress reduction trick is needed; do not schedule meetings about money or spend up big. Reminders that Neptune can evoke a special kind of wisdom are likely to come your way, April 29 to May 4 and May 8 to 19 push you to embrace home pleasures and open your heart. Yet May 20 to 24 could make you want to close down – avoid the trap of being judge and jury if disappointed then. May 28's Full Moon attracts interesting like-minded connections and your time will be well spent exploring these. Exciting changes occur from June to August, when Jupiter links forces with Uranus. Life gets an extra edge from June 9 to 19 and the New Moon of June 12 brings a particularly compassionate romantic boost. A big acceleration in your hunger for learning or your ability to be an inspiring teacher might surprise you now. If from June 12 to 25, you reconnect with people who share a similar vision but also make plenty of time for your closer relationships your happiness factor soars high. When it comes to finding better ways to share your ideas and promote your ideals, May and June are 'ideal'. Best days are, May 3 to 4, 6 to 9, 19, 21 and June 1 to 4, 7 to 8, 10 to11 and 15 to19.



Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just can't avoid difficult people, April 26-27 proves this, maybe in regard to someone you love. Yet there is also an important realization to be had, since this is the climax of a Pisces cycle that started back in late 2008. If you make the effort of concentration you will see what the lesson of these last 19 months has been. This is very helpful for your progress in May, since planet Saturn is back in your partnership sign and pushing old issues to be resolved. Since Communication Guru Mercury is 'retro' now until May 12, your friendships need to be topped up – reconnect in early May. You pick up more clarity and plans move ahead more easily after May 14's New Moon. However be circumspect and ask no favours on May 18 or 20, because misunderstanding easily occurs. Once Jupiter in Pisces opposes planet Saturn, from May 22 to 24, again partners and the workplace must be handled with care. Also, don't risk bad financial moves through carelessness. Yet Lover Venus is on your side from May 20 to June 14, channelling intuitive hunches and a good sense of self worth. If you have a bad feeling about someone or something, do listen. On June 6 Jupiter leaves Pisces for three months and life's practical demands step up. You feel driven to improve your finances or make an important purchase, but remember to double check with a realistic friend first. Between June 9 and 20 much can be achieved, yet big purchases are a bad idea from June 21 to 27.



April 28-29 illuminates your desires and May 10 to 20 brings material rewards. "Be yourself no matter what they say" is an Aries motif, yet you will only start to really know what that means when Uranus and Jupiter meet up in Aries, May 28 is the emotionally evocative beginning, the evening of June 6 is special but it is June 9 that begins a whole new era for Aries self discovery. This Jupiter/Uranus chance only comes every 82 years or so - it is peppered with mini miracles and awakening experiences. June turns up the mental 'heat' and it stays hot until September. This is a fine time to try something new, but only if the initiative comes with genuine heartfelt energy. Then the results can last when they meet Saturn's tests in late June and late July. For now, enjoy the 'bright' of the Moon from May 20 to May 28, when a Full Moon excites your spirit of adventure. This is also a time to apply your energy - to prepare for what can be a most propitious time to come. The Jupiter, Uranus journey has its greatest potential from June 6 to 19, for planting wonderful seeds of change. These will mature in 2011. Things that seemed too hard can become effortless when you stop resisting someone else's good advice or take off your blinkers to see opportunities all around. This does not mean being naive about people's motives but it does mean ignoring petty power plays, while building careful plans to counteract any real threats. Since Pluto is slowly unveiling greater ambition in you, the harder aspects can easily upset you, emotionally and materially. Thus remember to protect yourself - notice rather than react, on the following dates, May 20, 24, 30 and June 22 to 27. Then all is fine indeed.


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