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Christines' Planetary Currents

INTO 2013

Jan 01st to Mar 30th, 2013

MOON MOVES...First quarter 2013

January 12...New Moon in Capricorn. When Moon and Sun align in this earthy place, fortune can shine on real estate, business ideas and work in general. Success depends on loving what you do and careful preparation.

January 27...Full Moon in Leo opposite Sun is a natural lunar climax. You may want harmony and agreement but this Full Moon highlights the obstacles. The Aquarius/Leo key is to combine creative self expression with a sense of community.

February 10...New Moon in Aquarius. Sun and Moon align - independent self expression gets all mixed up with group and friendship commitments. The ability to instigate change in a major aspect of life becomes easier from February 12.

February 26...Full Moon in Virgo opposite a Pisces Sun is a natural lunar climax. Its details versus dreams and an excellent chance to choose something that’s ready to be downsized. The Pisces/Virgo theme now is service and good management.

March 12...A Pisces New Moon as Moon and Sun align. New Moon helps focus our emotional goals as part of a rare six planet line-up in Pisces. There is emotional charge; imagination unleashed. Expect an inspired action prequel to the mega-Aries energy coming.

March 27...Full Moon in Libra opposite an Aries Sun is a natural climax. This is a challenging Full Moon that hooks into the Pluto/Uranus struggle of power versus freedom. Since martial Mars is there as well, conflicts can escalate, so try some Libran diplomacy.



Suddenly how to have more pleasure in your work and how to be off the grid more often, are both burning questions as 2012 ends. If not, they will be by late March 2013 if you have Sun or Moon in Capricorn at birth. Happily Lover Venus transits Capricorn from January 9 to February 2, so your personal magnetism and sense of pleasure is increased. Your hard taskmaster, planet Saturn, is now in Scorpio, pushing for results which increase your sense of passion and also edging for more control in what you do. Passion can go in crazy directions but easy links between planets Neptune, Pluto and Saturn assist any authentic needs. Sometimes you should drive the show, sometimes not. The planetary aspects of January 1 through to 27 and of February 12 to March 18 are seriously on your side in this regard. Yet it is an interesting likelihood that a deal brokered or business plan discussed around mid February could take much longer to mature, than you hope. Nonetheless it is worth sticking your course, as great things can be achieved in this first quarter year. There is a chance for inspiration and strategy to come together on March 1 to 9, which is a time to reconnect with special people. Despite a ‘retro’ cycle confusing communication at times, you will be glad you persisted. By March 13 you renew your group commitment and in late March things take shape very rapidly. Lover Venus in your home zone from March 22 reminds you to have more off the grid times with family and friends but do beware sudden flashes of anger around March 27’s Full Moon and March 31. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs, starting Capricorn New Moon January 12.



For those with an Aquarius Sun or Moon, independence in a major aspect of your life has never looked so good. Yet 2013 likely brings a big commitment that demands your time and effort, thereby limiting space for the kind of self invention you love. Discovering the right trade-offs and enjoying the commitments which define you are the secrets for satisfaction. Doing more with less when it comes to ambition and career is the best idea when Saturn is in that zone of your star map. This means, rather than spreading yourself too thin, think of how you can be more effective and creative with specific tasks and roles. Consolidating your success, building credibility – these are the keys from January 14 to 30 and again February 7 to 17. Big money making schemes may flit into your mind regularly but be very careful in this regard, as they could just waste your time or worse – damage your reputation. When Sun enters Aquarius on January 21 many opportunities are within reach for the next month but must be balanced with responsibilities that cannot be ignored. The details of making everything work start to come together from New Moon in Aquarius on February 10. Yet February 9, 11 and 19 are danger points when you could take on too much or be easily misled. Also, communication guru Mercury goes retro on February 23, beginning a three week period in which financial initiatives can be considered and designed but not implemented. From March 20 to April 15, you are hotly in demand and implementing plans is easy. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.



With planet Neptune pushing you into peak experiences one moment, then total uncertainty the next, the first quarter of 2013 is like snakes and ladders for Pisces Sun or Moon folk. Neptune only visits Pisces every 168 years but it stays around for about 13 years, so best to enjoy the experience. Great creative and imaginative energy is around from January 1 to 10 then an earthy New Moon on January 12 helps practical and effective strategies unfold. Love might feel like a business partnership from Jan 9 to 18 and that is perfectly fine. Then the solar cycle beginning January 20 is about an inner rejuvenation process via solo time and meditation, swimming and so on. Just watch out for crazy schemes birthed in late January and avoid scheduling important meetings February 9 to 11 when Mars and Jupiter clash. Your sense of genuine inner power unfolds from February 12 to 17 and your ability to build financial and business strengths, takes shape. Sun enters Pisces February 18 and joins up with mystical Neptune on 21st. This means both confusion and inspiration could come as a pair, so use this energy for creative rather than ‘business as usual’ activities. Happily the Communicator Mercury helps you get clarity during its retro cycle from February 23 to March 18. Don’t implement new plans then but review and rethink and redesign the way you do things. Full Moon on February 26 will be power packed with emotion but may be very misleading. Yet a dream of an artistic and loving cycle begins, right after Full Moon, and goes through to March 13. Do enjoy this time thoroughly because it is the best chance to recharge your batteries before the emotional challenges of March 27 to 30. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs



The year begins as a juggling act. With many planets challenging you, each effort to forge a new direction is likely to take much longer than Aries Sun or Moon people hope. Note the word ‘longer’ does not mean you can’t achieve goals, but patience and remembering to overlook no small details, are necessary. Old control issues can easily come back to bug you on January 4, 8, 13 and 31, when planet Saturn is in charge. Try the ‘it’s a cosmic joke’ attitude on for size and things get much sweeter. From January 14 to 23 it is important to let people you love, know about it...and to say sorry where necessary! Your confidence and optimism get a lovely boost from January 23 to 30 when an incredible amount can be achieved in a short time. Again on February 7 great communication paves your way and a waxing Moon boost helps creativity from February 12 to 18. Full Moon on February 26 is a time to review your dreams and because communication guru Mercury is retro then, take nothing for granted. Early March will surprise you with its flowing and sensitive vibes and March 7 to 8 can be a good time to review your financial strategies. Stir crazy is hardly strong enough to describe the mad energy coming March 26 to April 1 – beware burning bridges that you actually need to cross! Hold off on any big changes and initiatives until after April 10’s Aries New Moon...More on this tricky but exciting period next time. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.



Earthy and sensual are nice ways to be and on the whole January supports some happy versions of this, particularly after January 9 when Lover Venus - your guiding star, moves into an earthy sign as well. The catch is that folks with Sun or Moon in Taurus can be deeply resistant to change, preferring the familiar even when it’s not so good for you. January 8 and 13 could both challenge this attitude. Then Venus aligns with Pluto on January 17 and it’s time to let an adventure claim you, to bond with a partner or new lover, to find renewed passion in unusual ways. This is only the prequel to a powerful month from January 20 to February 17, when your story gets richer and ambitions can flower. For this to happen, January 25, 26, 31 and February 10 require extra flexibility. With Saturn in your partner sign, people’s demands can seem harsh and to avoid conflict on those days, humour and an inventive approach, both help. February 12 to 17 help better communication and intimacy to unfold naturally. Sometimes it is necessary to step back and survey your goals and commitments in order to bring more vision and passion into your future. February 23 to mid March is the perfect time to do this, to look behind the scenes of your social life. This won’t stop you experiencing an exciting Full Moon period February 26 to 28 and a loving flowing first week of March. But it will help you remain clear and centred when a rush of confusing energies opens wide the doors of perception in late March. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs



Mercury’s own sign, your mental curiosity is strong and opening doors on new interests is always tempting. You sometimes end up juggling so many things one hits you on the head, particularly while ‘bigger is better’ Jupiter continues its transit through Gemini. Those with Sun or Moon in Gemini are on a big learning curve right now. Good things can come of this as long as you don’t invite too much chaos, by trying for everything at once. For example, January 4 to 23 energises good ideas and can bring the creative best out of you, yet the chaos factor could intrude from January 13 to 15 as something you just ‘have to have’ or do. Then one-thing-too-many can introduce so much stress your creative high fizzles. Beware! After January 30 your decisions are likely to be more solid. Conversely, January 26 to 31 is a time when bad consequences of any unwise decisions become clear. Since February is about career matters and the first two weeks of February can be deeply satisfying emotionally as well, make the most of this time. High points are February 7 and 12 to 17 but February 9 to 11 requires great restraint with words. When Mercury goes ‘retro’ in your career sign from February 23 to March 18, it is time to fine tune existing projects, finish incomplete work and focus your intentions for your path ahead. Try to avoid starting something big and brand new in those three weeks as it could bog down. By late March, some extraordinary opportunities arise and your roles within an important group or team are the focus point. Time to flex your networking skills! Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.



Since that big Full Moon in Cancer on December 28 you have been on notice that changes are afoot, many of them good! Let me say: “you ain’t seen nothing yet” because you are one of the ‘cardinal’ signs influenced by the evocative transit of Uranus ‘squaring off to Pluto for three years. This combo of transformative partnerships or transformed partners, and challenges via the changes in your worldly roles will keep you engaged for some time to come. Deeply satisfying moments and the sense of travelling without quite knowing where you are going are both part of the journey. Action picks up momentum with Jan 12’s New Moon in your partner sign, yet 13th is one of those caution days when an emotional setback can occur. Be careful not to play victim and to take responsibility for your part in these times. Then you lay the ground for a lovely meeting of minds at Jan 27’s Full Moon. February 9, March 10 and March 30 are the three stages of a creative dynamic that has the potential to test and ripen a relationship as well as help you develop a creative project. Since many Water sign harmonies assist your passage from February 12 to 18 and February 27 to March 13, this is primarily a joyful time. However as far as love and creativity are concerned do not try to rush things and be prepared to keep a low profile from late February to mid March. With March 27’s Full Moon the tests are back, making late March a time to prove yourself by building inner strength and by consciously residing in the heart of love. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.



As the Sun’s sign you are receptive to the times that Sun and other planets align. Therefore the embrace of Sun and a ‘New’ Moon on January 12 gets you moving with a necessary domestic clear-out, taking care of behind the scenes tasks that make life more manageable. This will be particularly useful given that an exciting extension of your fiery spirit is on the way, in the form of January 27’s Leo Full Moon. Inspiration is available then and creative collusions of like-minded people are one way this energy finds expression. Partnership and other people’s needs can warm your heart or burn you up in February. This means that February 10 to 11’s black of the Moon period with its challenging distractions, needs careful navigation and patience. Then February 12 to 20 provides a perfect chance to really work cooperatively, with some caution needed on 19th. Money and investment issues are super-charged with emotion in February and March so restrain tendencies to over-spend. By late March some friendly promptings by radical Uranus inspire adventurous plans maybe involving travel, so keep funds free for that happy eventuality. Best partying and gathering dates this quarter are: January 14, 16, 18 and 26 to 27, February 7, 8, 12 to 18, February 26 to March 9, March 13 to 26. Enjoy. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.



The Earth and Water sign harmonies of January 1 to 27 are good news for the sign of the Virgin. Getting things done is your passion and these aspects suggest plenty of help and resources for just that. When Mercury joins Pluto in your love sign from January 5 to 7, understanding the people you love becomes a key theme for this month. February 9, March 10 and March 30 are three steps in a dynamic process that focuses on partnership and career. It could be that these two areas somehow challenge each other but it is your task to build the bridges that connect them between early February and late March. Taking action that brings you close to your plans for the future is a prime consideration for you at the natural climax of Full Moon in Virgo on February 26. Since five planetary bodies are in your partner sign at Full Moon it is obvious that any plans you have depend greatly on other people and you are wise to remember this. In addition, your ruling planet Mercury is in retrograde motion from February 23 to March 18. This means plans actually need some revision and fine tuning during those three weeks, rather than pressing ahead boldly. By March 12’s New Moon no less than seven planets cluster in your partner sign, thus seeding two weeks that are both productive and cooperative, with great potential for heartfelt satisfaction. Be cautious on March 27 and 30, this is no time to discuss money matters with people you love. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs



The solar cycle beginning at December 21’s solstice galvanised your attention to the joys and the problems of home and family. For those with Sun or Moon in Libra, first January 4, then 8 and 13 are reminders that you are one of the cardinal signs most influenced by the long term and challenging ‘square’ between Uranus and Pluto. For you this means the uncertainty instability factor is linked to a partner or long term friend, while the psychologically transforming side is most obvious with home and family. This can make for unsettling times so ensure you take time to relax and recoup energy in January whenever possible. Treat this as a nesting phase or rejuvenation time for you and/or your home. January 22 to February 7 can have great emotional uplift if you reach out to what’s on offer. From February 12 to 17, a healing theme emerges, again it starts at home. Since Venus your leading light, is in your love and pleasure sign from February 2 to 26, you are able to better understand the nature of love and also define essential freedoms for yourself this month. The sweet rhythms of March 1 to 13 keep you busy mostly with tasks you like and its earthy harmonies mean small practical matters are easily covered. This is a gentle build-up to the big climax of late March. Full Moon rises in Libra on March 27, evoking an explosion of ideas but the Pluto/Uranus extras, may also touch into fears: If unpredictable changes in people close to you or in the home environment are on your mind, try light entertainment rather than togetherness, for those sensitive days of March 27, 29 and 31. Be open-minded in your search for solutions and it may become fun. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.



Since November 2012, your journey has had karmic overtones, themes circling back from your past, a sense of things that ‘had to happen’. Now January 2013 supports you in the form of earthy harmonies to your sign, significant for those born with Sun or Moon in Scorpio. With Time Lord Saturn now in Scorpio, that helps you deal with Saturn’s tests. These tests may include extensive demands on your time, new responsibilities, restrictions related to age or timing, flaws revealed in your management style and a challenge to prove your wisdom in some way. From January 10, Lover Venus in earthy Capricorn gathers many allies, leading into a potent New Moon on 12th when material desires and expressing ambitions, take centre stage. Saturn’s learning curve is assisted most specifically January 10 to 18. The biggest challenges are January 8 and 25 when it will be tempting to be a tyrant at home! Your ruler, energetic Mars, moves into gentle Pisces in February. This means that from February 2 to March 12, creative loving times are readily accessed. Water sign energy evokes more imagination and emotional depth as well as hidden vulnerabilities, so this period is potentially healing. February 12 through to February 28 is the strongest healing cycle and a necessary one. This includes Full Moon on 26th, when you can breathe new life into your groups and social projects. A kind of rebirth period follows from March 1 to 9, when a short holiday, a retreat or just lots of intimate pleasures top up your ‘mojo’. This is necessary for the frenetic time to come when Mars squares off to Pluto from March 23 to 27 and clear calm communication is essential. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.



Sometimes Sagittarian restlessness knows no bounds and now your restless quest includes connecting with more people and better connections with some. This emphasis on others comes with the transit of your ruling planet Jupiter, through your partner sign until Late June 2013. Add to this the fact that planet Uranus is hooking in with Jupiter, making you receptive to thoughts of radical change and those born with Sun or Moon in Sagittarius are tending to dance to the beat of a different drum these days. This will not always be well received by other people. January 1 is ideas consolidation time and January 12 to 26 is the lunar cycle that helps you get organised and deal with practical affairs. Beware the mouthing off factor on January 4, 13 and 15 and be prepared for a potent unpredictable time from January 22 to 30. Once Jupiter comes into its stride on Jan 30, you too wake up, in a way. Now you are best at that sensitive dance of keeping others happy, while also expressing a new found sense of freedom. This dominates February, which has a nesting theme, thus it is at home or during changes to home, that the real human dramas play out. February 7 to 17 offers the best opportunity to find that balance yet the obstacles to overcome are also starkly clear on February 9 and 10. Home life continues to be a strong focus for the first half of March and plans or projects started then could easily be subject to changes. From March 23 to 30 wild new forces are set in motion, so be tolerant of odd behaviour at March 27’s Full Moon, which showcases the rather unpredictable side of adults and children you love. Tune in next quarter for more and check my monthly New Moon blogs.


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