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Aug 23rd to Sep 23rd, 2010


Full Moon in Pisces on August 25 presents a wonderful viewing opportunity. If you can find a location where you can see both East and West and get there for sunset, you will see Full Moon rising in the East, then when the sky darkens look West and you will see Venus, beautiful as the Evening Star and near her as much smaller lights, the red planet Mars and if you look hard, Saturn as well. This a night to treat people gently, to remind those you love that you do care and to wish on a star.

New Moon in Virgo occurs on September 8 and it represents sacred time, a time to breathe energy into an intention, to realign with your own body, to cleanse and rest. Moon is invisible until she distances herself from Sun two days later and reappears as a slim crescent, setting in the West, just after sunset. In Virgo, the power of service to others, of sharing tasks and plans and working for common goals is the theme. This is the perfect New Moon to do a big Spring clean, Virgo style - which means thoroughly.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGO There is a rule of three and that rule says Virgo has gone feral right now First, a Full Moon looms in the special lunar-sea of Pisces on Wednesday 25th, then your ruling planet Mercury has been backward in Virgo since August 20 and stays retro for three weeks. Finally September 3 hosts the meeting of Mercury and Sun when an exquisitely illuminating Aha moment could be quite uncomfortable. And you know what they say about comfort it can keep us unconscious, champions of no changes please . This all adds up to a revelation for the modest Virgin, a renewed sense of your pure and unsullied truths, of what really matters. After the clarifying process of September 3, your path is clear and normalcy returns. If you are female and your hormones are rising to the Full Moon occasion, a fasting or liquid cleansing, resting routine works best to restore you. Potential out of your depth days to be carefully navigated are August 25, September 19 and 21-22. The excellent news is that when your positive direction is activated by Virgo New Moon on September 8, you will do a thorough spring cleaning, Mercury retro style, which will renew your energy beautifully. Money follows that flow, particularly from September 12 to 25.



Saturn - master/mistress of mastering things, of strength even in isolation, is gearing you up for two big years. Try to pace yourself and celebrate each effort of achievement, rather than dragging out your mental list of what s up next. Saturn transits can be hard on the body things like bones and teeth demand caring attention, so good health routines pay off with mean and lean . The catch is that there is a party going on for other people with Jupiter kicking up his heels in your opposite sign. This means bigger than Ben Hur demands are being made upon you, while justice and balance do not seem to be favouring you. This sense accelerated in late July and August 25 s Full Moon buildup is only accentuating the areas of life where you may feel out of control. Fear not, Venus in Libra is on your side and if you vote for even a little of the sweetness of life, she will deliver. Your practical goals take a more orderly form from August 26 to September 3, helping you to relax. Both September 5 and 10 to 21 are opportunities waiting to be tapped, helped by that clever Libran mind. A friend or lover may prove invaluable and since your Sun sign period starts with a Full Moon on September 23, exciting developments are near.



Venus is on her way to Scorpio arriving on September 9, followed by Mars on September 15. These two are the Lover/Warrior planets and Scorpio is ruled by warrior Mars. So expect some serious battles that you have a good chance of winning after mid September, with Mars charging you up. Meanwhile what does late August have in store? There is a Full Moon illuminating your house of love for a start! This auspicious event on August 25 is followed on 26th by earthy harmonies designed to strengthen your resolve and general effectiveness. You can be the calm head amidst many not so calm, the port in a storm. September 3 alerts you to information you must share with others then that rolling Venus effect begins September 9 with a sweet cascade of attention followed by the full-steam-ahead effect of Mars in Scorpio from mid September to late October. Rest when you can because things can only get busier. Try to let go a little and allow space for sudden inspirations to help you out. This is quite likely from September 19 to 22, when the flow is the way to go.



Sunny one day and cloudy the next is not just the weather, is it you as well? Don t be too hard on yourself if swinging moods or emotional exhaustion occasionally overtake you. After August 25 s climactic Full Moon you settle down into easy routines. The Virgo Sun cycle puts extra attention on all matters vocational and your aspirations are definitely detailed. The least desirable offshoot of this is anxiously re-running agendas - the more desirable outcome is extra practicality to manage things well. The big news is that your ribald party animal ruler planet Jupiter returns to its softer more emotional home of Pisces on September 9. This will only last until next January but it spells a change of theme, a rerun of your home or family concerns from the first half of the year. It is aided and abetted by the backward cycle affecting communications and contracts, introducing chaos to many plans, pushing us to learn from the past. Your patient good humour is invaluable between now and September 12, after which plans will unfold more readily. With a hint from fate on September 3 to 5 and great support September 10 to 22, you can be a force for progress.



A change of emotional weather is coming on September 9, a veritable avalanche of feel good factors for a time. Meanwhile late August offers the chance to meet a challenge head-on, to test your sure-footed goat style, with potential flash points. Like at Full Moon on Wed 25th when Pluto in Capricorn may tempt you to feel unsupported, if others block your ambitions. Not so, says Saturn in Libra you haven t got the right package yet. Keep striving, help and insights come on August 26 and September 3-5. Since Capricorn nature is Saturn-ruled, you like to hunker down and try harder when extra demands come along. Happily, the earthy substance of New Moon on September 8, waxing to Full on September 23, grounds your strategies, rewards your efforts and even increases the fun factor. Stimulating company, like-minded connections litter your path from mid September, thanks to a friendly Venus/Mars team that supports your personal growth nicely. As long as you keep distance from any malicious gossip by claiming the higher ground of compassion, you will easily maximise and energise your creative expression from September 19 to 22.



Now a solar cycle makes you deeply reflective about your financial future and optimism is best. Serious Saturn is increasing your chances for extra authority and credibility - ambitious Aquarians take note. Hard work now can greatly broaden your horizons, opening far flung doors. Since friendship and practical community action are important to you, September may have offerings you particularly like, September 3 to 5, 9 to12 and the bright of the Moon week from September 16 to 23 s Full Moon, are particularly noteworthy. After September 9 Venus sweetens your vocational enjoyment while ambitions are wakened mid September through to late October, when Mar joins Venus. Good returns are likely but at first they may be subtle and merely a promise of things to come. Take heart at this promise, mid September starts to reward your patience. Remember the sheer potential ahead if you are tempted to push or use cutting words to goad others into action. Timing is everything and for you that means prep now, action October.



With your mighty ruler Jupiter slipping back into Pisces on September 9, to join inspiring, edgy Uranus already in Pisces since mid August, plus your Pisces Full Moon coming on August 25 - a sea change does seem likely for the sign of the Fish! But it is not the crazy emotionally stuck feeling of Full Moon, which compresses your sense of time, nor the generalised tensions of late August that will turn you around. It is the exact coupling of Jupiter and Uranus from September 12 to 22 that awakens your inner trail-blazer. Revelations, even a yearning for revolution, begins to prime you for change. Your relationships are centre stage, yet people may hold back on supporting your plans until September 12. Someone may inspire your daring side, since both Venus and Mars evoke the spirit of adventure in September. If you consider the fact that it will be January 2011 before Jupiter makes its final trail-blazing link with Uranus in Pisces, you know you don't have to rush things. Positive changes are underway and September 12 to 21 can be magical if you let your vision guide you, while doing every practical task that vision needs to support it. This is a time to turn your back on worry and do the daily tasks that pave your path, in careful Virgo style to maximise the earthy potential of this time.



The fast-moving Ram has had to patiently navigate many delays and more could be coming. It tends to be the small details that bring your plans unstuck. Meanwhile mighty Mars, planet ruler of Aries has joined Saturn in peace-loving, Let's negotiate Libra. It is all a little odd but certainly offers opportunities galore to try on another worldview. The Jupiter Rush effect will slip away for a while on September 9. Jupiter will return to Pisces and it will be mid January 2011 before it is back in Aries with its crazy ride. This all means that hidden matters, spiritual food, meaningful dreams will inspire your inner life. Claim your heart-felt path by listening to your heart first and head second. Head-strong by nature the calming of the mind this requires will help you meet Saturn's stringent rules for civilized behaviour. Penalties are big if the Ram loses it now. Restful activities like sleep and song and dance and hot baths have a lot to be said for them! In mid September Mars enters the inner warrior sign of Scorpio and penetrating insights lead the way, reaching a crescendo at the Aries Full Moon on 23rd. This means that September 19 to 23 is exciting, as strong connections push you into prominence.



Happy to be the peace-loving one, sometimes you still have to take charge. Late August is such a time, with a crazy Full Moon on August 25 that may send you friends in need of calm guidance. It is your house of love that hosts this new solar cycle and the New Moon of September 8, so your magnetic presence extends its allure from New Moon of September 8. Then Venus lights up your partner sign of Scorpio from September 9 for many months. Planet Mars enters the same picture on September 15 for six weeks and this can stir a partner into a militant stance, or put you at odds with someone. If so, that will pass and the good fortune of Venus sweetening relationships of all kinds, lasts for the rest of the year. Your most auspicious times are August 26, August 30 to September 1, September 4, 12 and 16. You can astound others this month with your depth of understanding and magnetically attract others to you. Mediating a difficult situation on September 21 to 23 is the proactive role to take. Your authentic passions lead the way now, so don't let anything undercut that. If recently you have seemed to see-saw between extremes re your career path or another important life role, know that early November brings you great clarity.



A new solar cycle says home is the place to bring order to confusion and to let family values protect you. As Full Moon of August 25 stirs emotions keep this in mind. You can be an information glutton, multi-tasking numerous media at once yet strangely closed off to emotional info that your friends and loved ones send your way. This is not because you are unemotional but you reach saturation point very quickly. You are a dual sign with two distinct sides. This means your cool detached self that so many people see, has a twin, A deeply emotional self with spiritual longing and subjective intensity. Only regular emotionally nurturing down-time can stop your high speed brain from hitting walls! A correct balance of your dual frequencies is the answer to Gemini happiness. On September 9, right after the energy renewal of New Moon, Jupiter brings its beneficial gaze back to your career, expanding your roles. It also repeats a change-inspiring linkup with Uranus that last occurred in June. This makes September 9 to 22 a special time when you can reinvent some important roles and get inspired to do so. A goal from July/August may come back for consideration with your speedy ruler Mercury now in retro motion. Looking back to learn is essential, particularly in family matters. Until mid September it is preparation time, so crucial for your eventual success.



With Full Moon looming for August 25, your feelings and sensitivities are at a peak moment. Allow this to be the case, be gentle on yourself, but most of all take advantage of the powerful creative energy this releases. Either your own artistic efforts or a group project are greatly enhanced by this new solar cycle and you will feel the effect of that most clearly in September. In one way September is the calm after the storm but it is also an important month to get the details of your life in order and to clarify what aspect most needs rejuvenation. For you, the Moon's own sign, nurturing is your natural way. Yet sometimes it is all about everyone else and only exhaustion for you. September 3 to 12 gives you a special chance to be more at home with yourself, caring for you, while still enjoying the company of others. A time for healing communication is signalled by September 8's New Moon and September 12 helps love to re-ignite. You will also find that September 19 to 22 is rich in support from others. Yet September 23's Full Moon could re-introduce an old struggle so be wary of that. Your emotional resources are growing - keep it that way.



As the lion-hearted one, you are not lacking in courage or flair. Yet patience and a low boredom threshold can be stumbling blocks in daily life. Now that the new solar cycle emphasises your good management skills or not, some boring tasks simply have to be done. Even more annoying, they may be things you are repeating that you thought were already finalised. If so, take the trouble to do this, because it will eventually mean money in the bank and you may discover fault lines you had previously overlooked. Even troublesome financial details dating back to the end of last year, can be finally resolved in late August/ September. It is September 3 that brings an Aha moment, assisting your clear assessment. September 9 gathers New Moon energy, signalling a new beginning but it is September 10-12 most likely to bring assistance and cooperation. Delays will unblock now and uncertainties begin to resolve. You have been fortunate to have three planets boosting your communication, but after September 15 two of them focus on your home and family. It is there that your attention will be pulled, where finesse is needed and happiness most supported now. Because these planets are Venus and Mars, the Mars effect could stir anger. Your natural humour and wit will get you through that hiccup, particularly if the one seeing red is you!


Christine Broadbent loves her work with a passion. She offers personal consultations for life direction, for business timing and relationship guidance. She is currently in Sydney and leaves for New Zealand mid September. She will be offering classes in Auckland from late September to December. These include classes for Beginners and a series of classes on Astrology and Healing for those with a little basic understanding already. See below:

KNOW YOUR PLANETS: An Introduction to Astrology
Explore Planet Patterns
Discover Shades of Self
Christine is offering one workshop and four linked Tuesday evening classes, which together provide an in-depth understanding of your own birth chart and general knowledge useful for understanding the important people in your life.

Jump into your astrology chart via the Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Explore relationship dynamics and these potent drivers of character. With Christine s help you will unveil your luminaries the Sun and Moon, in your natal chart and their elemental dynamics.
The elements are the building blocks of self. Knowledge of your dominant element, your lacks and strengths, help you better understand yourself.
Sun illuminates conscious life purpose and Moon illuminates the nurturing dynamics and relationship rhythms that are more subconsciously based.
Sun is linked to willpower and Moon to imagination. Ideally these can be more harmoniously expressed as we gain self knowledge through astrology.
SEPTEMBER 21 - Lover and Warrior Within. Learn about the relationship mysteries of Venus and Mars.
SEPTEMBER 28 - The Socialisers & vitalisers Learn about the expansive and contracting forces of Jupiter and Saturn.
OCTOBER 12 - The Transpersonal Generations. Learn about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
OCTOBER 19 - You

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