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Christines' Planetary Currents


Sep 23rd to Oct 23rd, 2010


We are made of the same stuff as the stars, continually recycled star matter and now is the time to contemplate this. A rare alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, the sign of the Dreamer, has hooked into September 23 s Full Moon. This synchronises with Equinox the time when night and day are equal length wherever you may be on the planet. Thus, a Full Moon to inspire big ideas and a special Earth balance point occur, within the ongoing social shifts that take place only every 81 years.

From October 8 s New Moon clear strategies emerge - Communicator Mercury adds its versatile connecting skills to Saturn s social agenda. Lunar energy grows in stages and October 17 to 23 is the power pack finale to the Libran times which start and end with a Full Moon in Aries.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY...Equinox is your rebirth, when Sun enters Libra and true to your quest, earth strikes a special balance. (Read about it in Moon Moves) It is also a Full Moon profiling partnership, If you are swimming in a sea of emotions between September 26 and October 2, stay calmly afloat. If life or your partner challenges you from October 2 to 7, compromise. Make this a cleansing and healing time so that by October 8's New Moon in Libra, you are ready for a fresh start. That starting point of your new lunar year, will reach its climax next March, when all will be clear. Meanwhile synchronicity is at work! October 8 is also when Venus begins her retro cycle, which is your six week inner journey into the deep recesses where heart and mind converge. This occurs every couple of years, is especially powerful this time bringing Venus back into Libra in November. Should you find yourself getting obsessed about a financial matter, beware rushing anything. Big purchases made before mid November could be later regretted. Venus Retro means learn more, look within for your motives and reconsider. Energy naturally rises from October 17 to 23. This is the bright of the Moon week, as a Full Moon builds. Something else is waxing too - rich relationships, luscious appreciation and languorous evenings. A Full Moon both starts and finishes Libra this year, indicating exciting times. October 23's Moon has a theme of shared desires. Enjoy!



Deeply penetrating is normal for you but now you are experiencing a power packed super Mars/Venus charged version of yourself. Mars, has lured Lover Venus into Scorpio where the warrior planet rules'. In addition there is a behind the scenes theme to this Libran times for you, vast energy applied to sensitive matters. Intensely sexual feelings or even deep fears stirred by the behaviour of others can make life complicated in October. If September 26 to October 3 brings power struggles or complex emotions to navigate, then take the line of least resistance - helpful reconnections and practical shared tasks. These activities keep you centred, supported. Once Venus and Warrior Mars exactly join on October 4, the seeds are sown for renewal, for a vitality kick start. This is a rare chance to take the pressure off, to let more pleasure in. Then Venus turns the tables by starting to go retro on October 8, eventually backing out of Scorpio in November. This means October 8 begins an important period to find a better balance, physically and emotionally - good bodywork, water therapy or outdoor life all help. In some cases, to simply air something you have brooded about for weeks will do the trick. In this case use gentle kindness of course, no new power struggles needed. Also forget October 5, 7 or 23 for serious meetings. When that fat Full Moon rolls around October 23 just before we shift into Scorpio, let it be a celebration of friendship and the power of minds in unison.



Jupiter was king of the gods, famous for shape shifting into animals and birds to get his wicked way! When he had an idea there was no stopping him, he was king of the gods after all. Being ruled by a planet with such a large agenda possibly explains a lot about Sagittarius. Now Jupiter's agenda is its most visionary. Yet, sometimes big fiery ideas just won't fly and September 26 to October 7 is such a time. It is the small practical tasks and solid results that win acceptance then. With Jupiter back in watery Pisces until late January, it is your private face that demands attention, maybe home renovations or planning a future move. Family comes to the fore in certain ways and it is less your public roles and more your feeling needs that take charge. Plans for your future security can make good steady progress. A lot of excitement is attached to something that started to take shape in June. Be patient because it will be mid November to January 2011 before you can expect to move closer to your big picture goal. A healing retreat or just hiding out enjoying your own home, look good between October 4 and 8. Restrain any temptation to push matters on October 2-3 or you could spoil the good luck potential of October 18-23 when great support and networking magic can work wonders for you.



Sometimes working harder is not the answer and it's time to stop and reconsider your tactics. Life has been giving you a few nudges in that direction anyway and now Saturn and Sun both challenge Capricorn logic. You are happy to solve problems but hidden problems can get overlooked. These times require cooperative action, less hierarchy, more sharing, to be in tune. September 26 to October 7 is no time to keep blinkers on but if you stay alert, you will nip problems in the bud and discover what needs to be done. October 1's planetary link-up of Sun/Saturn can help, it may boost your profile, grow your connections or demonstrate your ability to think on your feet. The things you put in place then show their best results in early December. The new Libra solar cycle provides rebirth energy for your career and an enterprising Venus/Mars team give friendship and networking a boost. This supports your emotions nicely, making it easier to let life occasionally poke holes in your pride, without over-reacting. It is all about keeping the balance now and good relationships are the foundation stones of a vibrant professional buzz. October 21 to early November delivers some results you have long anticipated.



This new solar cycle is action and adventure time for you. It may be the adventures of the mind that are mainly in focus but either way, it suits you well. A fertile period begins on September 23, lasting a couple of months and providing rich ground for personal growth. Complexities still exist but it is more the complex choice of more than one option than the less fun alternative of not enough options. With dual rulership by Saturn and Uranus you are both a conformist and a trailblazer, rolled into one. This is challenging because you often find yourself working in quite a conservative environment, looking to make reforms but also ambitious for greater responsibility. But it keeps life interesting! There is a career emphasis to this period because both Venus and Mars are moving through your vocational zone, delivering helpful connections and adding extra enterprise. The Aquarius learning or teaching skills are likely to be highly polished by use now. This spirited growth will have its bumps and grinds, there is still personal healing to consider. Yet, the new Saturn cycle that kicks in on October 1 promise plenty of creative action, even adventures, between now and December 7. Practical community projects, new responsibilities and friendship in general, accelerate with October 8's New Moon and reach a satisfying first stage by October 23.



Now Jupiter is back in Pisces, you are back in radical inspiration mode, made more daring and inventive by the presence of Uranus. This long dance of connection between Jupiter and Uranus will continue to make your life very edgy, Uranus style, right through to late January when Jupiter moves on. Late September is a special time in this process because they renew their connection, heightening your inspiration. Then your diplomacy is tested on September 26 but the real test of your wits is October 2 to 3, when Mercury opposes them. In early October you must identify the important details that can support you or bring you unstuck and simply take care of unfinished business. You will test trail-blazing ideas this month - your practical plans and your ability to share them with others are the make or break it factor. You are primed for change but the world and your relationships have to catch up with you. Since Jupiter only begins its direct cycle on November 19, that signifies the importance of September and October for the background work that will make the difference later on. October 17 to 22 is especially energetic and is a time to weave magic, plot travel and learn interesting secrets. Venus and Mars evoke your spirit of adventure now, stirring gut level get up and go.



Adding extra craze to the crazy ride of these times, the Libra solar cycle is all about your relationships. September 23's Full Moon in Aries begins the show, with fiery initiatives looking good. September's mad rush mode helps you achieve a lot, which is ultimately enjoyable. Finally on October 23 a rare second chance Full Moon in Aries provides further opportunities to prove your capacity. Yet this solar cycle is not just about proving yourself via 100% plus Aries energy, it is about other people special to you. It is important to ask how you keep yourself sane in such a demanding time. The answer might be, maintain right relationship', which in Libran speak means respectful, fair and civilised behaviour with some fun thrown in. Also, the right relationship with your inner life will deliver inspired projects that claim your heart. These things are probably as close as you will get to restful activities and they will still recharge your batteries. Two Aries Full Moons suggests a climactic point of your life, a fateful period, when ideas you have held for many years are up and dancing. However, the shadow planets Saturn and Pluto are part of the picture, so success includes consistent hard work, recognising times for closure and introspection. September 26 to 30, also October 5 and 7 can push your buttons. Beware ambition emerging in its feral state. If you feel controlled by someone, the key is communication and diplomacy is essential. It's easiest to shine from October 16 to 23, with a special opportunity for emotional bonding on October 21-22.



How sweet it is when Lover Venus spends a whole six months in your partner sign of Scorpio. This means the sometimes shy Bull gets all magnetic and sparky, particularly on September 26 and October 4 when Mars comes in on the act. There is always a catch of sorts and this time it is the fact that your lovely ruling planet moves backwards from October 8 to November 8, evoking some interesting recaps for you. Reconnecting with people you love in that time can be very powerful. Because Mars adds extra passion from October 21 to 23, don't be overly disappointed if the caring vibes of the 21st morph into moments of anger on 23rd. Above all, don't take it personally. See the month of October as a wonderful chance to reignite an old flame, to deepen trust and knowing with loved ones. Since both September 23 and October 23 are Full Moons that stir deeply unconscious forces in you, it is helpful to be gentle with yourself, to recognise your vulnerability. The best strategy for October 23's Full Moon is to see it as a stage of your journey, to recognise that more will be clear by Full Moon in Taurus on November 22. Venus has played a special role in the mystery stories of many cultures because of her unique phasing between Evening Star and Morning Star. She actually makes this transition soon and will disappear from the evening sky on October 23, to reappear in the morning sky in early November. You are Venus ruled, so you can change your phase of mind as well.



With September 23's Equinox you reached some clear conclusions about the balance of your private and your public life. Never one to forego interesting information or social gatherings, you have had to question your definition of interesting over the last month or two. Sometimes you don't know you have reached saturation point until you go down in a heap or a partner explodes. Guru planet Mercury makes you mercurial a quick change artist of the mind, a dual sign that processes multiple things at once, able to wear many hats. This can mean however that you put on the Mad Hatter act when you are meant to be sensitive and compassionate to someone else's needs. People who love you either like or tolerate this but September 30 to October 3 is danger time when others could react badly indeed. Your cool detached self is not necessarily great at emotional empathy, even though the typical Gemini has a twin self, with deep emotional and spiritual longing. This twin needs to be in love with love or with the spiritual journey or both. Since the Libra solar cycle highlights love and creative energy, September 23 to October 23 is your time for a love of life recharge. This is exactly what saves your high speed brain from getting all tangled up in energy depleting emotions. If you revisit the well of feelings from October 8's New Moon to October 23, you will be pleasantly surprised.



A period of rejuvenation and renewal has been needed and September is a good contender for this. However, September 26 to October 1 and October 5 to 7, could re-introduce an old power struggle or a worry, to deplete you if you let it. Instead, claim the energy of this home and family oriented solar cycle to build emotional resources and to embrace the changes. Productive home-life changes start to gather strength after October 8's New Moon. Love rules is a Cancer dictum but sometimes it is the disappointments of love or the problems of loved ones that suck up your energy and spit you out. You have learnt some hard lessons about this while the past karmic point has moved through Cancer. Big commitments like building, renovating or starting a family require serious attention in October, when numerous planets stir up these issues. Nothing should be rushed, since Venus is moving backwards through your love sign until early November, which means you can learn more, make plans and feed relationships with time and attention. Falling back into old ways of hiding is not likely to go well and happily the karmic South Node of the Moon helps flush out and disperse old emotional complexes. October 17 to 21 gives a timely reminder of why your home life and loved ones mean so much. This tops of your reserves of optimism. October 23's Full Moon returns you to the all important question of striking the right balance.



With this new solar cycle, your networks and friendships are more valuable to you than ever. Whether it is the good connections that funnel work your way or the satisfying like-mindedness with close people, your appreciation will rise. You have done some useful financial house-keeping recently and it takes the pressure off now. However, take nothing for granted from September 26 to October 1 and beware big schemes. Be patient because October 8's New Moon, in its embrace with the Sun, channels your worthwhile projects into their best direction. This is also the time to use new lunar energy to leave behind activities that were draining your mojo! It is time for a lifestyle tune-up and an intense focus on how you experience your home space. The retro cycle of Venus will possibly recycle a recent family drama or suck you into an emotional time warp, from October 8 to November 8. This will inspire your sense of purpose and increase family bonding, maybe via you being of assistance. These weeks are also good for a sensual escape, water therapy, time spent in gardens and bushland. If you consciously support emotional closeness, this too will feed your soul. Around October 21, when Mars and Jupiter connect well, making yourself really available can have lovely consequences. Notwithstanding this, Full Moon on October 23 could evoke a family upheaval or just some emotional confusion and your best response is to remain the tolerant protective one. Take the grand cosmic joke view of things.



Now that your guiding planet Mercury is back in direct action mode and also in Virgo, you are better able to flex your communication muscles when it really matters. Clever mental processing is a Virgo skill but sometimes the wrong words come out of your mouth. Now you have both Jupiter and Uranus opposing that trend, making you more aware of what not to say, for compassion's sake. September 23 to 26 has its own kind of wake-up call but mostly from observing others doing what not to do. Don't get complacent though because October 2 and 3 both test your communication skills. Beware the temptation to let rip with a clever opinion, alias character assassination. Think twice about making any big time commitments on October 2-3. People will make offers they regret or projects that kick off now will have a chaotic underbelly they will take much longer than expected or suddenly implode. With Mercury joining a gang of planets in your money sign on October 4, three weeks for topping up your resources begins. Yet it will be October 8's New Moon there that makes the money gang get moving! Plans, serious training or learning new skills in more serendipity ways, is one way this is likely to manifest. Any work and business plans get a welcome boost as well, particularly October 17 to 21. A welcome dip in the waters of feeling begins October 21, boosted by October 23's Full Moon and featured for the rest of the month


Christine is passionate about Astrology and offers personal readings, teaching and writing as her way of exploring this ancient knowledge system. Christine s consultations include life direction and meaning, good business timing and relationship readings.
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Vocation is the path with heart and the keys to this are hidden in the personal chart It s easy to find when you know how. We will explore your chart for these keys. Since Vocation literally means vocalizing or voicing the heart s true aspiration, it can represent a profound level of healing.
Did you know that Jupiter thought forms are a natural antidote for afflicted Mercury and Uranus patterns, that Jupiter thought forms can be evoked imaginatively and that colours assist the process? This is one small example of Stellar Healing , want more?
Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the Astrological elements which form the skeleton upon which an understanding of the star signs depends. We will examine two useful ways of using the elements for psychological insights and a healing process.
You will be guided to examine your own natal chart for sensitivities and healing themes via certain planet patterns. The earthy sensate houses of the chart will be explored for their role in our physical nature and needs, while the watery feeling houses will be examined for their emotional and psychological significance.
Using the work of Jungian astrologer Liz Greene, we will trace the development of cons

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