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Christines' Planetary Currents


Oct 24th to Nov 21st, 2010


A Venus Show before Scorpio New Moon on November 6
Venus was the Evening Star for months then she was invisible, close to Sun in Scorpio. Now on November 5 a great viewing opportunity occurs - Venus reappears as a bright beautiful star low in the East, the Morning Star, rising ahead of the Sun. You have to get up early to see this sight. If you do, you may be rewarded by a glimpse of Venus conjoined the fading last crescent Moon, on November 5.
Then on November 6 Sun and Moon align, hiding the New Moon, intensifying emotions as Water energy is renewed. Meanwhile planet Mercury also in Scorpio pushes us to question and challenge old ideas. Change is in the air and ruling planet Mars says have fun playing with ideas for a while.

Taurus Full Moon on November 22
Desires drive the show at this Full Moon: The sign of deeply held emotional desires Scorpio, houses the Sun and opposite is Moon in Taurus, sign of physicality, sensuality, material desires. Yet ruling planet, Lover Venus is now moving through fair-minded, cool Libra giving an extra polish of charm and suggesting that civilised ways of treating each other yield results. No-one need struggle for what they want today, just believe in it.

Sagittarius New Moon on December 6
Planet Jupiter rules the show when Moon and Sun conjoin in fiery Sagittarius. Sunny Jupiter actually carries quite wet and emotional energies right now - travelling through Water sign Pisces. When fire and water meet it can be rather combustible. The seeds of intention to plant at this lunation are to be open to vision and intimacy. The way it works is bound to be surprising.

Gemini Full Moon on December 21
Change Energy rules at this Full Moon with ruling planet Mercury squaring off to the planet of change and rebellion. Gemini, ever mutating, curious Air sign is opposite Sun in Sagittarius, ever mutating and enterprising Fire sign. Yes thi


The fun starts October 24 to 25 when Sun enters Scorpio while Mars and Mercury band together nearby, amplifying your capacity for penetrating insights, playing on your heart strings in different but pleasant ways. October 25 to 27 is profound and may evoke your courage and experimental spirit, while October 29 offers a great insight into relationships. These events may link back to seeds planted in April 2009. With Venus retro in Scorpio, things are not as they seem on the surface...deep wells of basically love energy, run the show until November 18. This makes you vulnerable as well, but with the Scorpio tally now four planets, it's a jump in boots and all time. You really rev up after November 6, with a Scorpio New Moon. Now you are focused and able to get on with the changes so don't be disillusioned if some hope is initially thwarted. Put it down to experience and enjoy the extraverted social energy that builds up with a more adventurous Mars. Remember it will be November 18 before Venus comes out of hiding, to be followed rapidly by a steamy and richly emotional Full Moon in Taurus on November 22. Then it will be November 30 before you begin to get the best of Venus in Scorpio, flowing through into a satisfying early December love rules. But it's not just about one person - it is love energy in your community roles, your wider interest groups and driving a special creative dream. When Mars gets to serious ambitious Capricorn on December 8, the chance to move ahead with a communication-oriented project arrives. Do the background work in December then your best success time comes January 12 to 14.



With a really dynamic Sagittarius Sun sign period approaching on November 22, now is a perfect time to kick back to reconnect with all those special people that are closest to your heart. October 25 to 31 rewards you with a rich and potentially profitable idea if you leave sufficient time to be inspired. Once red warrior Mars enters Sagittarius on October 28, your energy will rise. You will really notice this after the November 6 New Moon but be warned misunderstandings easily occur that day. In early November you must trust your intuitive process to get a good result. It is November 9 when Mercury arrives in your sign that you come into your strongest communication phase. Meetings or old connections remade, between now and November 18, bring positive financial and emotional returns. Since your sunny ruler Jupiter, is actually quite emotional right now - travelling through Pisces, your home and family are your good fortune and probably a big demand on your time. This will be the case until late January so appreciate the gifts of caring while you can. November 19 begins a direct Jupiter action cycle - your dreams and inspirations can really go somewhere. By the time Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22 you know exactly what you plan to do. Despite the go ahead energy, caution is needed on November 26, 28 and 30 as well as December 4. These are days to keep your opinions to yourself, to make no big promises or get too attached to the promises of others. Make sure you don't cut corners due to fiery impatience at these times. With your Sagittarius New Moon on December 6 a breath of fresh air blows through your mind, allowing you to deal with your goals on home and family front with great finesse. Quietly building your security in small ways is the way to go late January will be quite soon enough to return to your over-the-top mode. Again on December 17, 19 and 21 sudden changes or upset plans could occur and a big Saggi smile is the best way to handle them.



Planet Pluto has been giving you a crash course in patience and in calculated activities, which are basically kept private. This is not hard to do for most Capricorns but a greater level of seriousness and a promise of rich rewards help you to finesse this from October 24 to 31. Now sensitive Water sign energy brings friends and associates and likeminded gatherings your way for a month. Early November continues this trend but November 6 is time to slow down and take a reckoning. This is New Moon energy when the seeds that are sown will influence the next month don't speak out of turn or with impatience or listen to gossip then and you will be safe. Venus slides backwards into your career sector on November 8 beginning a 10 day period to retrace your steps in some way. If you have recently started a new project or new job, look back now and work out how best to nurture and support it. You will find this inspires a greater sense of bonding and connectedness which may deliver some very pleasing results in mid November and which sets you up perfectly for the tests of late November. On November 26, 28 and 30, as well as December 4, some promises could be broken or plans get changed. You may even strangely lose interest in something you started. Yet December 1 brings communicator Mercury into Capricorn, ready to make your words golden, to give you that extra edge of understanding. When Mars joins in as well on December 8 you really put on your skates and the pace of life picks up indeed. The irony is that communication is in a retro mode from December 10 to 30, This period is actually the time to give yourself the chance to wake up, to find what really matters to you. In order to do this hold back on big plans, take every chance for rest and relaxation and take particular notice of the ideas and connections that crowd into your life between December 12 and 16. Then you will slide into the December Solstice and the Capricorn period with great ease.



Now the solar cycle highlights your career, your vocational dreams and opens doors for you. October 24 to November 5 is littered with opportunities for meeting and greeting, making connections and being pleasantly surprised by the responses. It is not however a time to take charge and run the show because Lover Venus is in retro motion emphasising a gentle behind the scenes approach to your plans as the secret of success. You will get a shot of energy from your groups and associates, a few nudges in the right direction after October 28, with an energising charge of good connections from November 9. With expansive Jupiter improving your money skills at the same time it is looking rather good despite the erratic way in which people and plans come and go. Be flexible and good humoured about changes particularly on November 6, 10 and 18. Your community spirit is always an important feature of your life in some way even when confined by circumstances to nearest and dearest and it is that spirit of working for common goals that gets an extra shot of good luck energy after November 22. Yet late November has some emotional landmines to be navigated with care and December picks up the ball again for you to run with it. Make the most of the first nine days of December and get all plans in place. Another retro cycle may affect your energy levels from December 10 to 30 and demand that you top up your resources with more rest and contemplation. Your schedule is likely to make this difficult but do cut yourself as much slack as possible from December 12 to 17, when it would be way too easy to overdo things. The changes and shifts clustering around December 17 to 21 could be opportunities in disguise yet nothing should be rushed and everything slowly considered.



The Scorpio solar cycle begins none too soon for gentle peace-loving Pisces whose life has not been particularly peaceful but quite crazy since September. Now a Water change arrives and your sign of adventure is beckoning, sensual warm currents encouraging you to jump on in. Yet these are still complex times, there are many changes in your life, some by your volition, others caused by outside influences. Remember that it is all the same in the end and enjoy the wild ride as planet Jupiter's largesse and Uranus with its big surprises, are having their last run through Pisces. Around October 24 to 31 there may be touches of dreams come true. Likewise on November 2, 5, 7, 16 and 19, wonders may unfold. Full Moon on November 22 hooks into your emotions in profound ways. After that, fiery energy begins to rise and your vocational concerns reassert themselves. Life gets more serious, maybe even challenging your peace of mind on November 26, 28 and 30. Don't fear worse case scenarios as your own exaggeration is not a friend to you right now. Fortunately, love planet Venus boosts your higher insights and travel opportunities may come knocking from November 30 to December 11, so be prepared for quick action. This also helps you prove yourself in your work place and December 12 to 16 is particularly busy. Yet December 17 to 22 brings that Jupiter, Uranus combo into conflict again and odd situations could arise. Protect yourself best by jumping to no conclusions, by staying calm and remaining sweetly flexible. The climax of Full Moon on December 21 brings your career concerns and your need for personal fulfillment into sharp profile. It may seem that only radical change can solve things. But wait a while for mid January and you may find that you feel quite differently and new energy suggests new solutions.



This period between now and late January is, in some ways, the calm before the storm. Yet it is probably mega busy already, hard to imagine life could get bigger. Well...wait and see. March born Aries already had the first taste of this from June to August, but all Rams experience the energy boost of Jupiter in Aries next year. So, wherever you can, carve out little creative alone times, out of your busy schedule...there are many imaginative riches to be found in November December for any Aries on the lookout. You have more chance now to design those great ideas into a workable detailed form, than you will have after January 23. Jupiter has already stirred some radical concepts but you have to follow through. The good results depend upon it. With the Pluto and Saturn tests being thrown at Aries now and all next year, get over it quick is the only way to go when people disagree with you, when someone throws mud on your bright image, or upsets your plans. Navigation by the stars begins with a climactic crazy Full Moon in Aries a rare second one, on October 23. After that it is a month of Water/Earth magic that you can hook your wagon to, with most effective results. Return to simplicity in lifestyle where possible, sleep and bathe and write in journals a little more. Most of all dare to dream in November and from 15 to 28 you will not only feel more soothed of soul, but you will see what to do with those dreams. Mars, your impetuous ruler engages a happy, adventurous spirit of enquiry, rewarding your flexibility and open mind between October 28 and December 8. Energy refocuses onto career with promising results from December 9 to11. Then December 12 to 16 has an extremely productive, practical edge. If you refuse to get rattled from December 19 to 21, a huge insight will solve a recent emotional dilemma a gift of that luminous Full Moon.



Since 2009 an undercurrent of disturbing energy has unsettled many Taureans. You may prefer a peaceful life but you are still driven by strong desires. It may seem like a see saw effect - caught between feeling hopeless, then ultra hopeful about your career path or another important life role. Now change is in the air. Sun illuminates your partnerships from October 23 to November 22 and that spells lots of social activity for you. Yet the important things are happening under the surface, deep inner changes that will slowly manifest in outward behaviour. It is your inner radiance that grows while Venus is invisible from October 23 to November 5, so quiet times and getting out in nature at every opportunity is the trick that works to empower you in subtle ways. People from your past may well be dominating a lot of your time and in early November you are energised when your guiding light, Venus reappears in the sky as the Morning Star. If you rise pre-dawn to see her bright in the East, you will be deeply inspired. Now special people, who may have seemed too busy or emotionally disconnected, will pick up on your new energy like bees to nectar. Dates to remember are October 24 to 31 when helpful energy surrounds you and small tasks are a breeze. Future travel plans are perfected easily. November 6 is a no-no for meetings but otherwise November 2 to 7 has lovely romantic potential. November 16 is when things really start to cook, from November 19 doors open and the build-up to Taurus Full Moon on November 22 is dynamic to say the least. Caution days when it is best to butt out of any controversy, are November 18, 26, and 28-30. December offers almost a rebirth, if you let it. With Lover Venus now back in your marriage zone and moving fast, relationship riches are the promise. Acknowledge your good friends, express appreciation and slip out of your comfort zone when interesting ideas are floated. Then from December 2 to 18, your work and your tribe of loved ones will bring many smiles to your face.



Since you are the Twin sign having a special friend and significant other in your life is super important yet these very people could put you in tricky situations after October 28. Mars takes charge then and other people become pushy and probably more demanding of your time. When New Moon illuminates the task-oriented hard working sector of your chart on November 6 there will be many practical demands upon you. This will also boost your ambitions. Yet personal relationships wanting more of you, too many projects on the boil and lots of boring tasks to get done is a rather crazy-making combo. One of your tricks as the Trickster of the zodiac is being able to rationalise just about anything...this won't really work in November. Instead it is best to go with your gut, to remind those close to you that you do appreciate them and to just finish one task at a time. Partners and co-operative efforts become very much your thing from November 9 when Guru Mercury enters your partner sign. Between now and early December much can be achieved if you keep your end of the deal and prioritise your commitments. The best and most productive period is November 15 to19 and November 22 begins a solar cycle which takes your relationships and public profile to a new level. November 22 is also a super emotional Full Moon, so stay close to home and low key. If a good friend or partner pushes you to join them in a great business idea in late November be wary, it could come unstuck in December. December 4 needs caution but good ideas and shared efforts are coming down the track after December 6 New Moon. If you are guided by retro Mercury, you will complete unfinished biz after December 10. Then you can enjoy the climax of your Gemini Full Moon on December 21 knowing that you haven't prematurely jumped into things. This Full Moon is a total Lunar Eclipse which means your desires may need to take a back seat to the greater needs of others. If someone you love acts in a wild and annoying manner, just let it pass. Understand what is going on with your sharp mind but let your heart lead you to be peaceful.



Your Love energy is in full flow as a new solar cycle illuminates your feeling attachments. This is particularly nice for any creative projects you have on the go as it will bring them to fruition. It may also spark a whole new creative direction. November can be an intensely passionate month so make sure that the passions that you experience are to your liking. That is, beware being touchy and moody if your needs are not met or even someone who should remember... forgets. Swirling Scorpio currents will pull you deeper into yourself, assisting you to discover the deeper needs under the surface opening the way to richer rewards. Since Lover Venus is in retro motion until November 18 you have a cosmic invitation to look beneath the surface of your relationships. In fact, November 8 to 18 might reveal ways in which you have sacrificed vocational fulfilment for keeping someone else happy. Lunar energy reaches its strongest phase from November 16 to 22 with the brightening of the Moon, which delivers enough emotional oomph to make you a star in the bedroom and in the boardroom! With Pluto in your opposite sign, deep and subtle contests for power are a feature of at least one important relationship in your life. This requires the patient long view and the strength of mind to still hold your own. Early December, particularly December 1 to 3 and 6 to 9, is a good choice for some time out if you can make it happen. The demands upon you will accelerate tremendously from December 12 to 16 when a bevy of planets meet up in your relationship sign. Then it will be all about everyone else and that's okay if you are managing to nurture yourself. Get ready to visit old territory in the last twenty days of December. People may come back into your life, you may review and rethink shared plans. Most of all stay tuned in to that intuitive, insightful energy that guides you and is there when you come back to Centre.



As the Sun's own sign, you are legend for knowing how to shine. Yet this new Sun sign period illuminates your most private concerns, your home and family, your nearest and dearest, so that you may find that hiding away for a while is rather desirable. If you manage this you may well get re-inspired about a project that had become rather stale. New Moon on November 6 stirs up uncertainties or brings a conflict of interest to a head. Fear not, this will pass and new enthusiasm will come. Uncertainties regarding a partner just have to be put aside and trust cultivated. Careless or critical words spoken on November 6 or 18 can deeply wound and have roll on consequences - silence is golden then. Happily Lover Venus helps smooth over rough edges and lower defensiveness from November 8 to 30, with a particularly satisfying period from 15th to 19th. November 22's Full Moon will illuminate your career needs and bring a clear resolution to a question you have been recently pondering. The balance of planetary power says you can't neglect your home and family in following your career aspirations, but you must nurture both. After November 30 Venus adds extra pleasure to any vocational achievements and cooperative enterprises become easier. Now fiery energies of Sun and Mars pick up your energy and propel a happy sociable path. This gets much more traction after December 3, then a New Moon sparks that loving feeling on December 6. Your private life gets very interesting...yet many serious tasks will also be on your agenda in December, particularly mid month. Beware overkill or over-reaction on December 17. Time spent in your Lion's den or basking in the sun will restore you. The sparks of love and connection build up this month, with many bright points that should be enjoyed for their brief pleasures. Just take the surprises and changes of plans that typify December in your regal stride, toss your mane and enjoy the ride.



Partners, close friends, children, even your parents could be placing sudden and inconvenient demands upon your time. You are no stranger to hard work yet some of the demands of late October and early November may seem a bit much. It is the unpredictable factor, the general busy-ness of your days and your need to manage things that can be the most challenging, especially around the November 6 New Moon. Plan no special meetings for that day, plant your seeds of intention and then November 7 will move things along again. Things happen in odd ways and this trend can deliver nice rewards, particularly between November 15 and Full Moon on November 22, with a special Aha moment available on November 21. Someone is ready to link energies with you in a brand new way so make the most of it. Creative energy is high - your work and your partnerships get the benefit of this. After the sensual full-on emotional rhythm of November 22's Full Moon, a new solar cycle begins. This Saggi energy is fun but it also makes everything a bit more complex and demanding. The madness of September returns in late November and so do the sudden opportunities associated with the planet of surprises in your opposite sign. Expect the unexpected when it comes to other people's behaviour! If the whole world seems selfish or mad to you, see it as inconvenient cosmic timing. November 26, 28 and 30 could all be days when erratic demands are made upon you or an outside event upsets your plans. If you can take that in your stride with grace it will show you how to handle any similar happenings on December 4, 17, 19, 21 or 22. While December has a lovely Venus undertone, which can quickly restore your vitality via periods of solitude or healing retreats, it is also marked by a chaotic kind of energy. This however, can work in your favour after the December 6 New Moon, helping you complete a project in the home that you have really been itching to finish.



Saturn remains big news as the Serious One cruises through your sign for two years. While most aspects of your life feel more demanding, much of the pressure is the pressure you put on yourself. Libra usually has the gift of creating Time Out when needed and knows about the importance of balance, yet Saturn often comes with extra guilt and responsibilities. Now a new solar cycle illuminates the practical details of your life, your finances and possessions. This too adds to your list of practical tasks and financial imperatives. Everyone may seem to want something from you and those nice Libran lazy times could be hard to find. At some of the more challenging times, like November 6 and 17-18, it may seem that you are being held back in strange ways. This is all a part of the Venus retro cycle, which actually ends on November 18 when the Love Planet goes into direct motion. Over the last two months, it has been important to revisit old territory, to repeat or review some tasks. From about November 15 you will likely feel the shift and the new solar cycle starting November 22 means things start to work more your way. November 28 may have a pleasant surprise in store despite the otherwise stressful energy of that day. From December 1, your plans and projects and the people that support them, get results more easily. It is the period starting December 7, boosted by new lunar energy that really gets you moving, perhaps making a visionary idea practical enough to work. Take your time developing this and consider December 10 30 a good period to reconsider wider security matters, to lay the grounds for the success of your plans, later in January. You may find that a project organised in your home gives you a new energy, particularly from December 12 to 16. While December 19, 21 and 22 could all be rather crazy and distracting, you will have much to celebrate at December 21's Full Moon. Do remember to pat yourself on the back for work well done.


Christine loves her work and looks forward to doing a personal astrology session with you. She offers personal consultations for life direction, for business timing and relationship guidance. These can be with Christine in Sydney from December 12 to February. Or from now until December 12 you can see her in Auckland. Phone readings which are burnt to CD are available at any time. An easy way to dip your toes into astrology is to order an email report. See her Services.

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With Christine Broadbent
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You may have heard of the healing potential of certain planetary configurations this is a chance to experience just what that means. Correct timing is a potent aspect of Astrology that links to the ancient tradition of Electional Astrology. On November 21 Venus is in the sign of romantic love and Moon is ruled by Venus. What s more, Venus has now morphed into the Morning Star, in her own sign of Libra. What on earth does that mean? It actually is not very earthy but has more of a heavenly connotation, a taste of magic. Because we participants (somewhere between 5 and 12 people) are invisibly linked by our common Venus threads - our human desire to be loved, to be made whole, is the theme. We will initially explore Venus in her many guises, as our pulse of romantic needs via sign and our style of the Lover archetype via phase. Everyone is different and you will explore your own picture then make an astrological talisman out of ingredients ruled by Moon, Venus and Jupiter. On November 21 these planets are all

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