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Christines' Planetary Currents


Dec 22nd to Jan 20th, 2011


January 4 to 11 New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 4

January 4 is New Moon in Capricorn but the real story is all about Pisces energy. Today Jupiter and Uranus align for the final time in late Pisces. This suggests that practical steps to pave the way to visionary goals are the work of January. These goals have been building since June. Because Moon hooks into this on January 11 there is heart opening potential then.

January 12 to 20 Full Moon in Cancer January 20

Inspirational energy is boosted by Mars from January 12 to 14, then January 18 to 20 takes it to the next level as Moon waxes to full. Communicating deeply and with compassion is what carries the best kind of transformation now.


Capricorn's time in the sun begins with December 22 Summer Solstice. Even though this begins the holiday season, many serious things are on your mind. Mars the Warrior planet plus Pluto are aligned with the Capricorn Sun and you are on a mission! Make an effort to kick back and enjoy yourself turn down the static by putting aside those serious issues for a while. As it happens, the planet of communication is in a retro cycle until December 30 so it's time to recycle some old dreams. Unleash your inner youth and have a playful attitude now if you want to recharge your vitality. You have a big year ahead of you, when achievements as well as personal satisfaction are both likely. December 27 to 30 will probably feature as a time when responsibilities come knocking so be gracious about it. Refuse to let anyone stress you out on December 30! Capricorn New Moon on January 4 begins your year in a much stronger way than New Years Eve. This is also a solar eclipse adding extra energy and intensity - a perfect time to let go of some old useless anxiety. Now plans can be made and from January 5-12 hopeful, helpful vibes surround you. Stock up on emotional good feelings now and it will help you through the rush to come. From January 13 to 20 your communication skills are excellent and after January 16 money making skills improve as well. Full Moon makes January 19 to 20 a lovely party time. Close and personal gatherings, good food and good company are the perfect way for you to balance this powerfully effective month. Happy Birthday



Serious travel or serious learning or both are definitely on your mind as New Year approaches. Your ruling planet is Saturn and it promises to reward you with good long term results for any efforts you make. Late December is not the time to be booking travel because Mercury, the planet of movement is in backward motion. Plans can easily change now so use this time to dream and plot your course - book later. Also consider those old friends you would love to catch up with. December 22 or 23 have excellent energy for fun parties and events but December 30 does not. However, January 1 allows sweet reconnections and strong bonds of friendship to be renewed. It is when Moon slips into Aquarius on January 6 to 8 that you come into your stride. The sudden flashes of insight and the dreams that were strong in early January can be better understood now. When Lover Venus cruises your friendship sign from January 8 to early February, invitations and happy gatherings will litter your path. Warrior planet Mars will enter Aquarius on January 16, which prompts your striving ambitious side to take the lead. For the sake of friendship, remember that you tend to take no prisoners when you are proving a point in a friendly discussion. You will be more aggressive than you may realize while Mars is around through January and into February. If the way you like to do things is challenged around January 4 or 8, do not engage in a struggle. Allow things to change of their own accord. January 18 to 20 will give you a whole new insight into a problematic situation and you will be glad that you have waited.



Excitement is rising you are moving towards the final exact meeting of planets Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. This cycle began back in June, was renewed in late September and the final meeting is January 4. That also happens to be New Moon, the fresh start energy of the month, so you can expect a profound time for tuning in to your inner wisdom. Intuition literally means inner teaching and with deep thinker Jupiter the guiding planet for Pisces, this is an extra special cycle. Linked to Uranus since June, January offers a powerful opportunity to claim the dream, to give form to a hope or vision that you have been nurturing. An easy link with Venus, planet of love is there for you in late December and early January. It means that other people are willing to help you and a touch of unexpected good fortune could resolve obstacles in a sudden way around January 4. Believe in yourself, be prepared to share your ideas with others but don't take it too seriously if on December 21-22 or 30, your ideas are criticized. Late December has its challenges and the communication planet is in a confusing cycle so don't waste your words. Just make the right beginning by clearing the clutter from home and mind! January's earthy Can do philosophy will help you reach your goals as long as you take small practical steps and don't schedule discussions or major moves on January 8, 11 or 12. January 13 to 20 is when help comes and life gets sweeter.



These days serious Saturn opposes your sign, so protect yourself on December 30 and use January to get the balance right between rest, play and work. If you need to take a break, sleep more, whatever, do it. Don't worry if you might seem boring to others, it's better than burnout! Things will accelerate suddenly in late January so find your best regular routines now and stick to them like glue. That will support you in these mad times. Since Pluto is also playing havoc with March born Aries, don't be surprised if you seem to be in the midst of power struggles. Let people play their games but you stay grounded. This is essential, even though others are likely to demand a lot of you. January 4's New Moon gets you thinking about brilliant career again but January 8 is no day to discuss it. Make your plans, dream your dreams but remember to get a physical recharge in January if you want to make the most of the extraordinary year that cranks up from January 23. Best easy time days are January 5 and 12 to 14.



Solstice means Sun is now moving through your adventure zone so travel is definitely high on your list. Even if it just involves jumping in your car or on a bike, take to the roads and enjoy the free wheeling energy. It will rejuvenate you. Lover Venus illuminates hearts and relationships come under scrutiny around New Year. Don't be too hard on yourself or others but be brave when it comes to home truths. Knowledge is power after all. If on January 4 if someone disappoints you, let the New Moon vibes fill you with a new sense of World here I come because you have what it takes. Usually more on the shy side than extroverted, that does not stop you from walking through the doors that swing open now. Your friendships and social goals keep you charged up and after January 7, planning and action shift into gear. Relax as only a Bull can and enjoy your sweet times, let them make you strong ready for life's next offerings. Whether it is an exciting trip or just a good boost for your understanding, the next three weeks of January promise fun and expansion. Enjoy it because new responsibilities are coming down the track.



Late December has a few close calls for Gemini but once you get over the surprises of the solstice period (December 21-22) you get into the groove. Around January 4 a surprising event at work or a sudden confrontation are best handled with all the Gemini cool unflappable energy you can muster. Keep a safe distance from the madness and everyone recovers quickly. It may be that you don't really feel the holiday vibe until January 7 when Lover Venus gets you there. Even if you are back at work, having Venus in your partner sign means many sweet bonding times. She remains there until early February, increasing the joy factor in your life, building stronger relationships. Despite the other demands of January with its ambition theme, this month has an easy path to greater intimacy...Assuming of course that you keep your smart comments to yourself on January 11 and 12, particularly at work. Any business partnerships will also benefit from the Venus touch and great ideas are born. February will help you build a team.



Yes Cancer is soft being a sensitive Water sign but you can also borrow a trick from the Crab and really nip anyone who thinks you are a walk-over. In fact you are one of the signs who really know what they want, and know how to get it...most of the time that is. Since this solar cycle is lighting up your relationships and making you dream of true partnership', other people take up a lot of your energy right now. You can be soft- centred but hard edged but this is not the time. Your Cancer Full Moon on January 20 is no time to hide your feelings or put on a tough facade. This is the lunar climax of your year, so stay open. If you do, you will recognise the phase that must finish, and find the wisdom to make the right choices. January is the final phase of a Jupiter year that has promoted your spirit of adventure. Come January 23 career and responsibilities grow more demanding so enjoy your chances while you can. Passions come and go but Cancer values the long term commitment of feeling attachments that grow over time. January is the month to celebrate these.



A brave hearted Lion is the way to be but sometimes the petty demands that are made on your time can wear you down. Since some people around you are in emotional meltdown, your challenge is to stay optimistic and positive, particularly from December 27 to 30. Even January 4's New Moon repeats the theme of confusion, of family dramas, via a Venus/Neptune battle. Take a deep breath and know that sunny optimism will gain more traction from January 9 to February 3, when Lover Venus boosts cooperation. Don't spoil a good thing by being pushy at Full Moon on January 20. You are capable of steam-rolling over the top of less confident individuals but your best trait is that big generous Leo heart. Let it shine freely in the holiday season and not just the people you love, but anyone touched by your warmth, will benefit. Best party days are January 2, 5, 11 to 14 and 21. Shake your mane with wild abandon.



So what if your star sign script includes being a fusspot, even a control freak when you are trying to make something happen! This after all is the event season and your skills will be in big demand. Let others moan but watch them line up to enjoy the fruit of your labours. Then of course there is the Virgo blind spot you can be meticulous in your attention to practical details but sometimes a big emotional detail slips your attention. Sensing that something is passing under your radar, family and financial security are the focus of your forensic skills in late December. With Mercury retro in that part of your scope, it's time to look behind the scenes of family life, of home expenses to ask what is the real story. Keep your findings to yourself for now and January 4's New Moon will help you put all the pieces together. Don't rush things. January 11 to 12 will probably bring a revelation and you can make better decisions then. Once Mercury enters strategic Capricorn on January 13 your ability to make wise moves with loving energy, is at its best. Just don't discuss super sensitive issues at January 20's Full Moon or you will regret it. January is the month to remember why you love life and to remind all those you love how much you care.



For luscious Libra late December and January have some challenges to navigate! Sometimes luscious is not the way you feel, so how to get back to it? As one of the cardinal go-getter signs, you like to direct social action and to pronounce judgement on correct behaviour. In other words you take the lead in subtle ways as the arbiter of how to do things. Now that Saturn is in Libra for over two years in total, there are traps that can be avoided by simple rules, 1) If it is not directly impacting on you, keep your opinion to yourself about other people's behaviour. 2) Ask for help when the task is too big and don't assume you must do it all yourself. 3) Acknowledge your small successes and give yourself regular breaks. Try these rules on December 25, 27, 30 and January 4 and 8. Saturn is in charge on those days and it can be a hard and harsh taskmaster. Worst of all, it can make you seem like that. Instead let these be times help you get back to that luscious languor that lets Libra see the world as a beautiful place. If a home drama throws up power struggles on January 4, 8 or 26 walk away - breathe deeply. Beware showdowns, they are over-rated. Embrace the playful edge that Venus can give you now to get the best career advantage from January 20's Full Moon.



So much simmering passion has Scorpio and that has been mucho apparent with Venus in your sign for six whole months. This rare long stay by the Lover planet has thrown you some nice reminders of life's bounty. Not leaving Scorpio until January 7, Venus adds extra good fortune to another rare planetary event on January 4. Your love energy and creative awareness get a powerful charge with the final meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in your love sign on January 4. This is also a New Moon that will boost your mental energy and shine a practical light on your activities for the next fortnight. Now your past efforts and solid contacts will start to bear fruit. Money flows more readily and some strategic plans that take shape between January 13 and 20 have real potential. Full Moon on January 20 helps bring completion to a travel or study or teaching plan. Intimacy receives a welcome boost. There is however a Mars factor that could become the mosquitoes in this paradise! Mars will cast its warrior shadow onto home and family from January 16 to February 22. Channel this energy into productive home tasks and financial planning rather than trying to turn your loved ones into your personal army. In any case a Mars square can mean you hurt yourself by pushing too hard...Cruise baby cruise.



Mercury the Messenger has been taking you into the corridors of the past during December, as it moves in retrograde motion through Sagittarius. This retro process probably produced some static on December 21-22 and it ends on December 30, another rather sensitive day...Time to reconnect. With January comes a fresh breath of recognition as your ruler', giant Jupiter makes its final embrace with the planet of sudden awakenings. Deep truths have been coming home to you since this Jupiter/Uranus pairing began in June. Now on January 4, synchronous with a New Moon, an almost electrical charge of emotional understanding about family and your past, is on the menu. If you choose this tasty dish, you are sure to find new energy for day to day life. Then Venus enters sunny Sagittarius on January 7 and love is in the air. Or is it you in the air winging your way to a distant destination? Or taking off in your car, adventures in mind? Whichever it may be, do stay in the pleasure zone on January 11 to 12 by remembering to show appreciation and forgive people's foibles, lest you be judged harshly yourself. Mars energises your communication from January 16 to February 23, so you are well able to keep up with life's demands and the busy social time ahead.


Christine Broadbent loves her work, offering personal consultations for life direction, business timing and relationship guidance. She holds events and teaches astrology in both Sydney and Auckland. She is currently based in Sydney until March. Personal readings and reports also make thoughtful gifts, see Services. An Astro Event to come...

A Workshop with Christine Broadbent
February 13, 2011

Like the hands on a cosmic clock, the planets move through our life and move us in the process. There is a special branch of astrology called electional astrology , which chooses timing to capture the potent moment. We will do this and focus the creative vitality of Venus by making a Venus Talisman in the hour she rules.

Venus is the prime activator of social rhythms and personal satisfaction. When she is in partnership with serious Saturn, as now, she spices up our ambition. February 13 is a perfect time for cosmic planning coupled with Venus magic.
Our day will be divided into three segments, starting with exercises to identify your personal Venus vitality. Then we will each create a Venus talisman from metal and stones ruled by Venus and Jupiter, the Fortunes. This will be a materialization of your intention. The elected moment assists its birth. Finally we will work with a Venus Timeline for the next five months, to assist you to maintain your personal Venus magic over time.

You do not need to know much astrology to participate but if you do it will compliment your knowledge, with active experience of ancient techniques. I look forward to sharing this with you.

Sunday February 13, 2011 Time: 10:30am to 4:30pm
Northern Beaches Sydney venue to be confirmed
To participate: 0 Includes the materials for your Venus Talisman, Venus Timeline and your birth chart. discount if you bring your own chart.
Afternoon tea provided, b.y.o.

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