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Christines' Planetary Currents


Jan 20th to Feb 19th, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius February 3

Now Moon and Sun align with Mars, suggesting an energy rush for this month. Moon always disappears when it embraces Sun at New Moon, then reappears as the crescent we associate with New Moon about two days later. Look for that slim crescent on February 5. From that point lunar energy builds rapidly, carrying the enthusiastic quest for communal projects and community consciousness of Aquarius. This is most apparent around February 7 to 8.

Full Moon in Leo February 18

Powers of concentration are boosted by mid February s alignments, agreements are made. Full Moon on February 18 has Neptune next to Sun and opposite Moon - beware setting expectations too high or leaving plans too loose right now. Potent mental energy is available as long as egos don t clash, yet everyone will want to be right Try building bridges, compromise.


It's new territory time for the inquiring mind and social goals of Aquarius. Your objective take on things and natural cool can work well for you with serious Saturn on your side for another year. With a Full Moon lighting the way into your new solar cycle, emotions are peaking right now. Since Saturn's cooling influence internalises for five months after January 26, while Jupiter's heating influence gets a massive boost from January 23 to June 4, your passion and enthusiasm is the key to success. January 24 to February 2 show you the way if you pay attention to the advice or coincidences that come your way. With Lover Venus in your friendship sign and Jupiter expanding your interests, it's all about connecting and communicating. The Aquarius New Moon on February 3 brings a sharper focus this is a once a year opportunity to plant your seeds of intention clarify now the direction for extending yourself and your interests. By Full Moon in your partner sign on February 18, people around you will be the best form of feedback so listen to it! Issues from 2010 may come up again around February 16-17 but your strength of future vision will get you through. Happy Birthday.



Stepping into your power in sometimes erratic and other times awe inspiring ways, has been one feature of the rare powerhouse combo of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. Now that era is almost over and on January 23 your guru planet Jupiter moves on. The jury is out is Pisces fishier than most of us or simply ahead of their times? With the tricky shape shifting energy of Uranus still in your sign until mid March, beware pushing a good thing too far. Be happy with progress already made and do let practical money-making, home-improving, building substance, type activities take the lead. Carefully polish those plans that got extra illumination from the Full Moon period of January 18 to 20 - Know that secret deals or shady motives will work against you with the warrior planet in your house of straightforward. With February 3's New Moon and with Venus entering your friendship zone on February 4, more help will be available. Completing tasks is important now and February 2 and 7 potentially bring payback if you forget this. Life moves more rapidly from February 10 but it is February 22 to 25 when you really come into your stride.



For ancient Egyptians the ram represented fertility and strength, a king of the animals, even sometimes depicting the king of the gods Amon as ram-headed. Likewise the Celts and ancient Greeks held rams as sacred animals and the tale of the Golden Fleece is rich in the symbolism of heroic questing. It is no less than a heroic quest being thrust at Aries in 2011, starting January 23 when Jupiter enters Aries. It is no time for doubt but for courage in action. January has challenged you on many levels but this new solar cycle beginning January 20 provides emotional illumination as well as renewing friendships and focus. Your groups that are built on shared interests require attention and energy now as Sun and Mars lead the way. January 24 to February 4 gets your questing into good shape. Interest and support from others plus a nice visionary boost are part of this. Yet February 2 and February 3's New Moon are likely to suddenly demand a lot of you. You are capable of meeting these demands...just don't let it emotionally deplete you. Recharge your energy with laughter, notice the cosmic joke. A rapid acceleration of busy-ness occurs February 5 to 21 and by Full Moon on February 18 you are simply buzzing with positive plans. If you don't overreact on February 7 or 19, you will be in better shape for the big demands of late March.



January has loaded on the pleasures as well amplifying the pressure. It's a lot for the tender Bull to deal with. Luscious Lover Venus rules your sign and her recent challenges have revealed family traits or your bank a/c or both, in a rather unflattering light. Yet she links harmoniously with serious Saturn on January 24 launching you into a can-do phase. Now action flows more readily, your inner confidence grows and you progressively gain more strength of purpose. Beware giving this away on January 26 or February 2-3. Venus will enter your adventure zone on February 5 so get ready for a spike in your travel plans, for a month with deep thinking and shared adventures. Exciting trips might begin to feature on your future horizons but don't forget the demands of vocation; is it time to consider that old question again...about career satisfaction? The next three weeks from February 5 to 25 ask a lot of you, expanding your plans. If February 17 to 19 seems to throw mud on your clear vision or to load on new responsibilities, beware becoming the sacrificial bull. If your spirits get low, be philosophical about it and move on. February 20 to 25 will sweeten things and shift you into a more satisfying cycle.



As the sign of the Twins, you are able to repolarise yourself fairly easily after a setback. If it is an emotional setback, you may have to go to ground for a while to achieve that shape-shifting feat. Bouncing back is natural to you yet your nervous system is delicate and can spin you out. You sometimes deal poorly with emotional situations because of your eagerness to escape. To avoid this trap on January 26 when Mercury squares off to Saturn and on February 2 when Venus is under pressure, don't rely on words and do demonstrate your commitment in practical ways. For the sake of your relationships, both personal and professional, these are times to channel positive Capricorn energy, which means less words more action and more attention to practical sensual matters. Once your leading planet Mercury enters your adventure sign on February 4 things are easier and your personal achievements lead the way. This is a key month when dynamic people encourage you to step into bigger roles in your life, particularly around February 14. Since February 17 could push your more unrealistic, self-deceiving side to the fore, make no big commitments or purchases then or a reality check will follow. A bigger picture is taking shape.



January 20's Full Moon in Cancer precedes a brand new solar cycle by only a few hours so this is an extraordinary chance to get a holistic perspective on your last year. This process frees you up for the extra charge of ambition and responsibility that comes with January 23 and Jupiter's new cycle. January 26 or February 2 may carry reminders of an old control pattern or family issue that has dogged you for years. But you are moving on...Once luscious Venus enters your partnership sector on February 4, gathering extra support from February 6 to 10, an old obsession is finally revisited and put to rest. It is time to recognise the phase that must finish, to be replaced by a new wisdom in your choices. Vocation will consume more of your emotional energy from now until early June because your sense of purpose is getting a Jupiter recharge. This is only the beginning of a story that gets bigger in late March but for now make the most of your easy access to a helpful blend of enthusiasm and good practical ideas. Do beware falling foul of unpredictable Full Moon energies on February 18 to 19. Take the time to reaffirm your own values and your own rules and refuse to let someone else dictate to you, even if they are family.



Brave-hearted and big thinking, the Lion likes to stride through life when not hanging out in the fave pet parlour. Your confident sunny disposition is a valuable ally as you gradually move towards the climactic point of your year Leo Full Moon. If you are the glass half empty kind of Lion, it is time to get an enthusiasm update and that is exactly what big Jupiter is bringing to Leos of all kinds. On January 23 Jupiter enters a new cycle which prompts a greater sense of adventure, a quest for higher learning or a generalised taste for more fun and discovery in your life for the next five months. Lover Venus has been cruising your love sign and deepening cooperation with others on many levels, so January 24 to February 2 also holds memorable bonding experiences. Then February 3's New Moon begins a new era for the people you love. This is also Chinese New Year and is a better time for you to set your intentions and resolutions for 2011. Don't let any disappointments on February 17 put you off track; it is about seeing the larger perspective. Since your climax point of Full Moon in Leo follows on February 18 now abandoned dreams can be seen as the path to better and more realistic achievements. This after all is a year of achievement for Leo.



Some big projects in your home or at work are reaching a conclusion now with Jupiter poised to leave your partner sign on January 23. Around January 4 you had a clarifying moment about someone in your life and now you are ready for a less turbulent time. Even so, the planet most linked to turbulent surprises is Uranus and it remains in your partner sign until March. Beware you don't slip back into past traps on February 2 when Venus squares off to that chaos planet. Guru planet Mercury joins the Sun on February 4 to signal a month to be cool and logical about your projects, for greatest success. Cooperating with others as part of a group gets the best results. Happily Lover Venus makes you more magnetic, attractive and fun loving from February 4, so enjoy the sweet times to be had, particularly February 6 to 14. Usually meticulous in your attention to practical details and physical signs, you sometimes overlook emotional details. This can cause problems with others. Don't rush things because an important detail could be overlooked at February 17-19's Full Moon period, which could re-open an old wound. Aim to find a happy cruise mode to get the best of February.



Have you been practising your letting go techniques, mastering the art of taking things less seriously, learning to stay balanced with Saturn in Libra? As January 20's Full Moon precedes a new solar cycle this is a good time to practise those skills, likewise on January 26 when an old issue could raise its head. Happily the Sun now illuminates your love sign and the love-in of February follows these final challenges of the challenging month of January. Yet February 3, 7 and 19 are all capable of puncturing your happiness if you let them. You are ruled by luscious Venus; she is prompting you to recharge your batteries via quiet home pleasures. In fact Venus is set to remind you of the joy to be found in family and in your extended family of good friends, from February 4 to March 1. However, a family matter could also build up a head of steam from February 7 to 10 and a detached understanding approach is best. If you allow yourself to be manipulated now it will get worse around February 19, when Venus squares off to Saturn. Instead, stand up for social justice in the good Saturn by being quietly persevering with a will of iron but a gentle touch.



Now Full Moon on January 20 marks a sense of completion and recent ponderings re travel, teaching or learning start to make sense. An intimate energy is on the rise as a new solar cycle illuminates your need for home time. Reconnecting with your family and close friends or just completing home based tasks, gives you a welcome boost in late January. If you feel tempted to lay down the law with someone think again. Since planet Mars casts its warrior glow on your home concerns, you could be heavy handed in achieving your goals from now until February 23 when Mars moves on. Your ruler Mars offers new strengths in this cycle, best used to de-clutter your home environs, to help someone weaker than yourself or to improve the layout of work spaces to better support your energy. Then conflict will not be the unwelcome by product. After February 4, take your lead from Lover Venus who now sweetens communication and brings added pleasure to daily business. From February 6 to 14 your capacity to perceive the deeper truth in situations and to use that knowledge in practical positive ways, is greatly enhanced. At Full Moon on February 18 recent career concerns reach a peak and by February 25 you gather your support.



With Venus in sunny Sagittarius until early February, loving easy and understanding ways of communicating with others comes easy. Some Sagis will travel for the sake of love and Venus may be adding to your desire to escape life's serious demands and wing your ways to distant shores. Yet from January 23 to early June, Jupiter opens doors, probably right where you are. Having Jupiter in your love sign means there is a lot of pleasure and expansion to explore, by stripping away your normal life to find the hidden treasures. Ever desiring new inspiration, some Centaurs will find exactly that between now and early June. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, its cycles set your pace and now the pace is fast, fiery and fun. As long as you don't push yourself so hard that you reach burn out, you will be able to navigate the challenges of February 2 when love, money and chaos oddly intersect. The Sun's month long cycle gathers in the extra forces of Mars, Mercury and Neptune from February 5 to 17 clear thinking, projects are easily promoted, while your social life grows. Enjoy this wild ride but save some of your energy for late March when an even faster pace is coming. Spontaneous enthusiasm is your best guide. Careful preparation reveals your best style.



As a Full Moon completes your solar cycle on January 20, powerful contacts and tremendous personal drive are at your disposal. The flurry of activity now can produce good results. Guard yourself and your ideas/plans on January 26, when speaking to the wrong person or at the wrong time could create an obstacle for you. Be prepared to deal with frustrating behaviour from others on February 2 or 3, without letting it debilitate your energy. Then on February 4 lunar energy rises and the sweet Venus factor increases, as the Lover planet enters Capricorn, staying there for the rest of the month. Now your extra magnetism and your capacity to attract money and popularity is the natural flow of things - like bees to honey. Since this solar cycle is about your possessions, your values and building material security, the additional impact of Mars and Mercury in your money house as well means that good ideas should be followed by decisive action, particularly in the period building up to February 18's Full Moon. From the helpful contacts of February 6 to the great practical ideas that come together around February 14, many things are on your side. Diplomacy and a gracious way of handling those around you will keep you balanced and strong, even if the Full Moon challenges of February 18 to 19 bring out selfish or disappointing behaviour in others.


Christine Broadbent loves her work, offering personal consultations for life direction, business timing and relationship guidance. She teaches astrology classes in both Sydney and Auckland and is currently based in Sydney. Personal readings and reports also make thoughtful gifts.

A Workshop with Christine Broadbent
February 13, 2011

Like the hands on a cosmic clock, the planets move through our life and move us in the process. There is a special branch of astrology called electional astrology , which chooses timing to capture the potent moment. Using electional astrology to focus the creative vitality of Venus, you will learn about your personal Venus then make a Venus Talisman in the hour she rules.

Venus is the prime activator of social rhythms and personal satisfaction. When she is in partnership with serious Saturn, as now, she spices up our ambition. February 13 is a perfect time for cosmic planning coupled with Venus magic.

Our day will be divided into three segments, starting with your own chart to identify your personal Venus vitality. Then we will each create a Venus talisman from metal and stones ruled by Venus and Jupiter, the Fortunes. This will be a materialization of your intention. The elected moment assists its birth. Finally we will work with a Venus Timeline for the next five months, to assist you to maintain your personal Venus energy over the year.

You do not need to know much astrology to participate but if you do it will compliment your knowledge, with active experience of ancient techniques. I look forward to sharing this with you.

Sunday February 13, 2011 Time: 10:30am to 4:30pm
Northern Beaches Sydney venue to be confirmed
To participate: 0 Includes the materials for your Venus Talisman, A Venus Timeline and your birth chart.

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