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Christines' Planetary Currents

Pisces Time: February 19 to March 20, 2011

Feb 19th to Mar 20th, 2011

March 5 New Moon in Pisces (March 4 GMT)
Softly, softly, is what Pisces prefers but the ocean of course has many faces and unpredictable shifts. March 5 s New Moon has a wild weather theme extending for a few days, when changeable people are best handled gently and nothing should be assumed. Plant seeds of intention now to link with a lunar new beginning: to find your way back to the garden , to an inner haven of peace.

March 20... Full Moon in Virgo (March 19 GMT)
This lunar climax has Mars near the Pisces Sun, while Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus are in Say it like it is Aries and a Virgo Moon opposes Sun. Standing up for our dreams becomes a theme and Full Moon could spark confrontations even among friends or interrupt the smooth flow of associations. Don t plan a large event that needs easy cooperation for March 19-20 but do gather those juicy creative ideas and inspirations. The climax of Full Moon can deliver a practical plan that enables a vision to proceed.

Dates are set for Australian Time Zones and work also for New Zealand.


LIFE...When your Sun sign time starts right after one Full Moon and ends with another Full Moon you know it's a big one, with a steep gradient to high drama as the days go on. This can be a very productive high drama as long as you are prepared to settle for the status quo, to share the glory and not squabble over top billing. Add to this the fact that between now and March 12 Uranus along with its shape shifting potential is making its last climactic transit through Pisces, the end of a seven year run. The scene is set for a more militant Fishy One, more likely to meet a conflict head on, rather than swim away. This however is not such a good idea on February 26 or at your Pisces New Moon of March 5 or on March 9. Whether it is an uprising in your clan or a challenge about the way you work, these are days to step clear of emotions, embrace the broad perspective and let the group dynamics settle down. The good news is that your authority and ability to be a mover and shaker are in essence supported by New Moon and your financial position is likely to improve exponentially between March 10 and mid May. A vision you have been nurturing is about to go into an action phase. The more you enjoy the process and refuse to react to little detours, the better it will go. March 19 to 20 confirms the fact that money really matters. LOVE...Your love of life and personal love magnet go hand in hand. If you don't feel good, the good vibes don't flow and love is history. With Pisces New Moon of March 5, proving yourself becomes a tenet of faith so take care not to lose friends and irritate people with your sheer drive or via careless words. That covered, it is a shining time for you and a big commitment is part of the territory as that Full Moon builds to its radiant best on March 20. Do beware getting involved in a power struggle just prior to that on March 18-19, it can only end badly. Instead enjoy your current legend status, bask in the admiration that does come along and ignore any detractors. Your Venus love period actually finds its stride in early April. Until then you need occasional periods of solitude to renew that vision you are incubating.



LIFE...Did you remember to laugh at the cosmic joke of recent weeks with plans changing, and unexpected obstacles to your preferred direction of full speed ahead? Well keep this in mind. February 26 and the month of March confirm it ain't over yet! In fact the Trickster imprint is about to go onto a whole new level in the life of the sometimes rambunctious Ram, when planet Uranus Change Maker, enters Aries for a seven year stay on March 12. March 10 to 17 is a golden opportunity time yet you probably won't grasp the full import of the changes until March 21's Equinox, which basically sets your new direction and it will be exciting. So kick back when you can, hold back smart quips on March 14, enjoy the present for the small gifts on offer and gather your dreams as Pisces Time unfolds. If expenses keep multiplying with every choice, be conservative but don't scrimp on the things you know are important. In May money comes in. LOVE...Any relationships are inherently serious right now, whether friendships, love or family. Responsibilities, even regrets or a sense of separation might come with the territory. Saturn is not the most romantic planet to have in your partnership sign all year, yet Saturn is always around when the big commitments are made. And with optimistic Jupiter rushing through Aries you will leap in and take a chance on love if so inclined. Particularly after March 12 with yet another reality check around March 19. Good relationships will benefit from this cycle and stronger more balanced unions will result from these extra doses of realism and patience that Saturn evokes.



LIFE...There is immense potential in this powerful Pisces period, your friendships, community mindedness and general ability to remain practical and calm in the midst of rush are set to pay off. That slow gentle touch of yours is exactly what is needed when so many are floating around in the stratosphere, with emotions shifting and twisting daily. Career or a life role is set for an epiphany of awareness on February 21 and by February 25 your confidence receives a welcome boost. When your ruler Venus enters your career sign on March 2 you start to get a stronger sense of the significant gains to be made from being a port in a storm for those in chaos, most important to remember on March 5, 9 and 19. This is also a wonderful period to entertain and show off your love of good food, your capacity to create a lovely environment. LOVE...There are deep and slow changes occurring beneath the surface of your outer life, which are preparing you for a heart opening in mid May. Meanwhile do what Taurus does so well - eat, drink and be content with the simple pleasures life offers. You are the sign that loves to be in love but you also remember every hurt or rebuff you ever received. Through March and April something is being healed that will free you from an unwelcome burden of anxiety. New vocational drive will take your mind off this but it is the seismic shift of your emotions, quietly going on, that will lighten you up and let love in. Existing relationship stand to benefit from this and those who are ready for a new partner get extra inspiration from March 20's Full Moon



LIFE...Since you are the Trickster sign, an easy link to Uranus the Trickster planet from March 12, can only be an interesting event. This will be a seven year cycle, strongest now for May born Gems but everyone gets the message at March 21's Equinox. Watch this space for the unfolding of that future energy boost and meanwhile move forward by gathering your good ideas. This is supported by recharging your creative juices with sufficient rest and generally looking after that highly strung Gemini nervous system. A powerful Pisces solar cycle is particularly good for your career, so make the most of it by building credibility now, while proving your problem solving skills. Your ruling planet Mercury brings great clarity when it conjoins Sun on February 25, so don't undermine yourself with a hissy fit of impatience on February 23 or 26 when Mars and Pluto muscle in. Compassionate empathy and the ability to understand the other person's point of view, are the key to your success now and through early March. A riveting exciting action phase gets moving from March 10 to 13 and that is when a good idea can go into development stage. Do beware over-reacting to an authority or money issue on both March 14 and 19. As they say, Suck it up because there are bigger goals to consider. LOVE...Too busy for love? Well don't forget those at home because Full Moon on March 20 illuminates that space and partners need to be reminded you care. Your karmic Moon's Node cycle says partnership is destiny right now but Saturn in your love sign is a bit of a romance kill-joy. Use this energy at its best to build creative cooperation, to follow through with promises and take the time to reflect on the fact that good human connections are the fuel that keeps your busy mind at top performance level. In short, good loving brings peace of mind, which equals you on the right track.



LIFE...With umpteen planets in your adventure sign at Pisces New Moon of March 5, your mind will be scanning for possibilities in March. Yet you are one of those cardinal signs like Aries, Libra and Capricorn. This means you are being challenged to deal with people who have a vested sense of importance and confined in your field of action by probably home or family responsibilities AND excited by the energy that you feel when you reach out to a new life role or vocational goal. This excitement is going to increase many fold when the Change planet, Uranus enters your career sign on March 12 and that is a long term story. Late February is the time to make sure that you don't fall in with the wrong crowd or wrong person which limits your chance to make those right contacts when they present themselves. February 25 to 26 are telling days when a strong inspiration could be followed by a power struggle. Take heart in the fact that this struggle has been ongoing since August 2010 and this is the final phase. Now your energy will increase by stages with a clear sense of direction shaping up between March 10 and 16. LOVE...Pluto in your marriage sign is tricky to say the least because the Pluto path to true love definitely requires careful negotiation and occasionally holding your ground against unreasonable expectations. This Pisces period makes it easier to bend and flex but Pluto challenges on February 26 and March 14 might block that easy flow. The big test of your self control, since you are the Moon's own sign, comes March 19 to 20 with Full Moon. In essence you are much more keenly aware of that very human need to be acting jointly with other people and not just your partner or family or best friend. After March 5 it is best to act quickly to get involved with something or someone who shares your interests. If this is also a lover so be it. If not, your pursuing what feels like a true purpose can only enrich a good relationship.



LIFE...What could be better than the opportunity planet, Jupiter in your adventure sign? Unless you are a stay at home kind of Lion, adventures are beckoning. Even holed up in your den, the adventure of the mind expands exponentially. With February 21's line-up in your partner sign, partnership is definitely on your mind and you want a playmate for those wild child moments, to enjoy sharing the stories. Once Sun and Moon conjoin at New Moon on March 5 your mind turns to making better use of your resources or perhaps of ways to boost said resources. This is all good...and well supported by the times. It is March 10 that really gets the adventure train rolling. Getting involved is the key but if you don't have a guiding vision that will work against you. It is the right time to court your intuition and visit with the muse of inspiration from March 10 to 16. Then your new direction will have the lovely taste of authenticity. LOVE...The sign of the heart and sometimes specialist in romance, Leo can also throw on a very big shut-down when pride is hurt. February 26 and March 19 are both candidates for that but they are also times when you can prove yourself as being big hearted enough to forgive people their fearful manoeuvres. With the love planet Venus in your partner sign from March 2 to 27, it's a heart warming month. From March 10 your romantic side starts to ignite and the Lion lazing in the shade can move quickly when sufficiently attracted. In mid March you are just beginning the preparation for a very big adventure, maybe higher learning or an ambitious trip. This will come together by mid May so enjoy the process. Play is your most natural creative medium and the new cycle being stirred into action by planet Uranus right now, will certainly increase the random synchronicities of life and get you wondering...or is that wandering?



LIFE...To be or not to be in charge of every little thing that has to get done...that is the question. Now that a new solar cycle ignites your intimate connections, the every little thing should be shared and anything that feels a burden needs to be re-negotiated. This period is building up to Full Moon in Virgo on March 20 so if it feels like a climax is building - it should! Events around February 26, March 5, 9 and 19 could feel like a rerun of old emotional patterns stuff you thought was past. If so take the cosmic cleaner role of dropping it all in big internal bin, pressing delete and getting on with life affirming activities. March is your lunar climax month when it is appropriate to be direct in your words and to serve only worthy ends. Happily the communication planet which rules your sign Mercury, cosies up with Jupiter mid March. Good luck follows fast on the heel of authentic goals backed up by clever Virgo strategies. Your Full Moon of March 20 helps you move past a long and recent big task. You have probably been working very hard to get the luxury of less work and more indulgence. If so...Enjoy. LOVE...It is all about relationships when the Sun illuminates your partner sign for a month from February 20, so you can expect others to expect a lot from you. With mindful Mercury joining the Sun on February 25 it is illumination time, many things become clear. Only worthy demands are going to get your attention now and the emotional leverage other people use, is particularly apparent to you. An ambition prompt from Venus and Moon on March 1 makes you ambitious for romance, picky about creative projects and very determined to do it your way. The next exciting stage of your journey will be assisted by setting some boundaries from March 5 to 9 particularly regarding home life or family demands, to protect against chaos. If a relationship is going to blossom then March 16 to 20 will help it right along.



LIFE...You could be getting restless and indecisive with this extra wave of Pisces energy rolling through your life. Venus your lady ruler is not in her happy spot and Saturn is emphasising duty above pleasure, a no pain no gain kind of mood. Shake it off now and claim the best of Pisces Time faith in the future, optimism and loving acceptance. A crunch point on February 26 could ignite hostilities that have been brewing since last August or reintroduce a person or ill-conceived idea that you really should avoid. Move on graciously, expending as little energy as possible. In early March you will see things differently and feel emotionally recharged once you do. There do tend to be many demands and hard lessons with Saturn in your sign yet wisdom is also gained. Meanwhile a much faster Jupiter cycle - the planet of fortune, reaches out via other people, who are keen to be in your life. It could be that home and family seem to have the greatest power over your decisions but March 14 or 19 may challenge or change that. LOVE... March 2 brings sweeter Venus energy and there is romantic potential to be explored this month. Venus in your love sign now opens a door that can dispel indecision and remind you to value those you love. New creative energy will flow from this shift, particularly after March 5 New Moon, with a special opportunity from March 10 to 16. March 12 begins a new seven year relationship cycle that will be revolutionary for September-born Librans and stimulating for all. If you want to win back someone special, woo someone new or present that great idea, consider March 11 to 13. You will be at your most magnetically attractive when you operate as part of a caring community or a group linked by shared goals.



LIFE...As the deep and mysteriously intense sign of the zodiac, you do nothing by halves. Therefore the gang of planets sitting in your love and pleasure sign is bound to be interesting! Most interesting is that one of that gang is planet Mars from February 23. This is your guiding force, inspiring you now to consider a maybe risky enterprise. This can work if your legendary determination is combined with a healthy dose of caution. The way you conduct yourself is all important and even difficult people will respond well to your good humour and composure, if you behave that way. Keep this in mind on February 26, March 5, and 14 to 19. Full Moon on March 20 brings a climax of awareness about the importance of connecting to intellectually like minded people, perhaps with a financial goal in sight. LOVE...Lover Venus moves on in to your home and family sign on March 2, giving you pause for thought about just how you want to live. Lifestyle, family time and even home improvements are part of getting that loving vibe happening now. The planet of expansion, Jupiter, promises you that good fortune flows from plenty of behind the scenes preparation and a healthy lifestyle. Something close to your heart starts to show promise after March 9 and March 10 to 12 tops up your persuasive abilities. Yet it will probably be mid May and the extra boost of a Scorpio Full Moon then, that sees these heart-felt desires most readily fulfilled.



LIFE...Sometimes being a sunny optimistic Fire sign, is not as easy as you can make it seem. The good news your expansive ruler, Jupiter is supporting you well from your sign of love and children. Getting good ideas is easy, dealing with the obstacles less so. Jupiter has also been under pressure from planets Saturn and Pluto for months, with the Pluto finale on February 26! This means that the most tactful, cautious, diplomatic self should lead in late February. On second thoughts maybe just say as little as possible, particularly where records are kept, as with emails. The end of February is no time to be airing grievances, making complaints or witty put-downs, unless you want a boring, bogged down time you can later regret. Happily February 25 brings great clarity about a role you have been mulling over and any stagnation you have been feeling is likely to shift in early March. However that Saturn tug of war could be building up to a standoff by late March, if you keep pushing something you really should drop. LOVE...March 2 brings Lover Venus to sweeten your communication, helping you to easily move on from a battle of wills that may have soured some aspects of a relationship with a lover or your child. Now it is time to embrace the sheer joy factor on offer from Jupiter and find greater fulfilment in the way that people you love differ from you. March 3 begins a new karmic cycle with the Moon's North Node now moving through Sagittarius for 18 months. This means it is timely to consider how to improve the important balance between self and others, which you sometimes struggle with as a freedom loving sign. March 5, 9, 14 and 19 are all days to keep opinions and advice low key and you have a golden opportunity from March 10 to 16 to woo and to win, perhaps to get that great idea to second base.



LIFE...For serious Capricorn ruled by strategic Saturn, it can be most off-putting when your strategies seem to fail. Seem to is the operative word here because, as you know, it is a slow process to achieve long term goals and your strategies may still need some updating. If the way you are operating is completely in accord with your moral sense and well supported by the latest communication technology, it is probably just a matter of time and patience. Yet, being squared by your ruler and also by Jupiter does mean you are being encouraged to make some changes. The process is underway, even if only on the emotional level and now is best enjoyed as a lovely time to take mini breaks when you can and to avoid decisions with long lasting flow on. Little adjustments work well and by late March motivation arrives. Until you have a definite task linked to your goal, success will elude you. Your time is coming and by mid May there will be plenty of pleasing developments. LOVE...For you, loving someone is often about thoughtful gestures and practical help, but the Goat is not big on romantic words or even romance. This Pisces period is a good time to correct the balance a little, to think of romantic surprises, to express your tender feelings. Try reading some love poetry, it may inspire you. February 23 and 25, March 10 and 16 all have good potential for winning hearts and minds. Conversely February 26 to 27, March 14 and 19 require caution and are times to ignore the small annoyances and refuse to embark on a power struggle. Ironically, small issues can spiral out of control if you try to be controlling. Kindness towards your self will flow into kindness to others.



LIFE...Usually ready to make improvements or explore new business ideas, the forward thinking Water Bearer, is none the less of a fixed nature and opinions can be set in steel. This means that to be true to you, an occasional mental spring clean is needed, exactly what will be on offer with Venus in Aquarius from March 2 to 21 when overly rigid opinions or grudges against others are more easily laid to rest. You are on the edge of a very dynamic time when your capacity to be a thinker/planner is going to bring rewards and probably recognition. March 10 to 16 is the perfect time to lay the ground for later success. LOVE...The combination of Pisces Time with its fluid emotions and the Venus in Aquarius gift of a more loving take on life, makes March a month to let your hair down, to schedule free unstructured times into your busy schedule. If you make some space this way, people who love you will reach out to fill it in heart warming ways. Interesting new people could appear on the horizon, particularly around March 10 to 20. In essence you operate best as part of a community of friends and like minded people and must share some of this with a partner for the relationship to succeed. Good at avoiding emotional scenes but usually willing to help others, these qualities will mostly work as strengths in March. Yet problems may be presented around February 26 and March 19, which just turn out to be insoluble at the end of March. If retreat seems your only option, take it.


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