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Mar 21st to Apr 20th, 2011


Moon conjoins Sun and a new lunar cycle begins. Now Mars is in Aries, nudging Uranus and the grand total is up to six! Mars adds extra punch, energy and impatience to this blend...with Saturn opposing the energetic rush of six fiery Aries planets. In order to avoid a stalemate, do every bit of possible preparation before any big move. Get over taking anything personally because many will be intensely subjectively involved, even unlikely to notice the effect of their actions on you. Breathe deeply and react slowly to counteract the craziness.

Contemplating a beautiful Full Moon can be a soulful experience. This lunar event has serious relationship issues, with Saturn still making itself felt, this time in opposition to the happy rush of planet Mars. Harsh views of other people s actions or holding a grudge are simply a recipe for a downer, when in fact Full Moon is the partying Moon of the month. This is the day to celebrate love and give thanks for those who care about you.


This is the Aries of all Aries Time! There is a firing up of fiery energies on a level that you would not have experienced in your life time unless you are 84. That rare 84 year cycle of Uranus passing through Aries is back and it's back for seven years, Uranus is in Aries until March 2019, joining giant Jupiter who is only there until June. This powerful cycle awakens, shocks, excites and most of all beckons your own originality to come to the fore. There is a double story for Aries right now one storyline says seize your chance, enjoy it, express your ideas, get creative put it off no longer. The other story is written by the planet known as the Lord of Time the planet Saturn, which is opposite Aries for quite a while to come. Saturn has a cooling constraining influence, which is about building structures that support your life and goals. On March 29 Jupiter opposes Saturn, making April a month to juggle the grand vision of Jupiter, with Saturn's sense of natural limits. This line of highest potential is the balancing act that will keep arrogance and hubris in check. Lunar energy starts to grow after Aries New Moon of April 4. With a driving force of six planets in Aries, the surprises and unusual meetings linked to Uranus will accelerate rapidly. Relationship tensions and erotic attraction is a likely part of April with an explosive energy to April 18's Full Moon. The hard realities of life may impinge upon enthusiasm. Between April 18 and 23 you will see where it has all been going. Mercury will station on 23rd and it will be time for reflection to shift into action in this very special year.



Its love energy top up time for Taurus from April 5, Neptune enters your friendship sign, joining Venus, beginning an inspiring new twelve year cycle for the Bull. Now love and affection and deep connecting are prime themes. A sense of service to your community, making sacrifices for those you love, come naturally to you but don't forget those many planets in Aries. This gang of fiery revelers now stirs the most deeply unconscious part of your being; an uprising energy pushes you to break away from being the long suffering one, the one that always keeps your feet on the ground. Make sure you inject plenty of fun and good feelings into your daily life with Lover Venus supporting friendship from March 27 to April 20. Your greatest sense of satisfaction will come from sharing activities with like minded others and that feeds your inner restlessness as well. Expect a moment of revelation around April 10. Your ability to bring a deeply spiritual energy to everything you do and to expand your hopes and wishes is given a boost with Venus and Neptune leading the way. If a secret sorrow is also part of the picture, embrace and accept it, so that energy too can feed your life. As you approach the powerful month of May with its high potential, allow yourself to do the quiet behind the scenes things that April demands, confident that you can deal with whatever challenges arise.



Gemini so fast moving and fast thinking, yet life gets even faster with a gang of six Aries planets propelling you forward. Your ruler Mercury is also likely to make you more mercurial and unpredictable from March 31 to April 23, when it moves in retrograde motion. Take note of these dates they are special. Mercury Retro cycles punctuate your life three times a year for about three weeks and have great potential as rebalancing points for your year. That highly strung Gemini nervous system needs wind back time so you aren't always wound up, lost in your many activities. Retro events have significance, best carefully digested. The April cycle has a brave task in store, a chance to gain new understanding of the social dynamics of your life. This insight is most available April 10 to 12 - don't waste the energy by struggling against things out of your control. Now is a potent time to look beneath the surface, to learn more about your roles, your direction. Meanwhile Saturn continues to help you build credibility and authority in your working life, to commit to others. Dates to consider, March 25, April 2, 16 and 21 help things fall into place, yet tensions are close to the surface from March 29 to April 17 and this is not the time to initiate new projects, just perfect your old ones.



When your vocational drive is being motivated by no less than six planets between March 21 and April 4, you know you are meant to do business. There is a rich creative seam in the deep Cancer heart that is ready to be mined, to enrich your life. You have just completed a rare 18 month karmic cycle and now its gung ho time your strongest period of expression lies ahead from April 5 to 16. Yet be warned that there is potential conflict to be navigated on March 28 to 29, April 4, April 12 and 19. These are testing days when demands on you could be extreme, even unfair. Be firm about your boundaries if possible but refuse to react. April is a month when deadlines could be stretched and timetables challenged and still a lot achieved. To avoid overload sabotage, only take on things that really matter between April 10 and 20. April 18's Full Moon brings the recognition that clear boundaries and agreements with your family/clan is the right way to balance your worldly roles. Family demands will continue to be big for many months so create a rhythm that works; ignore lack of thanks. The best for you is yet to come in May so be patient with work promises that go nowhere or big events that seem to need rescheduling. Your role during April's overload of Aries Fire is to be a calm pool of reflection and a gentle hand on the brow, while also placing your own self nurture at the top of your list.



If there is a sign that does not need more astrological Fire it is Leo, but more Fire is precisely what you are getting, more excitement along with unpredictable arrivals and departures. From March 21's Equinox when Sun enters your adventure sign and gathers forces with three other planets there, you are on a wild ride! Then the team of four becomes six at New Moon on April 4. The wildest stage begins now pushed by try anything once Mars delete that questionable idea on April 2, 4 and 7. Even when Sun leaves Aries on April 20, five fiery planets remain stirring your footloose fancy free urges well into May. April is like a tightrope and you the well trained tightrope artiste. These fiery energies are ultimately helpful and expand your life as long as you can stay balanced. Happily, planet Saturn is there for that and making an equally harmonious link with Leo. Balance means that maximum preparation gives well laid plans that work and reward you. Clear communication with a diplomatic touch is Saturn's other gift to be tapped. Your ability to light up a room with your bright vision but still be respectful to others opens doors. Applying your knowledge and people skills in the right way is the key. Remember that tempers around you may be easily frayed on March 28 to 30 and on April 4 when it would be very unwise to take sides. Likewise April 12 and 18 to 19. There are rivalries and rifts around you but you don't have to be part of them. Make it a happy fruitful April by thinking community and kicking out self interest and any exclusive or elitist groups.



Martial Mars has been in your relationship sign all March and partners/others in your life have been pushy to say the least. Yet there has also been excitement. When Lover Venus enters your partner sign, on March 27 and Warrior Mars leaves on April 2, the energy noticeably shifts. Yet March 30 to April 4 could be edgy and it is only after April 5 that you ease into a more fluid time. Enjoy any rest and fun that comes along because things can get intense and demanding again very quickly. Remember this on April 12 and 17 to 20 when Mars high jinks and a Full Moon might push the chaos button. Also your quixotic changeable ruler Mercury is making waves again, this time via its retro cycle from March 31 to April 23. This means it is timely to think more deeply about your financial position and how to invest in the future of your dreams. You will get particularly inspired around April 10 when Mercury and Sun conjoin but it will be mid June before it all comes together. So don't feel you have to do anything about your ideas yet, just record them. That new solar cycle from April 21 will really soothe your soul. Then your Mercury period of learning and discriminating to make the best use of your time and money shifts into forward action mode on April 23. It is mid May when many things become easier, all at once.



If you think that partners and other people have played a dominant role in your life recently, get prepared for even more of it - the real thing, so to speak. Previously you were only in training, now you are in the cycle that will excite, redefine and extend your sense of relationship. A jolt of energy between March 21 and 29 reminds you that life is full of demands. Hiding among these demands are exciting opportunities that you will have a chance to learn more about during the retro period of March 31 to April 23. With April 4's New Moon push-ahead Mars enters the picture, demands on you escalate and outright conflict is possible, even for the most civilized Libran. Forewarned is fore-armed and you can act to avoid this trap. Learn from this and be even more wary around April 18 to 19 when Mars and Saturn lock horns. Try not to be the harsh judgmental one, but to roll with the demands. Most of all be prepared to say No to unfair demands, particularly at April 18's Full Moon in Libra but to be gentle with people. This climax of your year can be a celebration of relationships and commitment, a time to overlook failings in favour of the deeper connections that bind.



Your racy ruler Mars has been in your love sign since late February hooking you into a soft and loving vibe. Now Venus joins in on March 27 urging you to show appreciation for those you love. Beware spoiling a good thing around March 29 or 30 when touchy feelings and reactive tempers are likely. The whole tone of your year changes on April 2 when Mars enters its most martial place, the sign of Aries, staying there until mid May. Now you are driven to succeed and on an inner level are pushing yourself hard. Yet you may be forced to be content with doing all the work behind the scenes and not get the visibility you would like. That loving Venus vibe will take a more generalized, caring and compassionate trend after April 5 when planet Neptune enters the scene. Being generous and giving to those around you will be the perfect balance for the stresses and general hard work of this time. There will perhaps be a few delayed rewards in April and promises that don't quite come through yet much will be learnt. So bide your time and remember that the climax of your year is coming the Scorpio Full Moon approaches in mid May and this is when your energy will peak. It is also when what you have to offer will gain more appreciation and better results. Meanwhile deal with all those little things blocking your progress and don't buy in to any secret agreements around April 18 to 19's Full Moon.



Simply put, this is your time. This is a time to enjoy love, to bond more deeply with children; a time to reignite the creative spark when numerous planets gather in your love zone. To stay a happy Sagi explorer of life is the main task for late March and April. Your part of the zodiac story is to seek wisdom, to extend your questing body and mind to foreign shores, to new ideas, to see the big picture. From April 4's New Moon assisted by the extra lunar and emotional energy that grows now, you are able to clarify your guiding philosophy. Since this is the star that must lead you true, it is worth tapping into the rich seam of wisdom that Mercury's retro cycle will reveal. From March 31 until April 23, you have many opportunities to get clear guidance and your children or a lover can be catalysts. You are one of the lucky signs getting a helping hand from both Jupiter and Saturn as these planet heavy weights pull in opposite directions in late March. Saturn's help always comes with demands - be tireless and consistent in your efforts for the group that supports you, for shared goals and for social responsibility. In this way, Saturn ushers in long term rewards. Meanwhile, your ruling guru, Jupiter just litters your path with potential short term pleasures and expanded love energy in April, particularly April 7 to 16. Don't let March 29 to 30 or April 17 to 19 turn pleasure into a powder keg ditch the pushing or critiques.



The horny one is more than a mere mountain goat; in its traditional symbol the goat has a fish tail, denizen of the deep as well as climber of mountains. This is good to remember in Late March when most things that could test you will test you, likewise at New Moon on April 4. Don your tail and dive beneath what seems to be the issue, to find the essentials there. A bandwagon of Aries planets will push you for more initiative, less hesitation in your home life and with family. Meanwhile your ruler Saturn is voting for more demands and challenges in the workplace, rewards that only come with very hard work. Keeping a balance between home and career is your secret recipe for success. From April 5 to 28, your star is bright. Great clarity about a personal matter comes in stages from April 7 to10. Make notes and look at them later if this is also a heavily demanding work period. Be content with strengthening your career now in subtle ways appropriate to a retro communication cycle. Since martial Mars challenges Pluto in Capricorn on April 12 and goes on to challenge Saturn on April 19, you know that April 12 to 19 will throw challenges your way too ones that can be the making of you via your ability to stay calm, efficient and kind to those in distress. It is the debriefing, re-visioning and identifying of deepest ambitions that can give you real momentum in April. Then you will be well prepared for the extra special openings of May, your creative action phase of the year.



First there are the Equinox aspects that boost your income potential then there is the extra fire and zest in your communication. These are just two of the positive signs for the Water Bearer in these generally challenging times. You are the Can I help? of the zodiac, so there will be no end of escalating demands upon your help as March 29 to April 4 reveals its tricks. Those waters that your symbolic angel pours from the Aquarian pitcher are the waters of humanity, so your zodiac task is a big one and is ruled by serious Saturn. This is where it gets interesting and shows even more potential for April. New Moon with its six planet fiery lineup on April 3 to 4, fires up your desire to talk about what really matters, to engage with others in meaningful ways. A series of energy sharing planetary meetings between April 7 and 12, calls upon your communication skills and opportunities on offer may involve a sibling or neighbor. Serious study, travel with purpose and deepening your worldview are just part of your Saturn arena this year, so don't let mini crises make you lose sight of the bigger story. Likewise interesting offers now best remain just that until at least early May. Only by mid June will you get the whole picture.



Water flows and wears down resistances, even giant mountains blocking its path. It may take time but Water has time on its side. Subjective feeling states, driving the imaginative power of Water types like Pisces, define themselves by depth not time, by quality not quantity. March 21 is Equinox when day and night are equal everywhere and you are engaged in your own balancing act between the public and private Pisces. Having recently emerged from a rare meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, you are designing the new life even if you don't know it yet. This current solar cycle is all about putting down roots, making money, building things of substance. Once six planets boost your material focus at New Moon on April 4, there is no stopping you things will happen, life will speed up. Do take note of odd events that cross your path and stay aware of the currents running through your life, since change is also the order of the day in April. Read the meaning in the subtle suggestions of life. Then you will be better prepared for the surprises and opportunities of this time. The fire of your financial drive and material needs are leading you forward. April 7 to 16 holds a special door wide open. You find the line of least resistance when at peace with yourself via sincere and honest communication with those around you.


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Theme One...FAMILY
The Moving Finger writes; and having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit, Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line (Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, LI)

Class One March 17: Family as the Threads of Destiny
Traditionally known as where we begin and end, the fourth house of home and family shows us the beginning of our own family story, that which is written by the stars . Using your own chart and that of a family member you will be guided to read the story hidden there. Which planets are the leading actors and where does the action go? What is the inner script? Astrology always has surprises in store.

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