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Christines' Planetary Currents


Apr 20th to May 21st, 2011


Moon conjoins Sun and a new lunar cycle begins
Earthy energies take centre stage as Sun and Moon embrace, yet five planets including Venus lead the way in fiery Aries. Sensual pleasures and simple joys of life are often best taken slowly but this might not be the day!


Soulful times are here again and this time Lover Venus holds sway in her happy place of Taurus. At last an earthy slow pace and attention to the small and satisfying aspects of daily life has a chance to happen. Don t let the intensity of this emotional Full Moon stop you from giving peace a chance.


Earthier times with a more grounded and gentle pace are coming but it may not actually feel that way until New Moon in Taurus. With the birth of your new lunar year on May 3, your heart opens and when Venus enters tender Taurus on May 16, you come into your groove. Between now and May 23, make acts of kindness an ordinary part of each day, if you want to get the best of this phase. There are moral issues circling around you as well as the heart opening energy, so make your choices carefully. May 11, 12 and 16 will test you for the courage of your convictions, May 17 brings a fateful Full Moon and on May 20 to 21 you will have to speak up. Since Venus, Mars and Mercury all meet up in Taurus from May 16 to 23 earthy good fortune is the theme. Whether it's good loving, good lifestyle or general contentment with your roles, potential is released now. Remember this in the last ten days of April if everything seems too confusing or you just can't commit. Mid May will help you weave together the many strands of your life that may seem all disconnected in April; hold to that vision.



Fire rises, things rush ahead and sometimes it feels like you are under the control of a wild energy that just keeps adding more things to your list. This is the reality of late April as five planets in Aries keep expanding your social life while demanding more in your working life. Something must give, so don't let it be your nerves. With unpredictable partners/meetings on April 23 and relationship reality tests on April 27 and May 1, beware dumping your tension on someone you love. It will be fine if you say 'Yes' only to high priority work and really fun social agendas but beware the Gemini trap of too many irons in the fire. You will only get burnt that way. May begins to feel like a good fit once May 12 rolls around with private times and cosy couplings particularly pleasant for a few days. Do beware over-reacting at Full Moon on May 17. In any case, May 12 to 21 is a prime time for quietly developing a good biz idea that has been circling around the edges of your over used brain. Once vitality is restored by less distractions, it falls into place by May 20 and the right people will appear.



May is a perfect month to recover and regroup, to revisit the pleasure of nesting, of tender moments that touch your heart and good friendships. This however only begins to look possible after May 3's New Moon because April 23 to May 1 is like a roller coaster that refuse to stop. With five planets firing up your career zone, you are reinventing yourself in April and only get a clear view of where you are actually going after April 23, like that distant view you get at the top of the roller coaster Then Taurus New Moon of May 3 arrives and your enterprising energy can be better directed. Don't assume that anything is fixed before then because it could unfix itself in the blink of an eye. Beautify your home or your room, when it all feels too much and don't be afraid to use the time honoured Cancer method of hiding in your cave if people's demands escalate. That way there will be enough energy to cover your personal needs as well. The periods that more easily help you achieve a balance of work and emotional bonding are May 11, 16 and 20 to 23.



Bring on the next adventure says Leo as five fiery planets blast a path through your resistances not that you have much resistance to fun. The catch is a new solar cycle emphasizing brilliant career has now begun a touch of guilt could partially spoil your fun. The answer is to merge work and pleasure, to be your best by doing everything whole heartedly. The real work will step up a notch mid May and you will be in demand with that attitude. An extension of the magnetic pull you have had through March and April continues into May with May 1 to 12 extra-ordinary confidence boosters. Don't push this too far on May 17. A Full Moon in Scorpio opposite a stoic Taurus Sun marks a time when restrained passion and internalized strength bring you the real results. That will make your mind perceptive and steady your heart. Then you will be ready for the rush of opportunity from May 20.



It is easy to fall into patterns to get things done efficiently for a card carrying Virgo but it is oh so good to break out of a pattern and change the rules occasionally - to get juicy again. Dancing to the tune of Mercury, the most elastic of planetary forces, Virgo needs occasional renewal. To be less weighed down by the tasks of life and reclaim some freedom is on your agenda for May. Yet some challenging emotional currents may try to swamp you in late April, so have back-up plans. Navigate financial concerns with patience and refuse to rush any details, or you will miss the hidden trap. April 23 sees you emerge from a long reappraisal and by May 20 all your planning pays off. Mars energy meets quick thinking Mercury to propel you on that grand adventure. Earth energies focus now with Lover Venus in charge and in her strength from May 16 to mid June. You only need plant your seed plans well and let the good soil of this time do its work.



Being Libran and ruled by Lover Venus, has always come with its challenges just how do you get that right balance? Yet maintaining a balance between different personalities, who may have hostile points of view, can leave you exhausted. Particularly in late April when any differences of opinion are bound to get stirred up by a series of challenges that planet Venus undergoes. There is April 23 with its wild unpredictability, when crazy people are best avoided then there is April 27 and May 1, which bring power struggles and harsh realities to the surface. Some problems are best left to work themselves out and it's easier on your nerves. With Saturn in Libra driving you, pushing yourself too hard is actually counterproductive. As you know, it's all about balance. Saturn's presence suggests don't promise it unless you are sure you want to do it, because broken promises go down very badly and will come back to haunt you. Likewise with work don't let money concerns deplete your energy. Once Saturn goes into direct motion in mid June, many projects begin to fast track, so prepare now. May 12 to 22 brings some uplifting and practical help your way.



Ever able to search beneath the surface for the real story, is a Scorpio gift but sometimes it is better not to probe. If you probe or push on April 23 or 27 or on May 17, you might not like the results! Having said that, this is a special time for you, a powerful bright of the Moon week, from May 10 to 17 provides an exhilarating build up to the Scorpio Full Moon. With the additional energy of Mars, then Venus entering your partner sign of Taurus, it is a bonding, caring time of togetherness with partners and friends. This feels even better if you slow down the pace of daily life, by sticking to priorities during this week. There is a definite energy trajectory in May. May 1 shows you what you want to do but not necessarily how, after May 3's New Moon tensions ease and direction becomes clear. Vitality picks up pace dramatically after May 11, bringing a strong emphasis on relationships on May 16 to 17. This year's Scorpio Full Moon is quite a sensitive time and it makes it clear that nothing can be achieved without gentle communication and you tolerating other people's resistances.



Sagittarius has an excitable nature yet is basically the most laid-back of the three Fire signs. Where you can become pushy is when you have an opinion on something that other people don't particularly want to hear. You enjoy being a mediator who helps more narrow-focus types to see the bigger picture. It may be that this role is on offer on April 23, 27 or May 1. If so, be wary because the balance could easily tip if you are too freely expressive of your personal opinions stormy moods and power plays are never far away on those days. Once you move into a new lunar cycle with May 3's New Moon it will be all about getting unfinished details in order or that spring-cleaning underway. Certain tasks can be ignored no longer. The bright of the Moon week from May 11 to 17 has great potential for achieving practical goals and by Full Moon on May 17 you should be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. May helps you move good ideas on to the action phase and Jupiter's continued journey through your love and creativity sign gives you an extra edge, attracting support.



A plan that you first started developing in late February, then revisited around April 20, will be ready to go into action phase on May 21. This developmental timeline may, on the other hand, apply to someone who is family and close to you. Either way a shift is coming that will profoundly affect you as well. In the meantime, there are two imperatives, first stay non-judgmental if others behave badly on April 23, 27 or May 1. Secondly, make the most of the earthy loving energies that pick up speed after May 3's New Moon. Your love sign is in focus and May 12 to 21 is particularly rewarding. Financial matters also benefit from this trend and anything that involves making good connections with others will be well supported. With May 16 to 17's Full Moon work and career plans dominate your attention and it is important to double check all agreements or documents for an overlooked error or built in problem not immediately obvious. Be alert so that you are not the one who passes on false information. From this potent Full Moon through to May 21, intimate parties can be a great success and your charm leads the way.



Ever ready to extend the hand of help to fellow humans is the Aquarian way, yet said fellow humans can be a tad annoying in late April. Beware saying 'Yes' to an out of the blue request or offer that comes on April 23. Give it a couple of days of consideration and you may find it was all smoke and mirrors anyway. April 27 and May 1 are not the days to revisit an old grievance or dig up an old issue, unless you want to see the worst side of human nature. With May 3's New Moon home and family comes into top priority and deserves your attention. Even if your timetable is full, make space for cosy catch-ups with those you love. This will settle your mind, soothe your nerves and make you more productive. Much can be achieved between May 12 and 21 and a home-based project is timely now. Just remember to give peace a chance at Full Moon on May 17 even if someone close is being ridiculously stubborn or resistant to your ideas. After May 21 things will change and a fruitful time follows.



That Pisces flow of yours is more like a torrent of get up and go activity right now. With a bevy of planets in your practical action zone, you are attending to business or to pleasure, with great zest for life. The last three weeks have been a recap time with something or someone from the past featuring for a review. Now it feels like time to act on ideas that have been circling around and the line of least resistance is your best guide. If it's not exciting or stimulating, it's probably not worth doing right now. April 27 and May 1 are times to dance lightly past any controlling or difficult people, then May 3 begins a new cycle as New Moon seeds your psyche with happy sociable urges. This is also the lunation that supports any communication related project, so wait no longer. May 11 to 21 rewards disciplined efforts and is also an excellent time to discuss an idea that has been taking shape. People will be receptive and new plans unfold easily. With Neptune now in Pisces, your deeper vision of potentials for your life, is easily accessed listen to your intuition or regret it.



It may be Taurus time but there are still a host of planets in Aries including your leap before looking ruler, Mars. Since Mars and Saturn are locking horns you need to watch your step, move with care. To make things even more volatile, Lover Venus will align with the destabilising disruptive influence of Uranus in Aries on April 23, then go on to reveal power struggles on April 27. The tricky combination of a reality wakeup and a shot of enterprising zeal arrives on May 1. This means notice the big Stop sign if your reactive side or hurtful words get sparked. The upside is that this time supports creative relationships that are formed to reach common goals and to generate income! It may feel as if events or people are making things hard for you but this will pass and a pleasurable time kicks in with Taurus New Moon on May 3. A more gentle Mars cycle begins on May 11 then May 12 prompts you to initiate an idea that has been taking shape for about eight months. In fact May 12 to 23 offers you a prime opportunity to get creative, complete unfinished biz and generally rebuild financial strength.


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