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Christines' Planetary Currents


May 22nd to Jun 22nd, 2011


JUNE 2 NEW MOON in GEMINI...We begin a new lunar cycle with a partial solar eclipse.

An earthy backdrop to a Gemini new start means the pace will be gentle and practical plans unfold easily. The multi tasking Gemini energy picks up a sweeter note around June 13 and a fast talking playful Venus/Uranus link brings happy socialising. Time to mix with like minded others and match wits with opposing ideas.

JUNE 16 FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS...Total lunar eclipse at 6:14 Australian Eastern Time (June 15, 20:14 UT). This eclipse is visible pre-dawn in most of Australia.

Moon waxes to full and gravitational, magnetic and atmospheric effects are maximised. Get soulful with this Sagittarius Moon by considering your place in the Unity of being. It won t stop you juggling life s shifts and changes - it will just make it better. This is a celebration Moon with a serious Venus/Saturn undertone that highlights caring commitment.


To be born in the sign of the Twins is the best way to be right now as your new solar cycle begins. Bring on the expanded social life this time promises! Yet May 22 starts with a challenge that could confuse even you. Late May still has a dominance of earthy energy, which keeps you locked away getting things done but a social pick me up is on the way. By May 25 you get the full picture of some changes to come and excitement starts to build as friends and allies pick up your spirits. It is Gemini New Moon on June 2 when Moon and Sun conjoin in the sacred marriage that really signals the changes...Your New Moon is also a solar eclipse and the Lights have a helpful link with serious Saturn. This means big things are afoot and an old stuck partnership pattern can be left behind, virtually eclipsed. Eclipses in your sign only occur every 9 years, so aim to see this as a golden opportunity for progress and it becomes a happy cooperation with fate. From June 10 Venus is in Gemini as well and it will just be natural to sweeten daily life with kind and loving words. June 13 signals happy changes but June 14 to 15 faces you with some serious questions, a challenge to express what feels like right action. Just allow June16's Full Moon in your opposite sign to reveal your soulful side then the next five days will continue to open your heart. Beware being hurtful, just because you are hurting, on June 19 or 20. Follow the exciting flow of this month and a new sense of commitment to life emerges.



Crab-like you move sideways towards your desires, covering your back and keeping a wary eye on the ultimate goal. This self protective side of Cancer gives that canny sense of when to show your hand, when to stay and when to go. Yet the Crab's claws do not release things easily so you sometimes stay in a difficult situation much longer than your instincts say you should. Mars meets Venus on May 23 and you know you have help. Once Moon meets Venus in Taurus on May 30-31, you have a chance to experience the sheer magic of friendship, of shared projects. Let this charge up your faith and hope to keep you nourished until a clear path ahead appears. With a solar eclipse evoking very big dreams on June 2 and a climactic lunar eclipse at Full Moon on June 16, this is no ordinary month - the path that appears will surprise you. Some free time and a private space to contemplate and retreat would be a great gift in the first week of June. Even a contemplative morning walk to start your busy days will help you tune in to the important rebirth energy of this month. Emotions are challenged on June 19-20, 22, change is moving rapidly and you need only go with the flow.



Warm hearted and passionate Leo has been driven to express that passion in adventurous ways in 2011. Now May brings a new solar cycle that encourages more social activities, reconnecting with friends and colleagues. Yet May 23 to 31 has important earthy alignments that continue to activate the new serious thrust of work and responsibilities that accelerated in early May. It makes late May a good time to prepare for an even busier schedule ahead. First there is a New Moon on June 2 which focuses your plans then June 5 to 8 pushes you into overdrive. Also in early June, your entire year ahead gets a blast off command as Jupiter begins a year-long expansion of your career options. Unexpected openings or new commitments are likely to be part of the deal and you may get some first glimpses of this around June 16's Full Moon. Yet rushing into things is not wise, around mid June you may question your choices, or the people involved. Since June 19 to 20 continues that questioning process, it is best to allow the coming inspirations of June 23 to 27 to show you the way to proceed.



Feeling extra sensitive lately? Maybe that overworked nervous system of yours is letting you know a break is in order. Yet a new solar cycle is throwing lots of emphasis on your career and your strategies are falling into place. If you make the most of a Venus/Mars pairing from May 23 to 25, you will see the big picture more clearly and be able to tweak travel or study plans. May 30 to 31 has a magical Moon/Venus link that helps you understand the exciting implications of the changes in your life. Since your receptivity is also heightened in June, aim to have some time out in the black of the Moon on June 1 and 2. Since June 2's New Moon is potentially inspiring and allows you to consider what belonging means, it is a chance to embrace a wider sense of family. It is also karmic and helps you eclipse old childish definitions about security and move ahead. Challenges on June 3, 10, 14 and 15 are likely to mean that too many demands on you just jangle your nerves or confuse you. Rather than getting critical get clever and find a way to re-negotiate your schedule. Scale down where possible and that will allow the pleasant surprises around June 16 to 18 to be fully enjoyed. This will give you an edge and help you appreciate the strength of those loving bonds around you.



The smart and savvy Libran is usually street wise but not always realistic. Your Achilles heel of course is relationships and it can get really hard for you to see the real person behind all those rules in your head. Never slanted in your favour of course! Having said that, you are naturally fair- minded and can keep your cool when others lose it. One catch is that it would be easy to let money matters deplete your positivity in early June. This is not a good idea because the best opportunities come when your energy is positively aligned. The new solar cycle will show some of its best from June 5 to 10 when real friends emerge and great ideas can be a genuine shared experience. This Gemini cycle is also beaming your fair-minded skills to centre stage. These gifts will be called upon June 3, 10, 14-15 and 19-20 when events around you can cause agitation but you can stay cool. Let this further charge up your positivity so that the Full Moon magic of June 16 to 18 can remind you that the long transit of Saturn through Libra is teaching you the wisdom of experience and happily enriching your relationship skills in the process.



Being the Scorpion of the zodiac is a hard rap. It is also a high standard to live up to that fixed telescopic insight that Scorpio brings to the table so to speak. People born with the sign, ruled by Mars and Pluto, are not light- weights nor meant to be. Passion and purpose goes with this sign, and this solar month through to late June gives you many outlets for that. Late May is testing at times yet an almost mystical link can be made with someone or somewhere special between May 30 and 3, when Moon and Venus join in your partner sign. On June 5 your relationships reach out to you and more bovine style bliss is in store...for a whole year. Jupiter is in transit opposite your sign and Jupiter's role's is to ignite all hearts with an optimistic expansive acceptance. It's a good theory but your keen sense of value makes you judge and measure everyone you meet. This includes your nearest and dearest, so if you are not passionately on their side you could be somewhere else entirely. The special people in your life are in the spotlight as you appraise the past events of mid May. Just be careful not to spoil long term trust on June 12, 19-20 or 28 with your touchiness. When emotions run high, you could be a little obsessive...or a lot.



Since giant Jupiter, king of the gods begins a year-long cycle that challenges you in many ways, it is time to prepare. That easy eternal youth side of Sagittarius is not so easy now. It is the Oops factor at work - that Sagittarius klutz and the burning insights that Archers send as fiery arrows into their world. The symbols speak loudly for the half horse half human Sagittarian, rising off the page to spell Dreamer'. This is an important role to embrace, despite the obvious walls the Sagittarian hits when you speak your truth. People don't like an arrow between their eyes funnily enough and some dreams are best kept private, to ripen. Since May 22 to 29 has tricky times that could misguide you, beware jumping to conclusions then. Instead prepare for June 16 and 17 as a wonderful opportunity to realign your life with your heartfelt direction. A luminous Full Moon in Sagittarius will also be eclipsed, providing a rare chance to reflect on your life. This is wish upon a star time, when embracing the mystery is the only way to go. You may first get exhausted by the mental gymnastics of June 3 to 15 but that just prepares you for a lunar eclipse that can help you realise a long held dream. With Venus adding a loving vibe from June 11 to 21 it's a month made for connecting.



Get ready to meet more of yourself. Saturn is Guide for the Goat and moving through Libra, it means diplomacy and mediation work a whole lot better than any isolating judgements. May 21's new solar cycle supports the new social skills that Saturn is helping you develop. Once Saturn moves into direct motion on June 13, your world is about to change. The speed of progress will pick up but so will the consequences of career and life role decisions you have made in the last two years. If you were not seeing the writing on the wall before, now you will. Please take special note of what you learn on June 19 and 20 because it can guide you when your strength of character is tested in late June, early July. The Goat is the child of Saturn, so you must climb that mountain. You have determination and the power to manifest goals, yet sometimes it is easier to stay in a rut. Being aware of the wonder and mystery of life is symbolized by the Sea Goat and that greatly helps you now as an extra creative Jupiter year begins. Since Mars is in your love and creativity sign you are hot to trot, to move on with speed, yet the picture includes June 19-20, when the only thing that matches your impatience is the obstacles to your desires. Stay cool and watch your plans unfold as they will.



The new solar cycle starting May 21 is nicely designed for you. Many good returns will come from your efforts now but that does not mean it will be all easy. Results are likely to be fruitful yet so many planets are stirring up your home and family time that time itself might seem hard to find in late May and early June. A year-long emphasis on expanding your personal domain in some way or in many ways begins on June 5. Yet that lovely expressly designed solar cycle is boosting your powers of creative expression and paving the way for a productive June, particularly June 5 to 8 and 13 to 17. Just remember to remember your body and not live in your head, then you won't overdo a good thing! Good contacts are passing your way thanks to the karmic Moon's Node but you don't necessarily have time or energy for all of them. Enough relaxation at home or with close people is what is needed to keep that big Aquarius brain from getting nervous exhaustion. In other words, your vitality will improve greatly if you get enough time off the social grid. Even the oh-so-busy Aquarius needs a break and Venus in your love sign from June 10 to early July, is helping you get it..



Neptune continues to reveal more of all things Piscean and the dream world of symbols and meanings is showing itself to be just as important as daily life demands. Let yourself be deepened by this once in a lifetime transit of Neptune and you won't regret it. Yet there is no rush since Neptune will be opening deeper experiences for Pisces for twelve more years to come. Things like intuition, imagination and inspiration will become intimate friends over the next dozen years, for everyone at different times. You will get the first hint of what you will learn and discover over this extended time, during the helpful Jupiter/Neptune links around June 9. Commit to using a journal to capture the ideas and visions stirred then - it will more easily take practical form in your life and boost your sensate sensual awareness of life. June 5 to 9, 13 and 17 to 19 are key times. It is possible that a fateful Full Moon period from June 14 to 16 will remind you why family and career are both needed to keep you a happy flowing fishy being. A sensual renewal is on the way.



Mighty Mars is in earthy Taurus and as a new speedy solar cycle begins to emphasise communication and serious multi-tasking, there is still a part of you that just wants to kick back, bake some bread or attack the garden. With the Lover and Warrior planets plus mental Mercury voting for sensate pleasures and a slow pace of life, late May is a little confusing. Yet your love energy, artistic inclinations and ability to be a money magnet, all benefit from this slower pace. June steps up to a speed you prefer and from June 2 the kind of mental challenges you love come thick and fast. This potent New Moon is also a solar eclipse which offers a chance to let go of that edgy restlessness that can mar the efficiency of the Ram. Don't feel obliged to share critical words and do remember to acknowledge helpful friends, then this Gemini period can be a dream coming true time. June 16's Full Moon feels fateful as well and your quest for knowledge and adventure get a helping hand between June 16 and 18. Emotional tests of June 19 and 20 allow you to hold onto your individual perspective but also see the other person's point of view. If you are faced with an unavoidable demand on your time, do it with good grace. Learning greater acceptance now will help you in later June and early July.



Only once a year do Moon and Venus meet up in Taurus and this special day is May 30, when love and beauty can be deeply appreciated. Since generous Jupiter is also on the way to Taurus and arrives June 5 to stay for a year, the heart of the gentle Bull is ready to open wide, embracing more of life. Also paving the way in late May, Venus meets Mars and Mercury as they all transit your sign - on the one hand soothing Venus and on the other exciting and agitating Mars, are unusual bed-mates. This means you are not sure whether to be assertive or stubborn and could be mixing the two. This is not a good idea, better to let Venus rule and just appreciate the simple joys of life. This attitude adds earthy good fortune, which goes onto a bigger stage when Jupiter arrives on June 5. Many doors will open between now and June 2012 as Jupiter the Greater Fortune helps you shine. Just remember not to spoil a good thing through an excess of fixity on June 10, 12 or 22. When a Full Moon illuminates some of your money issues on June 15 and 16 don't over-think the situation. Instead use this time to learn more about yourself and to hold back on reacting. Now you get in touch with that level of your personal power that doesn't need to prove anything.


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