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Aug 23rd to Oct 23rd, 2011


AUGUST 29...New Moon in Virgo
New Moon in Virgo begins the most productive two weeks of a productive month. It is time to find a sense of purpose in the simple earthy rituals of everyday life, to put heart into work and plant seeds of intention for practical goals.

SEPTEMBER 12...Full Moon in Pisces
With Full Moon in Pisces we revisit the potential of the June Solstice day which also had a Pisces Moon backed up by Cancer planets. Full Moon is harmoniously linked to Mars in Cancer so we have no trouble fighting for something we love and for the security of home. Celebrate the deeper levels of love that can even embrace complete strangers and Gaea herself.

SEPTEMBER 27 Aus. time, SEPTEMBER 28 NZ time ..New Moon in Libra
New Moon is a powerful channel for Fire and Air energies, with the planet of surprises opposite a big gang of Libra planets, including Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. This suggests a serendipity month, focused on relationships but always surprising us. Beware burnout - do get sufficient rest to keep up with the socializing and creative projects of the time.

OCTOBER 12 ..Full Moon in Aries
Now the fiery potential of October reaches its maximum, made especially strong by Mars in fiery Leo supporting that gung ho Full Moon. The karmic Moon s Node fills the other fiery sign of Sagittarius, making a big pattern of excitement and spontaneous joy in action. Yet the Aries Moon is challenged by serious Saturn as well, so plans must still be made and commitments honoured, obligations kept. Then when the spontaneous thrills come along, they can be truly enjoyed.

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Happy Birthday Virgo - A New Moon is on the way and it's yours! And what a lunation it is on August 29, with both expansive lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto supporting that Sun/Moon alignment. You won't see the first slim crescent Moon until August 31 but the whole week from August 26 to September 3 is a special time. Venus, planet of love hugs the Virgo Sun and your loved ones are especially important to you. This is a time you can work little miracles on their behalf. Your guru planet Mercury has been retro for 3 weeks but from now it is full steam ahead. Once Mercury returns to Virgo on September 11 you are really cooking and compromise won't be part of your vocabulary! A power-house Full Moon on September 12 adds to that, helping you acieve and prove your worth right up to September 15. Yet these are also generally challenging times for all. Since fellowship and good connections with others, is vital to you, it is best to tread warily on September 12, 17, 19 and 26 to 29. People react emotionally in that latter period and diplomatic communication is the key. You will reap the rewards of that restraint by building greater trust and respect in your work and friendship groups. October has a strong money making theme, particularly October 5 to 12 but only a conservative well researched approach actually works. Beware over-reaching yourself from October 15 to 18.



Partnership and trust are ongoing Libran goals practical tasks dominate in late August, particularly on August 25. Yet this is a day to be kinder to yourself and realise you probably are over-reacting to issues around work. Soon you will have extra, primal power, blessed by Venus in her home sign, so don't exhaust yourself now. Family drama is probably an ongoing theme and on some level, home life is transforming you and just how becomes clearer after September 17. Remember to trust in the hidden treasures Pluto ultimately reveals. From mid September you are in your element with your leading lady planet Venus, in Libra as well. However from September 17 to 19 she engages you with the general stress of our time and you would be well advised to take nothing personally, if family or partners seem particularly negative. Avoid expressing opinions then as it's a little like walking in a minefield! Again from September 26 to 29 a Libra Sun engages with the same stress factors and the same advice applies. Yet, New Moon in Libra begins your new lunar year on September 27 and the sense of a big birthday month really starts to grow. As long as you get the balancing act right, you will come into your strength from September 31 to October 5. Venus moves into your money sign on October 8. Some inspiring money making ideas emerge, between then, and October 24. Yet, your sense that you must be conservative and work for long term goals is reinforced on October 7 and 14. That needs to be your guiding principle with serious plan-ahead Saturn still in your sign. Hard work now reaps rewards later.



Cultivate gratitude for the good things of life in this harvest period of late August, September. You will see that love and support are in your life, when you pay attention, even though a lot of responsibilities are also on your shoulders. Sun's entry into Scorpio comes in late October, but meanwhile the earthy Virgo energies help you in many ways. A powerful organic connection can be made, particularly once lunar energy grows from August 29 to September 12. Your passion is a big part of who you are and practical engagement with your social goals, your groups and friends, are all going to bring up your passion for life right now. The earthy rhythmic pace begins to work its magic from August 26 to September 3 but what best soothes your soul is September 11 to 15 which includes a Full Moon in your love sign on September 12. When planet Pluto shifts into direct motion on September 17, the work you have been doing in any communication or learning area starts to come into a more powerful phase. Yet September 17 to 19 and 26 to 29 have general challenges that hold many things back, so September 30 to October 8 is when you notice the difference. From October 8 Venus is in Scorpio, helping you respond to the people you love who need your attention and support. Someone will likely surprise you with their achievements in late October, so be a little less fixed and withdrawn when others angle for praise. October 3, 15 and 18 are special days to be forgiving and giving.



Sunny Sagittarius can get a little cloudy when the demand of boring or repetitious work steps up intensity, yet this is exactly what can happen in the Virgo period. In general this time through until September 22 demands a lot of you and is an opportunity to make the most of your leading planet Jupiter, also being in an earthy sign. This means find more organic ways of doing things; rejuvenate your health and energy levels with gentle exercise and lighter more simple foods. Specific challenges occur August 25, September 7 and 19 and these may be to do with events occurring in the life of those around you. Your response is going to be well received if it has no judgement or advice attached and this is also true for the emotional Full Moon on September 12. With September 24 to 29 you are more in your element yet background stress could also accelerate from September 26. If you aim to be a gentle mediator, insights will flow readily after September 29 and October 12's Full Moon brings loving relationships into full focus. With your friendship sign up and jumping, October is the month for reconnecting with old friends and remembering what fun it is to do things with like-minded people.



A purpose designed sunsign period is this Virgo time from August 23 to September 22. Once Communication Guru Mercury goes into direct motion on August 27 then a New Moon pushes things along on August 29, you will have a sense of how practical that purpose is. This like-minded Earth sign means you are in your element, particularly while fortunate Venus is there too until September 15. In addition, when Mercury returns to earthy Virgo from September 9 to 25, there are deals to be done and plans to unfold. There is really no stop to your progress, yet we live in challenging times and September 17, 19 and 26 to 29, reminds you of that. October has more complex relationship dynamics, as well as a chance to review your career. Some of the best ideas come October 5 to 12 and a Sun/Saturn alignment on October 14 could deliver a fully fledged plan. Change is in the air, regarding family and home base, so keep an open mind. Jupiter has been opening doors of love and boosting creative energy since June and has also made a link with Pluto in Capricorn, which can bring abundant material rewards. Issues of personal power and of what has power over you have been bouncing around thanks to Pluto and not always easy issues. Late October will bring Jupiter's good fortune to link with Pluto again and the high possibilities of early July will be back on the table. Tune in for more details next time!



While August 23 might have challenged your hopes and expectations, you make a quick recovery but many around you are stressed in late August and early September. Don't let your desire to help and to fix things push you into an error of judgement around September 9 or at September 12's Full Moon. Life becomes easier to navigate and more pleasant to interact, after Venus begins to channel sweet and easy vibes and to incite your more adventurous ideas from September 15 to October 9. This makes this time ideal for a getaway with someone you love. September 30 through to a fiery Full Moon on October 12 provides the perfect mental stimulation to finish off the development phase of a good idea that has been taking shape for months. With Venus in your career sign from early October, you benefit from listening to your gut instincts about other people and also about potential problems. Don't over-rationalise such things, just pay attention. Your first insights into people will tend to be correct and the unpredictable shifts of October 3, 15 and 18 can all be more easily navigated this way. If a family or home issue pushes you to the edge of your patience, take a deep breath and realize that even if your plans are being delayed by an external factor, you can only address this in small ways for now. Wait patiently for the time to change and just go for high quality in your relationships. You won't regret it.



Your own Full Moon approaches on September 12. By then you will be past the delays and annoying back-tracking of people around you that has featured in August. Whether it is cancellations or just mistakes, the Mercury retro period begins to ease off with August 29's New Moon. Now it is roll ahead time and more support comes your way. You are really back on track by September 11, ready to enjoy a special Pisces Full Moon on September 12. This climax point of your lunar year is a time to reflect on what really matters to you. Are there some groups or people in your life that you have grown beyond? Your past efforts are highlighted now, particularly by your ruling planet Jupiter, boosting contemplative mode. If someone has a problem with you, it will emerge around September 17 to 19. Yet this solar cycle energises your relationships until September 23, opening the door of possibility for a new beginning in business or love. It has been a progressive year for you since June but coupled with some challenging times. October is such a month with potential to bring positive changes in your financial status but also to press your buttons on October 3, 15 and 18. Embrace the potential with the help of Venus in your adventure sign from October 8. The memorable highs of October 8 to October 12's Full Moon will increase your incomings as well as the delight factor.



A sense of creativity and fun may have faded to a dim memory in recent weeks but the shift is nearly there. With a change of pace on August 27 then a New Moon on August 29, a new look you is coming soon! First part of new look is getting on with those little tasks, which turn out to not be as frustrating, as you expected. In fact after September 11 you will be a dynamo and September 15 to 19 helps you top up your fire and eloquence. Of course hard realities of life and numerous tasks continue into September, October but you are different in your approach. Acknowledging each small achievement helps you get there and eases you through the challenges of September 17, 19 and 26 to 29. In each period, be diplomatic about other people's demands on you but speak up for a fair and just resolution of any situation arising, particularly if it involves an authority or bureaucracy. Your best action times to reinstate that old creative rush are, September 3 to 9, 13 to 16, 23 to 25. In October, the buildup to an Aries Full Moon from October 1 to 12 is made for you, as long as you are the soul of restraint on October 3. A commitment or presentation will probably be asked of you around October 7- 8 and it deserves your best efforts. The sheer heat you generate when on a roll comes with more unpredictability with Uranus, the lightning flash of awareness, in Aries since mid March, remaining for seven years! Your happiness depends upon you balancing commitment to your prime relationships with the exciting new paths you are walking and Aries Full Moon makes October 11 to 14 an illuminating time.



With Jupiter in Taurus for a year, there is a once in 12 year opportunity to grasp. There are frequently practical and financial obstacles to your biggest ideas but that is no reason to abandon them. Instead chip away at the problems and see where it takes you. Now that a compatible Earth sign holds sway until September 23, there is an extra opportunity to be had. This is particularly true with your leading light Venus in Virgo next to the Sun, since August 22. This is a time when the fertile soil can yield a harvest, so make sure your positivity and proactive attitude create that soil'. Love and understanding both help and you will find that plenty of people around will happily reach out to you if you let them. Sometimes that Taurean reserve can get in the way, don't let that happen now. Your house of love is bouncing with planets right now and your social life grows. Since Jupiter goes retro from August 30 to December 25, it is your time to do all the behind the scenes work to consolidate relationships, to find your feet in any new area of work and buil;d substance in your life via regular health habits. This helps to offset the expanding waistline side of Jupiter in Taurus! The good timing continues into October and when Lover Venus enters your partner sign on October 9, followed by Mercury on October 13, feelings expand, along with your ability to express them. There are tests of course and the dates to be cautious and not take things personally are October 3, 15 and 18, particularly in regard to home and family matters.



You are in a karmic year with the Moon's South Node, known as the Dragon's Tail in Vedic astrology, moving through Gemini. This Node is linked to eclipses, which is why your New Moon in June was an eclipse, as will your Full Moon in December be a lunar eclipse. In this karmic year you reap the rewards of past efforts and also have a chance to change some old habits whose time has passed. Late August is a perfect re-assessment point on that journey. Your ruler', planet Mercury has been in a go slow cycle and on August 27 it moves ahead. Now any matters to do with home and family that have been on hold will move ahead, especially after September 11. Some tasks you undertook in August will simply have to be repeated and August 29's New Moon helps you do this with grace and charm. Soon your speedy style returns, gaining an extra boost from the Libra period that begins September 23. In some way your interests change during 2011 and September 11 to 27 is a critical change point. By paying attention to building your material security and honouring family bonds, you create a path that will lead you through the occasional stresses of mid and late September. Sweet occasions are sure to figure with Venus in your love zone from September 15 to October 9. On September 29 to 30 an illuminating perspective changes your outlook and October 14 is a time to make a commitment to that. Since October highlights love and creativity, factor in enough sweet connections and time out to enjoy that.



Naturally self protective but also protective of those you love, having power issues with partners or close friends is not very comfortable. Yet August 25, September 17 to 19 and 26 to 29 could bring up old issues, family patterns or challenging events that force you to stand strong. Mars, the warrior planet is in Cancer until September 19, so you have a helping hand. Don't be tempted to use emotional manipulation at these sensitive times, or it will rebound on you. Address core issues, even if by the Crab strategy of coming at them sideways! Remember, an open approach will reduce your tendency to worry later. The intuitive edge you gain from September 12's Full Moon and these timely challenges will help you claim the positive energy of the change planet in your career zone. New Moon of September 27 hooks into a polarity for you - perhaps between playing it safe by staying put or jumping into a new role. If so, listen to your instincts and follow that which makes you feel most alive. October 8 to 12 highlights love and inspiration so it is a wonderful time to reach out to others and to drag out that creative idea you have hidden away. October 12's Full Moon illuminates your career zone so your best path of action will be abundantly clear. Now it is the line of least resistance to follow your goals.



With every sunrise Leo is born anew, such is the Sun's own sign. Yet you may doubt this mystical truth when the stresses of life and pleasant distractions claim you instead. Introspection has probably featured lately, with Communication planet Mercury in retrograde motion through Leo. This means looking back rather than ahead or of being influenced by a retrospective view of things. That pear-shaped three weeks ends on August 27 and any delays or confusions that have accompanied it, begin to be sorted. Secret doors into your past have been opened and this is often a boost to creativity. Yet with August 29's New Moon it is down to business and the minutiae of life rears up to be addressed. Be prepared to confront hard reality re expenses from September 7 to 9 then you can better enjoy the fun adventures to be had when a strong Venus activates a bigger social life for the Lion. This Venus period from September 15 to October 7, gives daily activities more buzz and wakes you up to the joy of learning or meeting new people. There is a catch and September 17, 19 and 26 to 29 demonstrate this, via generalised stress that may reduce your pleasure. However, you are energised by Mars and in demand, more so in October during the bright of the Moon week from October 5 to 12's Full Moon. Adventures and travel are on the wish list. Meanwhile someone with close ties to you is inspiring and a Jupiter dance with Pluto approaches for late October, promising new vocational delights - more on that next time.



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