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Christines' Planetary Currents


Oct 24th to Nov 22nd, 2011


New Moon in Scorpio offers a special connection between Water and Fire elements bringing talents and creative solutions to the fore. Then October 29 repeats a helpful Jupiter/Pluto link that began in July 2011 and goes through until mid March 2012. Networks really matter now and it is helpful to look back to July for clues as to what should be nurtured long term.

Full Moon in Taurus takes shape on the rare date of 11/11/11 -for those of us in the right time zone, like Australia & New Zealand. This occurs on November 10 in Europe and USA. Natural Earth magic is particularly potent now, making this a special celebration time. Attending to deeper emotional layers of ourselves goes hand in hand with renewed physical sensitivity.

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With Venus in Scorpio since early October, you are inspired, in touch and in time with any projects you want to promote. October 27 is Scorpio New Moon when lunar energy will be on your side as well. However take care to be sincere and open, avoiding secret deals, to get the best of this. The period between October 27 and November 2 can take your goals to a more visible, manifest level and all you have to do is go with the flow. When Lover Venus eases into your money zone on November 2 a fleshing out stage and spending stage arrives. Add to this the Full Moon taking shape on the rare date of 11/11/11, with its potent symbols of success and fulfilment in relationships. Friendships and group interests take off now. November 11 to 22 has a special quality that can help you get in touch with primal energies that recharge you emotionally. Be aware that getting practical about necessary purchases is a good idea to do in mid November, because spending can be misdirected or wasted between November 23 and mid December. Best party days are October 28, 29, November 2, 3, 9, 11, 14, 17, 19. Enjoy.



With mighty Mars spurring your sense of adventure and interesting surprises peppering your love of life, November has great potential for you. Success can come from your primal fiery urge for self expression as long as your open style is balanced by a certain dignified reserve a la Scorpio! Consider late October's New Moon as time for an energy recharge via local foods, a simplified diet and if you are feeling overloaded, a fasting day on 27th. Then November 2 to 3 takes you to a new level Venus and Mercury both enter Sagittarius, bringing clarity and easy access to intuitive solutions that serves you well. Since your coming birthday period is also eclipse time, with its karmic urgency for action, this is an excellent opportunity to prepare. Mars will be pushing your career roles and other responsibilities into fast mode from November 11, which is also a high energy Full Moon. You will achieve the most between November 3 and 22 but beware thoughtless words and bad decisions on 7th. November 14 is perfectly designed for happy gatherings with friends and colleagues, as is November 23.



Write October 27 to 29 into your diary as the time to start reconnecting and schmoozing those that need reminding of your special gifts. Get out there now with the help of a New Moon and some Saturn spice that is waking you up to new networking possibilities. There may be a touch of resistance on October 27 and November 1 but you will really come into your stride by November 11's joyful, sensual Full Moon. Since Mars spikes up your adventurous urges from then, this promises a busy, fruitful and sociable phase ahead. Pay particular attention to romantic and financial possibilities around November 17 when your enterprising energy can get satisfying results, and again on November 22. A lot depends upon a friendly open style of communication with Venus, planet of love now in sunny Sagittarius. This part of November has many reminders that there are opportunities to be developed. It will be when Venus gets to Capricorn on November 26 that a new rush of ambition is coming, a new focus for your feelings perhaps. For now enjoy the potential of Scorpio time with its flowing style and yummy sensual energy.



It has been an interesting time for Aquarius while martial Mars has been moving through your partner's sign, stirring up some mini cyclones on the home and family front. Yet Venus is sweetening career connections and helping you gain deep insights into other people. Keep any air of superiority under wraps because people will be reactive to say the least. This will be particularly useful on October 27 to 29, on November 1 and 7. A smattering of challenges then can be eased by these insights, stopping you from over-reacting and sharing controversial opinions with the wrong people! Then a helpful hook-up between Mercury and Venus on November 2 to 3 is perfectly designed for making peace where necessary. November 11's Full Moon has a wealth of possibilities, illuminating your career and home simultaneously. It seems that good connections help you in both places. In fact a fabulous whirl of activity and heaps of invitations are likely to be flowing in your door around mid to late November.



With Sun illuminating your quest for knowledge, you are vitalised by a strong spirit of adventure from October 24 to November 23. Late October has a few challenges however and it will require all of your attention to stay centred and in charge of your own goals around October 29 and November 1. Don't pass the responsibility to someone else or fall prey to extravagant decisions then. Then things move - from November 3 to 25, you are in your element, looking ahead but also able to go with the flow, which is a good way to get creative results and satisfying conclusions. Your vocational success gets a helping hand from Lover Venus and inspiration from Mercury, through most of November. You are well placed to be sharing ideas with others and attracting people to what you have to offer. Since a militant and detail oriented Mars will move through your partner sign from November 11 and stay there for many months, care is required with love or business partners. Beware leaky boundaries that leave things too vague and open to a war of words later. If you lay the right foundations and clarify agreements between November 14 and 17, this will help you for many months to come.



So fast to jump to conclusions is Aries but sometimes you have to step back and see where situations have many truths, not just your truth. Saturn has been opposing your Sunsign for over a year now, so you should be getting used to this! Yes many things are moving way too slowly but that means when you get there, the result will be so much better and longer lasting. Now dreaming up futures is one task that gets easier even though your financial life might seem to swing between feast and famine. Halt spending in late October! Your optimism and fiery enthusiasm both get a lovely boost from November 2 to 3. All the pieces fit together. Yet November 7 has a mischievous Mars warning, when your urge to needle someone, to stir them up because their behaviour has disappointed or displeased, is basically a bad idea. If that someone is your lover or child it could get very unpleasant. Happily your feisty ruler Mars, will be in an earthy practical sign from November 11 and for the first half of 2012. This means that getting around to all those tasks that are unfinished or in the too hard bag, will in fact happen. So don't get mad, get inspired and everything becomes easier. You have Uranus the Awakener in your sign now for seven years so change is easy and necessary wakeup calls help you get there.



The Bull is mostly gentle but sometimes raging and most people are scared of a raging bull...October 27 and 29 plus November 1, can evoke negative feelings about a home or family frustration, so plan to count to ten before reacting. After all October 27 is also a New Moon in your partner zone and relationships are set to get more dynamic and interesting through November. A new idea or work initiative that began in July gets more defined in late October and can produce its best results by March 2012. Since the Sun is illuminating your links with significant others, November 11's Full Moon is especially instructive. This will be Full Moon in Taurus and on the rare date of 11/11/11. Celebrate this rare occurrence by articulating everything you are grateful for, by enjoying the gift of life in a body, of nature in her beauty. With Jupiter, the Greater Fortune, in your sign until June 2012, you are mid way through a special year that only comes around every 12 years. Gaining the promise of this time it is up to you and your annual Full Moon will make it clear how your progress is going, so take note. With your ruling planet, Venus appearing every evening in the west as Evening Star let this inspire you to shine more brightly between November 17 and 20. Achievements during these days could bring you resounding success by mid March.



After November 3 your usual speed of light style will return but right now many background tasks slow you, calling for your attention. Getting those loose ends tied off is essential for your peace of mind. This will eventually boost your vitality even if October 27 to November 1 seems to test your patience with tedious demands. On November 2 planet of love, Venus enters your partner sign and things get so much sweeter. Your heart opens by degrees November 3 to 4 begins the process. Yet errors of judgement are expensive during Scorpio Time so make no big decisions on November 7 or 21...sleep on it. November 11's Full Moon is a wonderful time to tune in to the abundance your life offers, a low key inner focus protects you from the emotional see saw effect of Full Moon. Your more reflective self emerges effortlessly from November 14 to 22, showing you how important certain people are. Communicator Mercury and Lover Venus are working as a team; cooperation and partnership is the basis of your happiness now.



October has tested Cancer on many levels yet from October 24 Sun in Scorpio gets you into your stride. It is after Sun and Moon meet, at New Moon on October 27, that you really start to get recharged. A subtle shift of direction and an inner stillness signal changes to come. Now it is time to go for your goals, to be noticed, to step out from the rock cave. By Full Moon on November 11, your social contacts are buzzing and you may even be ready to bask in the sunlight of success. Your most romantic cycle is still to come after November 28, but mid November is a golden time for your confidence and credibility. Now you have extra stamina for communication and online tasks, for design and for flitting about to achieve your goals. In late November you will probably make some changes to the way you work, design a whole new work area or have those changes imposed upon you. After November 21, revise your health routine and embrace fresh seasonal foods to lift your energy. The charge this gives you will carry you forward to the renewed career focus that is coming down the track.



In late October someone with close ties brings a lot of pleasure your way. It is the hearth and home, close family and good friends that matter now. October 26 offers a chance to acknowledge someone special, or to work as a team with them. Yet it would be possible to hurt those very people if you indulge in negative judgement on October 27 or 29. Home and family is the focus this month, while Lover Venus also brings a light playful touch to this, inspiring a creative rush as well as lusty tendencies from November 2 to 25. Full Moon on November 11 illuminates the push/pull relationship that has been going on between your private concerns and public roles. Mars has been pressing your stress button from time to time since it entered Leo in late September but on November 11 it moves on. Now you are driven to get things in order, make more money, better manage your assets. November 14 to 22 really works for you. Details rather than grand plans keep you energised while a bevy of planets in your Love Zone make late November sweetly rewarding.



Valiantly taking on a multitude of tasks, being ready to solve any problem that comes your way, these are Virgo strengths. As Mercury's sign you use your mental energy in practical ways and are flexible enough to rethink things on the run. This stands you in good stead during Scorpio Time from October 24 to November 22. Since Mercury moves into a retro phase on November 23, and that will slow things down, now is the time to take care of business, to tick things off your list, before the year ends. This solar cycle supports your communication skills, providing platforms for you to express yourself, to zip around catching up with nearby friends. That keeps you emotionally balanced. By October 29 lunar energy is growing and you can see the exciting possibilities ahead but do beware rash moves then and on November 7. With Venus sweetening your home life from November 3 to 26, it may be time to beautify and spring clean, giving you extra pleasure in your own domain. The big news is that energiser Mars enters Virgo on November 11 at the same time as a deeply evocative Full Moon reminds you of all your travel and adventure plans. Mars will be with you for many months and this can be constructive or destructive energy. If you control the tendency to be irritable and consciously redirect your impatience about the big plans into small manageable tasks, this can be a time you build the foundations of your future success.



You are one of the signs with an all and everything type transit pattern, impacted by no less than three slow planets -Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. With Uranian shocks and unpredictable moves linked to your relationships, the behaviour of others may seem very odd, to say the least. Try not to take strange behaviour of others personally, but to see it in the context of their own stress. Now a new solar cycle focuses on money and your best chance to strengthen your finances in probably an unusual way, is November 3 to 22. Pay particular attention to any enterprising ideas that pop up around November 14 to 17. Planet Saturn has been a hard taskmaster while in Libra but a harmonious link between your ruling planet, Venus and Saturn starts to change this. It builds up in mid November reaching its strongest point November 22, ensuring a new sense of ease in you, a feeling that you can let yourself off the stress hook and embrace change easily. Transformed conditions with family or your home is coming up in early December courtesy of Pluto, so for now, enjoy the lightness of being and adventurous opportunities that Venus promotes.


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