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Jan 22nd to Mar 19th, 2012

Lunar Rhythms

January 23 Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon commences. 6:40pm AEDT and 8:40pm NZDT:
Those waters Aquarius pours are the waters of divine inspiration and inner guidance. We all have the chance now to drink deeply.

Catalysts for Change: During these months it will be Feb 8 s Full Moon in Leo through to February 10, then March 5 through to March 8 s Full Moon in Virgo, which focus the mind expanding energy of the challenges of our time.

February 22 is Pisces New Moon and a very special one. Since Neptune has only just entered Pisces to stay for 13 years, this New Moon is the true entry point when both Sun and Moon carry the mysterious energy of Neptune. At its visionary best in Pisces, Neptune comes home there on February 4 and starts to be felt from Feb 22. The Age of the Image begins, symbolic knowledge systems expand their influence, while meditation and contemplation techniques flower.

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Your New Moon in Aquarius occurs only two days after Sun enters Aquarius and it is also the Chinese New Year! New Year begins on January 23, so how can you best call upon the special opportunities now available? The New Moon chart tells the story, the traditional ruler of your sign is seriously ambitious Saturn and it is making an aspect of creative self expression with Neptune, planet of vision, in Aquarius. Add to that the fact that an earthy harmony exists between Mercury and Mars, suggesting power-packed communication and things are looking good for your new year! This is clearly not a year to sit on your thumbs but to leap into action. January born Water Bearers and anyone born around Feb 17 to 20 are particularly turbo charged now. First step claim your vision, second step do the practical formal leg-work that might seem boring and third step write, speak, connect to get your ideas out there. Finally don't overreact or bite off too much on Jan 22, 27 or 29. The neat thing is that this is the final gift from visionary Neptune before it leaves your sign on Feb 4, having been with you for 13 years. From Feb 2 to Feb 8's Full Moon, you are simply powering and your path ahead becomes increasingly clear. Perhaps lucky contacts come your way and when Sun and Mercury align on Feb 7, an AHA moment serves you well. February 14 to 19 is an inspiring time when building strong alliances with others, perhaps overseas contacts, is a theme. All this is very heady stuff but your heart becomes more dominant after February 25, as emotional deeply feeling Pisces energy takes the lead. Your home base and friendship networks may have lots of flawed humans in it but this is all the better to do what you do so well help out! From March 4 to March 8's Full Moon, your patience will be necessary and if March 5 seems crazy, expect much more of that. Do double check all communications from March 12 to April 4 when the communication planet goes retro'.



With your birthday month approaching and a New Moon plus Chinese New Year on January 23, now is an excellent time to clear out the debris, to throw away unnecessary items and get ready for a new breath of inspiration. It may take until your Pisces New Moon on Feb 22, to really get in the groove of those inspiring dreams that are taking shape, but there is plenty to be done in the meantime. For a start, relationships have been challenging with important others seeming to be rather pushy, since late last year. Yet help from others has also been forthcoming and those same pushy individuals are probably looking out for your best interests. You can expect more of this double act with martial Mars in your partner sign for many more months. You are a dual or mutable sign, which can make you rather tricky, somewhat selective of the truths you choose to share. Yet Virgo, the current home of Mars, is also a dualistic sign and has their own tricks. This means that when Mars goes retro there, on January 24, the same old partnership issues could return, only in a slightly different form. This is particularly likely on Jan 25, Feb 2, 20, 23 and 29, plus March 4 and 20. Remember forewarned is fore-armed, so keep track of these dates. Your best line of defense is honesty, accountability and humility. Don't try to bluff your way through any incidents that arise, instead admit any fault and be happy to show your vulnerability, which is ironically one of your strengths. This is the big heartedness of Pisces that evokes love, inspiration and healing. Higher levels of Piscean energy are on the way over the next 13 years, with Neptune's entry into Pisces on February 4. So when you get to Pisces New Moon on February 22, you will be most able to re-tune yourself to this powerful new cycle and clarify your goals at Full Moon on March 8. Neptune is a ruler of Pisces so very well placed there and the February born Fish will be greatly influenced in 2012. February 25 to 28 has a magical kind of quality and March 6 to 15 has delightful potential with Venus and Neptune as well as Jupiter, all helping you to manifest your intentions. Moments of happy release from the hard edges of daily life come along frequently in March. Yet financial flip-flops and pushy people are part of the time. You can be a force for the good in your circle and your ideas will gain greater clarity of vision, so do enjoy a happy birthday!



So much on your plate yet it must be digested slowly. With your ruler dynamic Mars in detail oriented Virgo and about to go retro from Jan 24 to mid April, your wisest choice is a shift of pace. Details matter and will continue to demand your attention but getting frustrated or rushing will only end up slowing you down. What to do? Start by attending to diet and health regime, by getting off the grid at least once a week. When an obstacle to your plans occurs, do your homework and investigate what is actually going on. Surprise yourself by not getting mad. Look back to learn and make small but significant adjustments to your life plan. After all Uranus is in Aries now for seven years so what point rushing those inevitable changes? If you take the attitude that you are gradually reinventing yourself, when Venus stirs up rebellion from February 10 to 16, you will be able to act appropriately and serve whatever situation you find yourself in. After February 18 the sheer thrill of the new will make you almost magically effective until at least March 18, since Mars hooks up with both Jupiter and Pluto in mid March to activate a great idea from about four months ago. Then Equinox arrives and with it Aries Time, yahoo. Tune in again then.



Sometimes you grasp life by the throat and don't give up until you reach your goal but other times you go to ground when life and particularly love, are confronting. Late January through March, are months to claim your confidence and ride the winds of change with style. After all, Jupiter is still in Taurus, opening the door of opportunity for you until mid June. Time to be bold perhaps? January 23 supports you to extend your goals via earthy planet harmonies and a New Moon in your vocational sign. The world beckons, especially on Feb 9-10 and Feb 14 when a personal truth becomes apparent. Again on February 17 to 19, 25 and 28, you can gather support, find a friend in deed. Of course the path is not all smooth and Jan 29, Feb 16 and 29 are capable of shattering your calm. But jumping out of your comfortable assumptions and excuses is the name of Jupiter's game. How else can you expand? Believe it or not, the expanded waistline factor gets nipped in the bud by exciting meetings and projects. You are your own best project right now so get focused. An inner curiosity to learn more, works in your favour and despite a bit of a bumpy beginning, March has great potential. When, on March 5, Lover Venus enters Taurus its natural home, the pleasure and effectiveness factor grows. Whether embracing a new relationship, taking on a more visible work role or uncovering some hidden talents, this is a month to be noticed.



Your social senses go into overdrive when Sun and Mercury start to expand your enquiring mind between Jan 21 and 28. Do avoid being so clever that it shifts into arrogance or conflict on Jan 25, 29 or Feb 2. Apart from that, an illuminating realization around Feb 7 is likely to carry you far this month. It flows into Feb 9's creative Full Moon and is a real chance to consolidate an important goal, as well as to extend a recent success. However, if you want harmony on the home front, keep in mind the fact that martial Mars winds back the clock for ten weeks, from January 24. Old issues from December that you thought settled may simply reappear in late February or early March. It is delusional to think you can avoid some honest appraisal. Not the most romantic or consistent of signs with your tendency to be everyone's friend, partners and family may have genuine grievances that need to be addressed. Both charm and clarity of thought will help you, but most of all an authentic desire to understand the other person's point of view, will be your ally. This is a time to attend to loose ends and if practical projects at home or work seem to get overly complex, stop and review things. Once your ruler Mercury begins its retro cycle on March 12, the Mars wind-back becomes a little more challenging. Showing appreciation for other people's efforts and acknowledging small successes supports your patience. Groups you depend upon could become unreliable for a while. Yet vocational opportunities and happy synchronicities are likely from March 5 to 15, so don't let tension blind you to this. Be a happy balancing point for the tension of opposites and special openings occur.



That Full Moon in Cancer on January 9 may have laid bare your soul but now as a New Moon approaches, you can feel the change. Emotionally charged and ready to build upon your experience, Jan 23's Chinese New Year New Moon, is purpose built for you. Powerful personalities have probably been trying to dominate you, yet you have been finding new strength. Travel, moving home, building a home, striking out alone after a breakup and making some radical plans for your life are just some typical Cancerian responses to the powerful transits that have been impacting your sign. Late Jan may up the tension again but a powerful ally appears on Feb 4 with the entry of Neptune into your fellow Water sign of Pisces. By mid February you will probably begin to feel the extra-ordinary side of this new long term influence. Your vision of possible futures, your dreams and insights are all likely to respond by flowering with Neptune. It is the Pisces New Moon on February 22 that really tunes you in and the flow-on from Feb 25 to 28 helps you gather support on many fronts. Just notice which aspects of your life feel more inspired in February and you will have a blueprint for where to get practical in March. As Full Moon builds up from March 6 to 8 you will have the magical touch. Yet March 12 begins a three week go slow Mercury cycle that impacts upon your worldly roles and vocational skills. These therefore are perfect weeks to research and rethink the way you do things, to fine tune projects and complete finishing touches. You may revisit an old idea or responsibility that needs a second look. A creative high comes March 13 to 15. Any sudden impulses or radical shifts that occur on March 19, will need to cook until late April, for the full story to emerge.



Once Sun enters you partner sign on January 21and Mercury joins in on Jan 28, you are on track to a wild Full Moon in Leo. It will be February 8 when this momentous Moon rises in the East as Sun sets in the West...An East coast beach provides the perfect viewing opportunity. Your social calendar, your many projects and plans plus your excitement for life, are all set to expand now. Add to this the fact that Venus, the love planet transits your adventure sign from February 8 to March 5, and your future horizons offer a promisingly optimistic view. A warning - If on Jan 29, Feb 16 or 29, it seems to rain on your parade, be calmly positive. It will change. By March 8's Full Moon recent decisions show their real cost. Ideas that you conceive in a flash of inspiration around March 5 or 19, can turn out to be rather impractical and will need at least a month to take a clear shape. Since energy-driver Mars, is retro in your money sign and communicator Mercury is retro as well from March 12, internalizing your fiery energy, best to settle for research and development through the rest of March. Then around March 22 your spirit of adventure begins to rise.



Energetic Mars has been in Virgo since last November and on January 24 it begins a long retro cycle through your sign that extends until mid April. This would not be a good time to start a new venture but it has plenty of positive sides. Helpful in promoting a can do attitude, Mars is also assisted by two other planets in earthy signs, namely planets Jupiter and Pluto. Fortunately the retro cycle extends and repeats these earthy harmonies, suggesting that much can be achieved behind the scenes. Good ideas, business plans and the daily routines that support you require a slow burn approach, with a willingness to wait to take things further. Even if it is late April before your most dynamic phase begins, much will be achieved in February and March. See this as a chance to be well prepared. The dates to be most cautious and to guard against misunderstandings or mistakes are Jan 25, Feb 2, 20 and 23, plus March 4 and 20. Adding to the turn inward, move slowly message, your guru planet Mercury will also be in retro motion from March 12 to April 4, a time to consider your future direction and review your financial strategies. Gather your ideas but wait for a better time to act. Resist over-extending yourself or rushing anything as that brings errors. Yet the powerful earthy harmonies of Feb 14 to 19 and 25 to 28 as well as March 6 to 15, will make this a productive period with small scale successes. When Full Moon in Virgo illuminates your life on March 8, you will have much to be pleased about.



Welcome to the solar cycle that boosts your loveability and love of life! While January 27 may force you to draw the line and be quite tough about a long term issue, Jan 28 to 29 and Feb 7 open the door on the deep and vitalising conversations that you have been hungry for. It is mostly about partners and good friends. Planet Venus is your Leading Lady and she enters your partnership sign on Feb 8, at the same time as a feel good Full Moon that boosts your social life. Now things really begin to buzz with energy and intensity and some of the mental cobwebs from recent months, get instantly cleaned away. February 10 brings a sudden realisation about an important person that could change the relationship. Theories about how things should be and inner dialogue about what is missing, is likely an aspect you are experiencing of Saturn in transit through Libra. For the sake of your heart's ease and personal growth, it is healing to let go of these assumptions and critiques and to judge each situation for its own merits. In this regard, February 14 to 28 could be life changing for you. When Venus enters an earthy sign on March 5, enlisting the help of some big planetary players for a month, you will find that a flexible playful attitude and hands on pleasures like cooking or gardening or bush walks, will put you in the right place at the right time. This is particularly true of March 13 to 15 and it will ensure you are in the right state to let March 19 help you build on the realizations that came with the astro event of Feb 10. This gradual progress of growing understanding will continue into late April and greatly contribute to your peace of mind.



You are the most intense of the Water signs and sometimes your insights have a laser-like precision. With Lover Venus in your love sign until Feb 8, these are days for sweet connections, loving bonds and sociable get-togethers. With Feb 8 also comes a Full Moon that illuminates your ambitions, pushing you into a new phase of Scorpio on Task! Meanwhile, let your feelings flow, remind people you love that you care. With the ruling planet of Scorpio, Mars, in retro motion from January 24 for two months, things are set to get more complex. Group activities, community projects and your social life in general are most affected by this cycle, likely to get rescheduled, delayed or redesigned. On the positive side these months offer a special chance to examine the roles you are juggling and how you can find a better balance between your commitments and personal energy levels. Keep an open mind during this cycle and some useful research will be the result. For magical moments and successful events consider February 14 to 19, Feb 25 to 28 and March 13 to 15. Friends can pleasantly surprise you in March and partners may display great support and solidity particularly in mid March. Since Mars makes many helpful link-ups with power planets, there is a promise of good financial returns by your Scorpio Full Moon in early May. Productive partnerships emerge as well now.



With the Karmic Point and the eclipses in transit through Sagittarius, interesting people are coming back from your past. In the traditional astro sense this is a fated year, particularly as you build towards your June Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Add to this Love Goddess, Venus, awakening your love of home and family in January and until February 8, and it is a heartfelt time right now. Then Venus moves into a juicy creative cycle for you from Feb 8 through to March 5 and your fire burns even brighter. Hark to the call of exciting times from Feb 2 to 7, then get down and practical from Feb 17 to 19 if you want to make a big impression. 2012 is the year to be surprised by love, to reach a little bit further than you have for quite a while. Meanwhile February and March are months to review your career, not to make the moves yet but to do some thorough research, perhaps even soul-searching. Are you really fulfilled by what you are doing? Consider this now and consider your options while Mars moves retro through your career sign. There will be windows that provide an inspiring glimpse of the future around Feb 4, Feb 10 and March 19. In fact from New Moon in your home sign on Feb 22, you are increasingly intuitive and prone to dreaming about rosy futures. Believing in your dreams and holding the optimistic edge are fine Sagi traits, so don't let the disappointments or conflict that could arise on Feb 2, 20, 23 or March 4, take you down. Don't get even, get inspired! Journaling your inspirations now helps you get ready for the takeoff of late March.



The force of the fertile earth and its holding power is yours and now as a new solar cycle lights up your material goals, it is time to focus that force. Happily the super bonus of lucky Jupiter in a compatible earth sign, adds the flavours of love, lust and romantic moments to the gung ho work motif. With Pluto in Capricorn for the duration there are inevitably some dark night of the soul moments when you dwell on areas of your life that make you feel powerless or frustrated. Like it or not, around Jan 27 and Feb 16 and again in early March, your sense of power may be challenged. This could simply be well laid plans that have to change or reminders that your work environment or the people in it, are not totally supportive. By taking such events in your stride, getting informed about the Cosmic Joke, as opposed to diving into the Big Depression, you emerge with the extra inner strength which is the promise of this long Pluto cycle. With you until 2024, Pluto has most powerfully affected the December and early January Capis, but all are in the cooking pot! Best New Moon New Year strategy is to embrace the personal alchemy on offer. Between Jan 27 and Feb 2 assume nothing. By February 4 to 19 improved financial returns or the chance to raise your profile are supported. You may wish to improve web presence. Your best communication cycle hooks in with a potent new concept around Feb 14 that you can whip into shape by Feb 28. Yet March demands you pay more attention to home and family needs, to get a short break. Helpful people and promising new contacts are part of the territory as we approach the March 8 Full Moon. A combo of work and travel could be particularly fruitful now and mid March brings your attention back to a decision that must be made about home or real estate...Other people may help you overcome fears and doubts you are not expressing, so listen carefully and plan slowly. It will take until about April 23 to bring a radical new life plan into sharp focus.


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