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Christines' Planetary Currents


Mar 21st to May 20th, 2012

MARCH 23...An Aries New Moon with a Message: Look Back to Move Forward
The usual Eat my Dust of Aries does not apply now. The ruler of Aries is Mars, which has been retro since January 24, moving direct on April 14. This means looking back and completing initiatives that have been on hold is the focus of this New Moon rather than a new start. Mars only retrogrades every 2 years but when it does so, it tests any Fiery type. Mars has thrown more earth on the flames by spending a massive 8 months in earthy Virgo, through to July 4. Yet Mars is mostly helpful now for Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, fuelling the ability to master details and manage success.
April 4 to 7...Full Moon Lights the Way and Challenging Communications Ease
Isn t that good news? As we reach April 7 s Full Moon in Libra, with its fair minded, let s debate right and wrong energy, things ease. There is some cause for dissent yet communication in general is easier from April 4 when Mercury shifts into direct motion. These retro and direct cycles are like the in-breath and out-breath of a cycle. Excepting Moon, all planets appear to move backwards for periods and the first half of 2012 has more than its fair share. Now Mercury 'breathes out and we are nicely supported in getting on with life, with the exciting plus of a Full Moon waxing.
APRIL 21...A Taurus New Moon with Feel Good Factor
Now comes a New Moon that is a new start and plants the seeds of practical success. A perfect planet showcase for Earth signs is here when Moon, Sun and Jupiter all align in Taurus at New Moon. Right after sunset you will see Jupiter setting in the West then gone, while bright Venus now in Gemini, lights up the western sky for a few hours. This makes April 22 to 29 potent with promise - creatively inspired.
May 6...Full Moon Finalises your Efforts
With Sun now oppo


Your dynamic ruler Mars has been low key, while combining forces with Jupiter and Pluto. Small practical moves can work well. Now Equinox has arrived and with it Aries Time yet the usual Eat my Dust of Aries does not apply! Things are double delayed by Mercury moving backwards in Aries all of March, just like Mars, which has been retro since January 24. This means look back to hard won wisdom, to help you now. With Aries New Moon of March 23, find time to focus your intention but be patient. Mars only retrogrades every 26 months but doing so, it tests any Aries patience (Sun Moon or Rising Sign). Mercury will return to Aries when Mars goes direct in mid April, so prepare to power forward from that time. In any case March 25 to 29 hooks into a rare inspiration take note but keep it to yourself. Since April 7's Full Moon could fire up a big debate, know that April 6 to 8 requires real tact to avoid regrets. Venus and Mars square off so back off from criticisms. Strange it may seem but the Taurus New Moon of April 21 begins your easiest period when things get done and enthusiasm rises. Earmark April 22 to May 17 for building towards your goals and firming up finances. Be wary on April 16 and 26, May 1 and 6, because words once spoken, texted or written cannot be taken back.



Your birthday month approaches but even in late March earthy energies are strong. Less likely to be impacted by the challenging retrogrades of March, you keep on keeping on. The two most beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter have been dancing together through Taurus, adding to your pleasures. Even though Venus leaves on April 4, Jupiter remains until mid June, a lucky star to guide you. Taurus New Moon on April 21 has an earthy Grand Trine when Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto represent all the earth signs in harmony. This is good news for the next year and particularly good news for love, business and linking forces with powerful people. Since mid April there should have been a noticeable easing of tension but April 21 to 29 is the time to go for broke. By Full Moon in your partner sign on May 6, you can conclude an agreement or business deal that has been taking shape for months. It is May 1 to 14 that brings a special kind of success allowing you to keep a balance between home and working life. Mid May begins a retro cycle that strongly affects you Venus your leading light is retro from May 16 to June 28. This is not the time to invest money, spend up big or get married but it is the time to return to those simple pleasures you love best.



To have two minds about an issue and to think twice as a matter of course must be fun but also a tad tiring! Now that a mischievous, detail driving, unforgivingly critical Mars in Virgo is around and on your case, things can get a bit exhausting, not to mention annoying. So drag out a smile, forgive people their tedious questions and refuse to get into a conflict on March 25 or 30! Since Lover Venus enters Gemini on April 4, exactly the day your fast thinking ruler, planet Mercury shifts back into direct motion, it is all good...soon that is. Plan now for plenty of nice gestures that will help people forget you have been a bit grumpy. There are intrinsic dualities in your nature but your life has probably made that very clear lately. For example March 20 and again March 30 make you want to lose yourself in a crazy social schedule to avoid background power plays at work or home. Don't lose sight of these but don't feel you have to comment either! Do not put any compromising opinions on social networks While Communicator Mercury is retro until April 4 and from April 6 to 8, impatience is a big trap. The difficult truth is you must tolerate delays and stalled plans. Things greatly improve thanks to Venus and get much easier mid April. A dynamic development cycle begins and mid May offers you a lovely excuse to kick back and have a bit of a mental health break. Do get the best of this because late May will be crazy.



As the sign that is opposite Pluto and squared by the planet of chaos right now, life has been testing you. Since the planet of communication is also going retro in your vocational sector, it probably feels like the world is treating you unfairly. Still, helpful people and promising new contacts from mid March are likely to deliver results by April 7's Full Moon. As you know the low tide of your cycles is eventually replaced by full tide. If you consider combining work with travel or combine relaxation with learning, you might find that something new that you so definitely need right now. Do be patient. By Full Moon on April 7 decisions are easier but some compromise is necessary between your ambitions and having a private life. Be aware and watchful on, March 25 and 30; also April 6 and 8 could make for a confusing Full Moon Likewise April 16 and 26 need to be treated as days to watch and wait and to not believe negative opinions. Full Moon on May 6 could bring a conflict or difficult decision to a head but you are better able to deal with it after May 9. The solar cycle for friendship and intellectual excitement is April 22 to May 20 and your most dynamic days are April 29, May 11, 14, 17 and 22.



It is Fire sign time as Sun moves through Aries yet you are not necessarily fired up. In fact a good idea you have at Equinox in late March or around April 23, could turn out to be a pipe dream not grounded enough to get on with the practical details. Still the inspirations that come are worth holding onto and then re-running in mid April to see what has real value. Analysis and careful consideration of your financial situation as well as all that energy your loved ones claim, tends to work best in March and first half of April. Your wanderlust rises now as well and travel looks good. But again late April is easier to actually get it together. Social events claim your attention with a sociable Venus aspect that begins April 4 and goes on for months. Just guard your energy on April 6 to 7, 16 and 26 since sudden changes could upset the fixed rhythm you prefer. From April 17 to 29, your sheer enthusiasm for life yields dividends at work, seriously sweetening your private life as well. You are at your most persuasive around May 4 and Full Moon on May 6 could bring a long standing issue to a head, perhaps in a good way. May is the month to maximize your career potential and from May 14 opportunities flow.



Mars has been throwing its forceful energy your way since last November, altogether spending a massive 8 months chez Virgo, staying through to July 4. Mars is called a malefic in traditional astrology because it can stir up primitive emotions, hooking you into conflict situations. Think back to March 20 or March 4...Yet this long transit is mostly helpful for Virgo because Mars has been making and remaking strong connections with lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto the whole time. It just needs patience. You might be a tad feisty but you are powering towards your goals, whether business or personal or both. Nonetheless, Mars is retro and now your ruler, mental Mercury, is 'retro' as well until early April. This means, slow and sure is far more likely to succeed than rushed and pushy. Do resist over-extending yourself or being bossy, because martial Mars in Virgo spells trouble this way. It also means don't expect your current plans to unfold properly until the second half of April and use March to tweak details and review financial planning. From April 22 to 29 you are your most effective and influential, while May 2 to 4 excites you and May 9 to 17 finds you completely in your last.



A Full Moon in Libra approaches and a goal you have held onto for some time, is in sight. Yet late March requires mega patient acceptance of delays and frustrations, particularly relating to other people in your life. A flexible playful attitude will pick up on the best of Aries energy and help you to deal constructively with any challenges life throws your way from March 25 to 30. If you try to change someone's behavior via well intended criticism, it will not go down well! Better to wait and watch if you want to avoid chaos or conflict with partners and family. It is from April 4 when Lover Venus helps you out and Full moon in Libra illuminates the night sky that your lightness of being returns. Until then draw on your reserves of enthusiasm and use this time to get a richer insight into the important people in your life. Saturn's long transit through Libra has taken its toll on your optimism and April 4 to 24 is your time to gradually get it back. May has many good openings for you as well and May 4 is a great day to schedule an important meeting or impress others with your wit and knowledge. Beware getting into an unnecessary conflict at May 6 Full Moon when Sun opposes Saturn and be prepared to learn much more about your main relationships between May 16 and late June.



Hard work aplenty but no frills or big rewards come easily in March. The retro cycle of your feisty ruling planet Mars, has great potential but you have to wait for it. You are getting the inside view on your friendships or deeply inspecting your social goals and this is a necessary process between March and mid April. Opportunities have been building since last November but it is only from mid April that they come together as group projects and shared efforts with others. Since helpful link-ups between Mars and other planets are repeated a few times there is the promise of good financial returns and productive fertile partnerships. However if you assume nothing and remember the sudden reversals that can occur particularly around April 6 to 8 and 26 then success will gradually follow. A Scorpio Full Moon on May 6 brings a productive climax to your last six months. When Sun joins Jupiter on May 14, a rush of energy moves you along nicely and carries you through to August. Growth and creative self expression come in cycles, April 14 to 22, April 24 to May 11 and May 14 to 22. Enjoy.



Now that the solar cycle is supporting your loving and creative ways, what could be nicer? Well if Mars was not retro in your career zone that would help. Also with Communicator Mercury retro in your love sign that is probably taking you back down memory lane in some ways you may p[refer to avoid. However it is ultimately all good and those two retro cycles are back in a mode of action you prefer by mid April. Everything moves much faster then. Remember that these are fateful times for you with the Karmic Point and the eclipses in transit through Sagittarius, so people from your past could figure strongly and this has probably been noticeable since the solar eclipse late last November. When you reach Sagi Full Moon there will also be a lunar eclipse in early June that requires caution. A new life story is unfolding through to late November 2012 and it requires enough awareness to not fall back into old traps. Good connections, supporting your group commitments and being fully responsible in your work, all help now. Mars has been firing up ambitions but delaying outcomes so, be patient about outcomes and let go of any anxiety about your main roles. You might be in a process of redesign but not until June or July will the how and why become clear. A happy emphasis on love, creativity or children keeps you in top form for now but March 30, April 10 and May 1 will highlight any unresolved tensions with others. Just don't overreact, have a laugh at the cosmic joke and keep on the sweet path.



If people let you down or unjustly criticize you, don't get even - get inspired with a new vision. This is the promise of the new Sun sign cycle yet it is not until around April 14 that you feel that promise! As a hard working and responsible type you can get despondent when your efforts don't deliver results but the nature of March and early April is to constrain and confuse results rather than help them. Ambition is what Capricorn is known for but it may all be feeling a bit flat right now. Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 has turned some aspects of your life upside down and the planetary linkups on March 30, April 16 and April 26 hook into the challenging side of Pluto. This means that not expressing what is true for you, or hiding your feelings or most destructive of all letting your frustrations out on someone close to you, is only going to add new problems. Your patience is a virtue, yet swallowing loving words in case you get hurt, or resisting necessary changes to stay in charge', is perfectly designed to create chaos in your home and family. This current lineup of planets in Aries is not going away fast because Mercury is moving backwards and Uranus is there for seven years. It is your home zone these planets magnify. Many things that represent your security are up for change over the next seven years but the next seven weeks holds a golden opportunity to prepare. If from March 25 to 30, you pay attention to the issue that comes up, you will know what emotional currents you need to tune into. A Sun and Uranus link shows you the way. Then from April 22 that new vision will start to flex its muscles and you get practical results easily through to May 17. The next stage will come in late June and early July.



Did you remember to double check all communications from March 12 to now? Some oops moments no doubt and it will be April 4 before the communication planet Mercury, starts to move your financial or planning quandaries forward. Yet you are a thinking type so you gobble up problems to solve and have great fixity to help you deal with delays or misinformation. In general the solar cycle and lineup of planets in Aries is helping you build even stronger links with like minded people even if you have had to let some tasks drop. It could be late June before you start to feel more solid and stable but don't let the uncertainties of this time make you too hard on the people around you. In particular, March 25, April 16 and May 6 require a gentle touch and a clip on the lip (so to speak). After all, your opinions don't always have to be shared. It is your home zone that comes in for a warm and fluffy time from April 24 to May 14, so make the most of it to re-energise and recuperate if you can. April 23 to 26 could reintroduce chaos If so use the sweet harmonies of April 29 to get back into your good feelings. Friends may be unpredictable and a tad rebellious if you give them advice. Instead make the most of the particularly fertile month of May with at-home incentives and sweet bonding. Your enthusiasm will fire up in the second half of April and that flows into a satisfying May.



With sociable aspects from Venus and Jupiter, Pisces is on a roll and March 27 to 30 illustrates this nicely. The complicating factor is that communication planet Mercury is going retrograde through Pisces and Neptune the Dreamer is in Pisces for the duration. This could mean a double dose of confusion Manifesting your intentions may be what you want to do but are you sure what your intentions are? Perhaps leave that as a question for now and during the stressful aspects of April 6 to 8, don't try to make an important decision. Lovers and family could get hit with tsunami force feelings if you decide to have it out on April 6-8 or 10. Conversely this may be the time you have to set right an old family wound and soothe the troubled brow of someone you love. Yet there are numerous moments of sweet release from the hard reality of daily life in April and May. Financial zigzags could stress you occasionally but if you hold to Pisces optimism and are simply cautious with spending in early April, it will be fine. You will find that from April 22 through most of May, friends, partners and social events really support your happiness and May 11 to 17 is a wonderful period for travel or for scheduling special events.


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