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May 22nd to Jul 21st, 2012

MAY 21 Gemini New Moon and annular Solar Eclipse
These are fated times if you have Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Gemini...From now until November 29 s Full Moon, when the eclipse cycle completes, important meetings occur, a new era for relationships takes shape. Yet excuses are no excuse from May 24 to 31. Venus disappears May 31 and feelings intensify; declarations are made June 1 and 2.
June 4...Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Warms Things Up
Sagittarius is the other sign hosting the eclipses, so these are fated times for you if you have sunny Sagittarius featured in your chart. This Full Moon helps us all release any negative focus and embrace what we need to feel complete.
Special event: On June 6 watch out for the black spot on the face of the Sun. This is the rare transit of Venus across the Sun and will not happen again for 120 years. Buy a factor 14 welding glass if you want to look at the Sun without damaging your eyes.
June 13 Venus Reappears as Morning Star
Venus has morphed into Morning Star, where she will light up the predawn sky, rising just before the Sun. This very late night experience is on Free View Sky for nine months so it might be worth getting up for. She rises earlier each day until she is visible about three hours before sunrise, Star of the Sea and guide of sailors.
JUNE 20...A Rare Second Gemini New Moon
Gemini is newsworthy indeed when the day before Winter Solstice a second New Moon in Gemini occurs. Hidden by the embrace of the Sun, New Moon gives a welcome boost to the coming solstice of June 21, our shortest night. Natural magic occurs...another chance to consciously weave the web of life perhaps.
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In the idyllic rural s


You Gemini are so newsworthy in May, June and July. Your top periods are May 28 to June 4, which is sweetly satisfyingly Venusian. Then June 12 to 21 is when your expansive enterprising Jupiter year begins, something which only happens every twelve years! Finally July 5 to 31 is special because both business boosting planets, Saturn and Jupiter are on your side. Add to all of this the fact that your Gemini solar cycle begins with a New Moon on May 21 and ends with a second Gemini New Moon on June 20, and life has definitely moved into the fast lane. That May 21 New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse, since this is a fateful year for you, with eclipses occurring in your sign, through to late November. Then there is Lover Venus who travels through Gemini every year but this visit is special and extra long, instead of her usual brief visit. This is due to her retro cycle that began mid May and will keep her around until August. Most rare of all is the once in 120 years phenomena of June 6, when the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun will have astronomers unpacking their telescopes. Get yourself a factor 14 piece of welding glass and you too can look at Venus as a black dot on the face of the Sun! This is a time to bet on you and let that creative vitality dance. The days to pull your head in are May 26, June 5, 8 and 25.



With Venus in apparent backward motion through the most private part of your chart until June 28, it is time to brush up your meditation skills, contemplate your path ahead and dig deep for spiritual sustenance. Your time in the sun is coming but for now, helping others and inner work, keep you well grounded. Being organised comes easiest after May 28 and concentrating on a happy, well functioning nest brings a smile to your face. When others reach out to you, you normally respond but now accepting help from others is a good idea, especially in early June. Be strong and resilient if June 12, 21, 24 or 30 seem to throw a curved ball your way. These are times that activate the outer planet challenges of our time, which apply to everyone but are particularly strong for Cancers born in June. When Sun enters Cancer on June 21 it is one day after a New Moon and also Solstice, our shortest day in the southern hemisphere, so the new light will start to grow for you now, nurture it well and you will feel a new sense of confidence grow with July 4's Full Moon. Relationships thrive, feelings strengthen and you handle emotional challenges well. However do be aware that an old struggle could come back on July 15, 18 or 19. If so, let this remind you to claim your own power and not tolerate bullies or those who try to manipulate you. Overall July is a sublime month with wonderful opportunities to express your gifts and build loving bonds. After your New Moon in Cancer on July 19, two of the best weeks of your year follow.



You shine as only a Lion can with Venus spending four months in your friendship zone. May has been a demanding month and your worldly roles have kept you on the hop. Now as a new solar cycle begins, friends gather around and in fact the influence of friends in this next month to late June cannot be under-estimated. If seemingly fated reconnections occur around May 27, you might rediscover the power of friendship. If your social calendar needs some order to it, May 28, 29 or June 2, all look good for special gatherings. Even June 4's lunar eclipse and Full Moon has potential and will at the very least inspire a clear conclusion to a problem that has been on your mind. Do however avoid being too clever or careless in your use of words on June 5, 8, 12 and 24-25 when people around you could be touchy, touchy. An especially creative and collaborative year begins on June 12 when expansive Jupiter enters your friendship sign, to stay for a whole year. Any love relationship that you begin now or seek to nurture, will require true friendship to make it. If you let go unnecessary baggage in late June, you will be more open to delight as July unfolds. Opportunities show themselves around July 5 and July 17 then 22 to 31 open a way forward.



As a Virgo you are so good at juggling plans, stretching your time via careful management and generally getting everything done. Yet even (or is that especially?) a Virgo needs a break, time out to recover and readjust your over-stretched nervous system. A pleasure-oriented Venus is in your career sign from April until early August, so hopefully you have already been taking a bit more time off! If not, now is the chance to plan a break for July and take a deep breath before a very busy June. You will achieve the most by being less in control and more spontaneous - others will respond well. Fulfilling roles, perhaps career expansion, more satisfaction, are all likely from May 28 to June 24. Yet your bossy side is up and jumping with warrior Mars still in Virgo until July 3, so be careful not to alienate the very people who are on your side. Hold back from over-reacting on May 31 and June 25. Also July 5, 8 and 12 require caution. See June/July as a time to gather allies and plan your next three months. Mars has been in Virgo since November 2011, so its last five weeks is a wonderful opportunity to claim the courage and energy this evokes. You have probably been driving yourself and others hard, but July supports some rest and relaxation. Friends gather around and you can take time to review your life roles and work, while finding an inner balance.



May 21 begins a new solar cycle activating your urge for adventure, your love of learning. This is no small thing because your ruling planet and leading lady Venus, is also pushing that agenda through until August. You who are so often thinking of other people might be reminded now, to make some plans that are just for your pleasure and peace of mind. Yes it is important to keep the peaceful side of relationships well supported but June may be one of those months when there are challenges with the people around you. The large number of planets in speak your mind Air signs increases on June 12 when Jupiter shifts into Gemini for a year. This can make you more likely to express your annoyance with others, so be aware! June 12, 21 or 24 could easily trigger a sudden switch, when you upset the peace. Fortunately June 13 to 30 is in general a great period for you. You are likely to get acknowledged at work and travel opportunities may occur as well. Sweet feelings and relationship strengths are supported in early June, with a sense of renewal around June 13, and again from July 5 to 17. If an old issue returns in late June or between July 18 and 19 stay calm and it will pass. Mars is in Libra in July, so you will know how to play the iron fist in the velvet glove.



Transformative skills and penetrating insight are part of your job description and this is soon to become more apparent. Meanwhile, May 22 reminds you of life's blessings and partners may be an important part of this. Make sure you apply yourself now to developing any idea or project that has been taking shape. Great things can happen if you work with friends or like minded people. Don't lose faith in your schemes from May 24 to 26 if things seem to unravel; this is only temporary. From May 27 to 29 a new burst of enthusiasm delivers creative results which continue to unfold through to mid June. While some developments might take until July to really deliver results, mid June shows your progress. Love, life and everything in between are on your mind in July, as the Water energy of Sun in Cancer illuminates your questing self. Mars your dynamic ruler pulls you underground into contemplation and a stronger sense of service after July 3, with great creative results from July 5 to 11 and again after July 22. Warning - do stay centred and quiet on July 18 to 19 and avoid emotional issues. Try rescheduling important meetings then.



People and ideas from your past have been popping up while the karmic Moon's Node has been in Sagittarius. Happy to open old doors, the results have been mixed but when good, really good! Now as May 21's New Moon plus Sun and Venus, highlight your relationship sign, partnership, love and your public roles are the focus for late May and June. It is also a good idea to complete unfinished projects now or let them go. There is much to be gained from this powerful cycle, which becomes even more potent after June 12. What happens June 12? Well that is when your expansive ruling planet, Jupiter, also enters Gemin - your partner sign. In Jupiter's case this will last a year and not be repeated for 12 years, so make the most of it. Business, love and your public profile all respond well to linking forces with the RIGHT PARTNER(S). This of course is the catch and here there are things to consider regarding Lover Venus. Starting May 16 and finishing June 28, Venus is in retrograde motion. This period therefore, while fortunate, is not the best time to formalise a contract, particularly a personal one, like marriage. Since you have Jupiter boosting partnership for a year and Venus remaining there until early August, there is plenty of time to make good choices. July 5 to 31 rewards a flexible happy response to changes and doors easily open for you. The other Big Best days are, May 28 to 29, June 4 your exciting Full Moon in Sagittarius, also a lunar eclipse, June 6 when Venus crosses the face of the Sun, June 13 to 21, and June 30.



You are a down to business kind of sign and some of your best business will be done between June 30 and July 31. In the meantime, that patient anticipation that you are known for, is going to be needed. Certainly late May has a helpful combo of earthy planets but May 24 to 27 accents the changeable side of human nature, the tendency for plans to shift, agreements to be broken and a general sense of confused agendas. You too like to do your own thing but the typical Sea Goat holds to their agreements and is willing to make sacrifices. Yet kicking back a little is a good idea now and May 27 to June 2 will show you a better way to work. After the rather crazy Full Moon energy of June 4 take time out to renew your energy and enthusiasm. Then June 9 will revitalise your faith in life and in other people. Just don't flaunt your authority on June 12 or respond badly to a person in authority; then all will be well. Inevitable challenges from June 24 to 30 can actually help you, if you put good human relationships first. Whether it is team building or giving good service, you are likely to feel your enthusiasm re-ignite with your Capricorn Full Moon on July 4. The fortunate flow on continues through to mid July and success in your public roles and relationships is likely this month, making it easy to ride whatever challenges July 15 to 19 may bring.



You have juggled many dreams and inspirations over the last twelve years, but now it is time to get inspired about your finances. The earthy pulse of planet Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Virgo, may have been weighing you down a tad but this new solar cycle activates your love and pleasure instinct. Often ready to put commitments to your roles before your own needs, you can get bogged down in theories of what you should be doing, at the cost of health and heart. Now it is lighten up time with a bevy of planets boosting love and creativity. From May 28 to June 21 creative projects and love affairs move with lightning speed. Jupiter with its expansive tendency begins a twelve month transit of your love sign mid June, adding significant opportunities on top of the feel good vibe of Venus. June 30 to July 11 is particularly helpful for mentally demanding work and a three week retro cycle of the communication planet, Mercury, starts on July 15. Travel or study plans could move into a go-slow period, so patience may be needed. But with so much pleasure on offer, why worry?



Pisces is one of the shape shifting signs and now that Neptune is back home in Pisces, more people want what you have to offer. May 22's meeting of Jupiter and Mercury in an earthy sign is a final salute to the Earth energies that have been supporting your dreams. Then on June 12, that same guiding planet Jupiter, enters Gemini and begins a full-on action year. No longer the easier and slower path but the crazy ride of numerous planets agitating home and security, begins even earlier in late May with the new Gemini solar cycle. This is but a foretaste of that penultimate speedy year beginning when Jupiter too arrives on June 12. Prepare now for that arrival by reducing the chaos in your life as much as you can, Try identifying the projects that can be put on hold, the areas that suck up all of your time and create a flow chart to facilitate your personal flow. The good thing is that there are people willing to help you, even though they may be the very same people who point out your flaws! The year that commences mid June can greatly assist your overall security, if you work it well. July provides a useful support act for you to be richly inspired and able to follow that inner vision. Your love of life and creative instincts are all expanded from July 5 to 31.



You are often a starter for wild ideas and now the ultimate wild card planet is in Aries for seven years. The great news is that in late May and June, Sun, Venus and Mercury fan those wild Aries flames in useful ways. This means a heightened ability to solve problems, think your way through situations, be clever and mentally tuned in. Most potentially creative of all is the coming cycle of Jupiter, which begins a lucky, expansive and probably travel-themed year, starting June 12. This is likely to magnetically attract helpful people and has great energy for study and anything that involves learning. Just focus your intentions clearly, then refine your purpose to a plan of action and all else follows. The June 4 Full Moon illuminates your travel urge but it could also present practical details that obstruct your plans. If this lunar eclipse seems to eclipse an important idea, wait until June 13 and the support you need could appear. Late June and mid July could also present challenges for the fiery Ram and turning up the heat is NOT the way to handle them. Instead, if power issues or big career dilemmas come along on June 24, 25 or 30, or on July 15, 18 or 19, consider a strategic response rather than an emotional blast. This is part of a generally challenging time for many star signs, so a measured response, a What if there is a solution I have not seen yet? will at the very least stop you saying things you later regret. July 5 to 11 is seriously fun and one of your best cycles is coming on July 22.



Planet Jupiter is called The Greater Fortune and it is now close to completing its year-long cycle through Taurus, making the next three weeks super important. This once in twelve year opportune cycle has no doubt opened doors for you and this final period to June 12, can do so as well. With Moon waxing through to June 4's Full Moon this is a time to trust your intuition. Pleasant surprises re your financial position are likely in June but your passion for gaining new skills is the big winner. This is the solution if you are tested by the general challenges of late May or of June 4 to 5. From June 13 to 23, new ideas develop regarding managing your finances or developing a new project. Since your Leading Light, planet Venus is in a retro cycle until June 28, you are best advised to forestall any big expenditures or loans until after that time. Yet plans that develop during the retro cycle can be very good indeed. July has a variety of opportunities for you, particularly around July 4 to 5. Yet you must be willing to be patient, because another retro cycle is on the way. This time the communication planet, Mercury synchronises with a go-slow on any home based activities from July 15 to early August. This makes late July a perfect time to do background work, rethinking plans and strategies, which will give you an advantage in August.


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