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Christines' Planetary Currents


Jul 22nd to Sep 22nd, 2012

August 2...Full Moon in Aquarius opposite a Leo Sun Satisfying connections and interactions are available now. Again all three Fire signs make a trine that inspires whole communities of people courtesy of the communal leanings of Moon in Aquarius. With extra support from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, social justice is on the agenda, not to mention darn good parties with lots of discussion.

August 18...New Moon in Leo propels us forward Creative new start energy is released when Sun and Moon embrace in Leo and shines for all to see. A special link with Mars and Saturn means practical tasks are a breeze and negotiations can stand the test of time. Between August 18 and 23 is the best time to confirm and if necessary renegotiate, any agreements that seem to have unravelled.

August 31...finally a Full Moon in Pisces The Water element equates to the feeling function and the signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces represent different faces of this. Now a big Pisces Moon opens consciousness to its oceanic depths, feelings to their all-embracing forms. With Neptune near Moon a long term vision gets extra inspiration and can flow into a practical expression phase September 3 to 6.

September 16... New Moon in Virgo says attend to the harvest Because the Virgo archetype is nothing less than the Great Mother of the Grain, identical with the goddess Isis for the ancient Egyptians, with Demeter of the Eleusinian mysteries in ancient Greece, this is a special New Moon. Now is the time to give birth to creative potential, to harvest talents by applying them in action, as we approach equinox.


As July has unfolded, there has been an abundance of opportunities to get social, to be entertained and entertaining, to gather with your groups that share a common history. Now from July 22 to August 4, not only is Sun back home in your sign of the Lion but numerous planetary harmonies say get up and get going, especially August 2's Full Moon. Do be careful with your choices because you can burn out at such a high energy time. The planet of communication is going backwards through your sign until August 8, so it is not the time to start something new. To get the best of your extra radiance now, it is best to wait for August 11 to promote your creative ideas and any new ventures. Also do keep a check on your pride and extravagance in mid August. Then you will get the best of new start energy with Leo New Moon on August 18. Stay in the satisfaction zone by enjoying family and friendships, and allowing new creative zest to fire you up from within, August 10 to 30. Work, love and excitement over new projects or an old one that has had a new burst of energy, get even better when Lover Venus is in Leo from September 7 to October 2. Appreciate the happy times, when being with your clan feels good and building material strength is easy when you hit the enthusiasm button.



Virgo rejoice By the time your birthday period starts on August 23, your guru planet Mercury has a great alliance with Jupiter, planet of fortune. This means now you can move ahead with a great idea and make it work or just get easier success with the work at hand. Since energy driver Mars has been in Virgo for many months until early July, you should now be giving yourself an easier run. Agreeing to no demands that exhaust you is a good idea for a start. Rest and relaxation need to be on the agenda and asking yourself if your life roles and work are nurturing you is mega important in late July. That way you will be best prepared for the opportunities of the Virgo time to come. This will also restore your internal balance and July 29 to 30 can be highly illuminating. After August 10 your social life goes into overdrive and August 31 is a Full Moon that reminds you this solar cycle is a good one! With an energy rush as September begins and your New Moon in Virgo taking action to the next level on September 16, you are able to achieve wondrous things. September 7 to 10 can be testing but stay clear-headed and by September 11 you have got just the right plan for moving forward. An issue that has been bothering you since early July can be nicely resolved now as long as you make flexibility your best friend. September 16 to 20 is particularly rewarding.



Well Saturn is still your new best friend', which is a bit of a balancing act in itself since Saturn in Libra tests you to the max. Some old issues have been triggered but your diplomacy and sense of self protection are also tuned up by Saturn. You may have to learn to accept a situation you would dearly love to change, because your significant others can be mega rebellious these days. Now that Mercury is retro', an old friend might come back into your life and this helps you relax. From July 22 to August 4, opportunity comes and plans you have can develop nicely. Travel is smiled upon, as well as people travelling to see you and lighting up your life. High spots are a communication breakthrough on July 26 to 29 and a happy Venus, Saturn link on July 31. This latter event suggests a happy commitment and some good support. Just beware falling back into stress around August 15 and 16, because you could be way too hard on yourself and others then and accidentally create the thing you fear. Instead, cruise on through the bumps and grinds until you find a calm centre and August 17 to 30 will pick you up again. In September important people in your life may make a fresh start, which will inspire you. By mid September your own star is rising, ready for the Libran renewal to come.



Now that Mars, your ruling planet, is in Libra, you give more thought to the hidden dynamics of your relationships and can learn a lot, particularly from July 22 to August 2's Full Moon. That Full Moon lights up your home and family pleasures, reminding you how special close ties are. Since Communication Guru Mercury has been retro in your career sign, August 8 marks the turn around and projects or assignments that have been delayed, will start to unfold nicely now. Anything you were forced to start between July 15 and August 8, should now be reviewed and renewed. August 15 to16 is a time that could make you act out some hidden fears or hostility, so be cautious, reserved and reschedule meetings. Yet from August 10 to 30 you have the help of lovely Venus, which helps you to promote your work and really feel spiritually renewed. Creative connections with others support your goals. With Mars back home in Scorpio from August 24 for six weeks, you are a formidable player in anything you do. Use the energy wisely, take advantage of August 26 to 31, which can revitalise your sense of purpose and more people will notice just how much you have to offer. The pace is lively, even exaggerated at times and that helps you make powerful allies from September 3 to 6. Then September 16's New Moon in your friendship sign starts a super sociable two weeks.



As the most changeable of the Fire signs, you have a reputation for jumping into a discussion to offer the opposite view. Your moods can swing between extremes as well but with the solar cycle now in sunny Leo, you too can be more sunny and enjoy an adventurous time, maybe a time that includes travel. In fact, any travel is best done between now and August 4 or from August 17 to 21. A flexible and positive response to changes around you will open doors to richer relationships right now. With Jupiter now in your partner sign until July 2013, you will feel fairly fortunate in love and in building new contacts. This is an opportunity time as regards any public profile you wish to build. Do be aware that August 15 to 16 could challenge that happy state of affairs and don't overreact if contentious issues arise. Likewise August 23 to 24, when you may need to pull your head in. September brings your changeable qualities again to the fore. Try to avoid extremes, particularly with partners, from September 7 to 10. If you stay calm on 10th you could gain a tremendously useful insight regarding your career and life roles. Then September 16's New Moon starts a loving family time when your home and the people in it are the most important thing for you, with lovely developments around September 21.



That inner fuel for change has been building up for a while now but it may feel like you have hit a bit of a delay curve recently. Just keep investing your time wisely but beware any financial investment between now and August 8, as a retro cycle could make your choices unwise. Happily, July 31 to August 10 has you sailing along and doing well. Support should come readily but make sure you find a safe harbour for August 15 to 16, when conflicting interests could feature. Be emotionally honest with loved ones and beware harsh words at such a time. Loving discoveries and good company are there for you from August 24 to 31. With numerous planets in a compatible earthy sign, you will achieve a lot now and in September, especially September 3 to 6 and 13 to 20. Just beware that an over-reaction is a very bad idea if things seem out of your control on September 19 or 21. These are times when cardinal signs are under pressure but Capricorn is very well designed to turn pressure into a success story, with the perseverance and staying power typical of the Goat. Say No to power struggles at home or at work on these days and in late September generally, then your star will keep on rising.



Now that the solar cycle is lighting up your relationship sign, all your attention, or most of it, is focused that way. A Mercury retro cycle is also lighting up relationships and bringing old issues back to be dealt with from July 15 to August 8. Just remember that even though you hate looking back as a rule, there can be healing understandings gained from this right now. There is a particularly easy open energy for connecting with others from July 22 to August 4 and it will be a time to add more empathy to your relationships and doing so, add value your life. Since August 2 is a Full Moon in Aquarius, the pieces of your life become a much clearer pattern now and a greater sense of support and unity can follow at this memorable Full Moon high point. Tread warily on August 15 to 16 then from August 17 to 21 you can really plant the seeds of a strong union and feel healed in your attitude to love. This is helped along by August 18's New Moon in your partner sign. Learning new things and meeting new people is a theme for September but it is also wise to take a little detour from duty to spend more time with people you love, particularly September 3 to 16. Then the happiness quota is increased when Venus is in your partner sign from September 7 to early October, so reach out the hand of friendship.



Pisces you are Water-wise, which means your emotional intelligence is strong, but sometimes it can overwhelm common sense. Your inner vision is important to follow but if life seems to be suggesting it's time to upgrade that vision of the possible, why resist? Now that Neptune is in Pisces for many years, this is precisely what is on offer. Soft and caring as you are, your resistance is strong, when you decide to stay in a little fishy cave that feels safe and it can make you timid at inconvenient times. Now Sun is in a fiery sign, more confidence and courage is easy to find. Just as you are prepared to work for good causes, let that determination help you fight for your own creative ideas now. It may even be a procreative urge that is on your agenda, so don't give up. In either case, behave like water and slowly wear away the resistances in your path. July 22 to 31 pushes you to confront an important issue in this regard and you can do it! Since you are heading for your September lunar climax, this is a timely preparation. August 5 or 15 could test your resolve, so do let August 10 and 11 inspire and confirm your path. By August 24 you are on a roll and that Full Moon in Pisces on August 31 opens doors in your mind and reminds you just how strong the resources of the heart are. Other people have a big influence on your life and from September 3 to 16 this is good news since your important connections now grow.



You are a fiery extrovert by nature and now the solar cycle supports that side of your nature. But it is a driving idea, a big commitment or a creative urge that gets most of your fire between now and late August. Since Aries also likes to be an island', in glorious isolation dreaming up new creative directions, August is a month that suits you well. Late July to August 8 is purpose built for a creative retreat but social obligations and career goals are likely to make your periods of retreat brief. Since the planet of sudden changes is in Aries for many years now, shifts in your plans are normal and further inspiration from sudden changes is also likely, especially July 22 to 31. A Full Moon in your pleasure zone on August 2, keeps you on the hop through to August 11. There is just so much happening and the direction becomes clearer after August 10. Yet you must be wary and as detached as possible from August 15 to 16 if circumstances or someone opposed to you, cause problems. Mostly this is a progressive time with August 17 to 30 helping you build friendships and working alliances. These will be nicely embedded after September 7 when Venus provides a helping hand for the rest of the month. However, some changes aren't the ones you want and September 19 and 21 may remind you of this. Be flexible, keep smiling and things will improve quickly.



Make the most of your Taurean patience when it comes to home and family matters from now until August 8. Some old issues you thought resolved could circle around again and the less you react the better. July 29 shows you what really matters and this insight can warm your heart. July 31 through to August 2's Full Moon is a climactic few days that also involve hard work. Then sweetening life for you, Venus travels through a sign that eases your communication and helps facilitate daily connections, from August 8 to September 7. Since August 19 to 23 brings New Moon help that strengthens your closest bonds and supports plenty of home-based recharges, your personal; and public lives both benefit. August 26 energises partnership and this flows through most of September with highlights on September 3 to 6 and 16 to 20. Now you get results and contribute to great teamwork. Your homing instinct benefits from the tender vibes of September, which give easy access to your intuition and a magnetic quality to your style.



This is your Jupiter year, so make the most of it. This can be an expansive life affirming time if you follow your enthusiasm and take the attitude that there is much to learn. Right now and until August 8, your guru planet Mercury leads you back down creative avenues visited before. This is one of those three week retro cycles that occur every three months and it is a time to look back and correct mistakes, to fine tune things rather than starting something new. There may be a few inspiring aha moments around July 31 and August 2 to 4, but also projects and plans could hit delays and complications. Be patient and you can actually end up with a better outcome than if you had rushed ahead. You are glimpsing exciting possibilities with both Jupiter and Saturn on your side right now and August 2's Full Moon brings a climax of awareness that can really help you clarify exactly what to do about a tricky situation. Be very careful not to act with arrogance on August 2, 5 or 15-16 because that is how Jupiter can create a big backlash. Remember that August 10, 11 and 17 to 21 are perfect for progress and good meetings. Yet great caution is needed on August 23 to 24 and September 2, 7 and 9. Employers, work colleagues and intimate partners can react very badly if you are inconsistent or ignore their requests. In general an inspiring path lies ahead and sweet Venus aspects make September 13 to 18 and 21 to 27 special. September is the month when enjoying and improving your home will be very fulfilling.



Now a Full Moon approaches on August 2 that illuminates all the practical details of your life and the potential that lies ahead. In the meantime enjoy the simple and gentle aspects of daily life that make it sweet, because when things get busy, it is important for you to remember to be kind to yourself. July 31 and August 1 are perfect for an energy recharge from home and family. Full Moon on 2nd could stir up confusion about a financial goal so wait until after August 8 to make decisions. A challenging cycle ends and Venus enters Cancer for a month then. Your home pleasures get sweeter, close relationships suit you best and gentle domestic routines are a kind of personal therapy, through until September 7. Because you are one of the cardinal signs most influenced by the challenging cycle between outer planets right now, there are certain dates to be ultra cautious, August 15 and 16, September 3, 19 and 21. If difficult individuals or circumstances upset you, aim to treat it as part of the cosmic joke, rather than seeing it as a personal attack. If you find yourself airing your tensions on any of these dates, do so with restraint and basically consider a diary or therapist as your best listening ear. The Pluto/Uranus outer planet challenge can create conflicting urges. On the one hand, you may long for new and more exciting roles and on the other hand, a safe place to hide or strong person to take charge, may seem tempting. This issue may heat up around August 31's Full Moon and in September. September 13 to 16 will help you easily clarify your correct path.


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Christine will be offering an eclipse full day workshop in Port Douglas, FNQ Nov 13, to prepare you for the total eclipse the very next day.

NB Australia only rarely gets the chance to see a total eclipse with the naked eye, because it is only a 100 mile band of the earth which has the 'shadow path',creating totality. The last time was in the Great Australian Bight in 2002 and that required even more difficult travel than merely flying to Cairns!

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