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Christines' Planetary Currents


Sep 23rd to Nov 21st, 2012

September 30...When Full Moon in Aries Further Stirs the Pot, Stand Well Back!
Yes it is easy to get burnt when you play with fire and most of us will be a little tempted, particularly those cardinal signs. Practise fast responses and hold back 50% of what you know you must say. This wild Full Moon aligns closely with Uranus and everything points at Pluto. A transformative idea can develop wonderfully, helped by emotional restraint. Productive tasks can produce true passion.
October 15...A New Moon Grows, Enterprise Enacted
When Sun and Moon embrace in Libra on October 15, the energy of change comes easily via good humour and playful ways. Venus in Virgo enjoys the details while Mars in sunny Sagittarius oils the fun. The intentions you plant now will show their form by October 30.
October 30...Full Moon in Taurus hooks up with Venus in Libra
Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus but have nothing else in common. If your Full Moon quest is for sensual pleasures and touchy feely results, you won't get there without nice manners and interesting conversation. And if you want to stimulate ideas, provide comfort foods. Yes this is a get-together lunation when opposites attract and practical goals are not far beneath the surface.
November 14...New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, with Totality Visible in Far North Queensland
The rarest eclipse - a total solar eclipse in magic-making Scorpio. Totality will only occur in the narrow shadow path, which sweeps across the earth, starting East of Darwin, sweeping across Queensland between Cairns and Port Douglas, down across the South Pacific Ocean towards Chile in just 4 minutes. Except for WA, the rest of Australia and New Zealand, see a partial eclipse. I personally will be hoping for clear skies for that amazing two minutes when Moon totally obscures the Sun, birds fall silent and day becomes night


Now the with this Equinox day of September 23, night and day are in balance while the sign of the balancing act begins to rule the inner skies. Being born under the Scales is not an easy incarnation, so much to do, so many people to please. Now is your time in the Sun. Yet it will be October 29 before your lovely ruler, planet Venus comes into Libra. Dialling back to late September, let's consider the picture; Venus still supports the life is too short to waste on regrets agenda as she sashays through Leo. Sidestep any old conflicts that appear late September because September 30's Full Moon can be the best or the worst. Enjoy this time for its playful and sociable demands on you - get off the grid while you can. Important people in your life are charging ahead but your own new start may be dragging its feet...enjoy the break. Move on quickly from old sensitive issues. At October 15's New Moon in Libra, your real new year begins. Ta Daa! Now serious Saturn has left your sign and life becomes lighter. Your mental focus is still honing in on a definite goal. On track to your Venus transit, October 23 to 26 is golden then Venus arrives on October 29 - If November 2 to 4 threatens your equilibrium, don't let it. As a lover of beauty, November promises to remind you that life is a gift, so get your eclipse glasses to view the rare cosmic event visible on November 14.



You are the sign in the news. Serious Saturn and communication guru Mercury, enter Scorpio together on October 6. Careful attention to detail pays off between October 9 and 16 with some material rewards likely to follow. The story has twists and turns: Saturn will be with you for over two years. Yet Mercury is gone by late October only to turn backwards and return to Scorpio on the day of the total eclipse...Yes - on November 14 a total solar eclipse occurs in Scorpio when Moon eclipses Sun, visible in Australia and New Zealand. If you want to see totality, to watch the Sun's corona streaming from behind the Moon, get yourself to FNQ. (see notes below) This can only happen because it is a super-sized Moon, at its closest approach to Earth, which means emotional intelligence eclipses rationalising, exposes anything not authentic and makes it simple to know how you feel. This means serious tasks are ahead, in order to enact what you know to be true for you. A word of advice don't make a decisive move between November 14 and 29, this is an eclipse period as well as a Mercury retro time. It is a vision quest time, which will need to be processed through until mid December. More on that next time...



September 30's Full Moon in your love zone is sure to ignite passions but it can also escalate conflicts, so September 27, October 6 and 9 to 15, are all much better times for that romantic or creative idea that has been hatching. From October 7 to November 17 energy driver Mars is in Sagittarius. This is great for you to engage more dynamically with any projects that are driven by enthusiasm. In this respect, your ability to deal with obstacles and enjoy a challenge will be your strength. Yet Mars is a very tricky influence in anything that is driven by anger or impatience. Then it is a destructive influence that can weaken your ability to act in a way appropriate to the circumstances. Be most aware of this are around October 8, 17 and 28, then on November 2, 10 and 14. Count to ten in all cases! Since Messenger Mercury goes retro in Sagittarius on November 7, this may delay your plans a little for the rest of the month. However this also supports your ability to go back over old plans and dreams to redesign them. Practical concerns mount up after November 17, but only small, well prepared steps will work. Leave financial decisions until December for best results.



You are one of the cardinal signs hooked into the challenging story of our time, and as Uranus squares Pluto in Capricorn, the concerns you have for your life are fairly big . Yet from September 27 to 30 and again in early November, smaller concerns are likely to gobble up your time, like annoying physical issues or demands being made on you by children, lovers; people needing help. Try putting your health and stress reduction activities first and you will deal with demands more realistically. You can't fix everything or control everything and those realisations give you an edge, not to mention, some protection in this last quarter year. With Saturn fully on your side from October 6 to 16 and again October 23 to 26 and 30, this is a dynamic month for practical progress. When Mars enters Capricorn on November 17, the last half of November becomes a great candidate for overkill. If you choose that path it could take you backwards! Handle this energy with care, maximise November 18 and 25 and benefits flow to all your friendships and networks.



Happiness is an interesting question mark for Aquarius and your source of contentment varies widely. Like all the fixed signs (includes Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio), you develop strong habits that you resist changing. In the case of Aquarius these are mental habits and they have a huge influence on how you reach out to others. Sometimes you would rather push them away! With Lover Venus in your partner sign until October 4, Sun's new cycle boosting your philosophical nature and expansive Jupiter in your love sign for months to come, you have a genuine opportunity to create understanding where tensions now exist. The let me help you default position of Aquarius can be a trap, prompting you to say yes whensorry, not now is a better answer. September 27, 29, Full Moon on 30th and October 1, are powder keg times. Avoid the naked flames of self-sacrifice, heavy judgements and holier-than-thou positions and you will move past the explosive zone. By October 9 cruise control is back and the month just keeps getting better. This is one zesty time and October 15's New Moon starts you on a roll. Whether it is career or other responsibilities, progress occurs. For the next two years, your ruling planet Saturn adds extra weight to your sense of duty, worldly concerns. If you limit the attention you give to how far there is to go and stay very present, you will get to enjoy the wild, creative ideas and witty takes on things that your other ruling planet Uranus - is offering you on a plate at the very same time!



August's Full Moon in Pisces is under your belt. Now it is September 27 to 28's Pisces Moon and September 30's Full Moon in Aries that needs some tender restraint. Late September may feel like a time to resolve financial issues but it isn't. If you are aching for a little chaos, then go right ahead. It is natural for to be thinking about financial futures under October's influence as well and timing is everything. October 6 to 11 are best times to refine your ideas and October 16 to 26 can work well for initiating projects, building timely connections. With visionary Neptune, your modern ruler in Pisces, you are thinking big but not necessarily being honest about the costs of enacting your vision, both to yourself and others. So beware wishful thinking on October 4, 8, 28 and 30, when this can damage relationships and your credibility. Home and family is cast into sharp perspective during November and how quickly you find your balance there, depends on making careful choices from October 28 to 30, as a cathartic Full Moon lights the sky. November is about balance...November 4 to 5, 9 to 11 and November 14's deeply contemplative solar eclipse, point the way. An inner journey this month will expand your vision of the possible and help you reboot where necessary.



Change, excitement and dragons to fight are part of the territory right now as the story of our time unfolds for Aries. Sometimes you have been the irresistible force as you toss obstacles aside and display more tenacity than is usual - even for you. Other times, no amount of ranting or struggling can change a single thing about the hard demands that come with your ambitious projects. Driven to walk through every interesting door, you meet many immovable objects there. This is the combined energy of Uranus in Aries in a tight conflict aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Approaching is a climactic period leading to Aries Full Moon from September 28 to 30. More than usually Full Mooney, this opposition of Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries on 30th, hooks right in to the Uranus/Pluto dance! Happily the planets support a light-footed, fast-thinking, and above all gasp, diplomatic Ram. Reach for this. Dynamic times follow in October with numerous Air sign planets continuing to fan your flames. October 7 to 28 sees a rush of plans for travel and learning. Specifically, October 9 to 16 supports your gathering with others for close collaboration and October 28 brings your recent efforts to an energetic level of completion. Do beware leaving bruised egos in your wake when you steam through your daily roles. Extra insight and less words help, from November 2 to 4 and at November 13 to 14's deeply transformative eclipse period. Let your lunar sensitivities lead you forward now.



September 27 to October 1 presses many buttons. Are you feeling the need to refresh some of your default settings? Are old ways of connecting with partners and people in general, getting in the way? Reserve your answer until after October 6, when Saturn begins its two years in your partner sign! Then the work begins. As the Earth sign of Venus, you are gentle on the outside, giving in practical ways. But there is fixed tenacity to your willpower that means your offerings can be hard to resist and also means that you can get trapped by your own sense of duty or stubborn resistance to changes or by physical habits. Make the most of sweet Venus times from October 9 to 16 and October 23 to 26. Kick back a little before the shifts and demands of late October/November. With a Taurus Full Moon on October 30 goals are clarified and partnerships reach a mini climax. Now is the time to clarify what you really can let go of and clarify what your heart is fully committed to. The coming solar eclipse of November 14, says these are fateful times for relationships. Venus and friends amplify Scorpio energy from November 18 to 25, your sizzle factor will increase and whether it is your work, your loves or both, you are ready to put your whole heart into it.



A wordsmith but sometimes lost for words, sometimes in hiding, are just some of the hats multi-directional Gemini wears. Now that Jupiter is in Gemini until mid 2013, you are in your element. The Air sign cycle from September 23 to October 22 adds more Air to the mix, more creative ideas, allowing more loveable sides of Gemini to emerge. Of course if anyone is silly enough to think they have your number and can predict your moods, then your quicksilver emotions will sort them out! Jupiter's benefits are made more interesting and unpredictable by the sudden inspirations and opportunities planet Uranus adds to the mix for you. It is through your groups and networks that this serendipity factor helps most. By October 28 a resolution must be made or a promise delivered, time runs out on any delay tactics. On November 9 a special connection between Jupiter and Lover Venus, means a good reception for most of your ideas. Both biz and personal relationships can flower now and clear communication helps that process greatly. A fateful period from November 14's solar eclipse extending to November 29's lunar eclipse at the Gemini Full Moon, means step lightly around people's sensitivities in November...more on that next time.



Suddenly an old issue surfaces again around September 27 to 30 and the larger story of our time reaches out to you. With your life direction a little unpredictable right now and significant others a bit over controlling or you feeling controlled by larger circumstances you must simply handle, welcome to Uranus square Pluto. Not just late September but also November 2 to 4, trigger this story for Cancer. Remember -these times and their brief stress will pass and through this, the calm centre so strong in the cardinal Water sign of Cancer grows even stronger. October 6 to 16 is the first stage of some long-term support for your committed relationships, for creative projects and particularly projects involving children or healing the inner child. With Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Neptune on your side through October, November, special openings and deep insights pave your way. An eclipse of the heart is a powerful thing for tuned in Cancer; it allows you to see the deeper hidden dimensions of what and who you love. This is the theme for November 14's New Moon and total solar eclipse, since it activates your love zone. Where letting go is needed, where change is needed, where unveiling feelings is needed - this eclipse will help you get there. The period between November 15 and 25 can be extraordinarily constructive for you and serious commitments might take shape.



Late September is a special time for you with a fiery Full Moon in your adventure sign stirring even more ideas and wild escapades. The potent week of bright of the moon begins today on September 23, as moon waxes to an exciting Full Moon. However, challenges could coalesce around September 27 to Full Moon on September 30. Relationships, whether personal or professional, could push you to the limit in these days. Currently, Lover Venus is in Leo, so moral support and optimistic words could be your role in this solar cycle, as friends and family gather around. Early October brings a more practical and material focus, which will help you get down to business and October 9 to 15 is a particularly effective time. With energy driver Mars in your creativity sign until November 17, things are getting juicy. Inspiring ideas come easily and after October 15's New Moon, you are on a roll. If good humour feels tested by November 2 to 4, don't let insulting behaviour from others get under your skin. Make the most of November 14's New Moon and solar eclipse in your sign of home and family, to finally let go of impossible tasks and simply celebrate the pleasures of family life.



Sign of the Maiden and the mother of the grain, Virgo is a big symbol to live up to. Because you are always striving to solve problems, to make things work in a better way and be of service to those you love, life can get exhausting at times. On October 6, the mysterious Waters of intense Scorpio are stirred by the entry of Saturn. Deep and often repressed emotions become a dominant force even before the Scorpio Sun cycle which begins on October 23. This energy is a natural ally for you, increasing the pleasure you take in being a hub for communication and daily affairs, extending over the next couple of years. You are being primed to take extra responsibility to achieve important desires - your ability to shine in a communication role is probably the key. Don't blow this by being too changeable on October 4 or 8 and do maximise the great constructive energy available from October 6 to 16. When your ruling planet - Messenger Mercury goes retro from November 7 to 27, that will be the time you actually process the ideas. These will come together as a new life phase in late November. In itself, much of November is fulfilling and some recent uncertainty turns to crystal clear from November 11 to 18. This includes the total solar eclipse of November 14, which can swallow your logical side in a diamond flash. So don't try to be task oriented mid November but enjoy the extra inspiration available to the Virgo who dares...let go.


Christine Broadbent loves her work as an astrologer and divides her time between Sydney and Auckland. She offers personal consultations in Auckland through October,in Sydney through December and phone consults all over the world. Contact Christine if you are interested in an eclipse workshop on November 4, at Northcote Point. See below for details of the eclipse workshop in Port Douglas:

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When November 14's total solar eclipse darkens the morning's sky, you can know exactly how this applies to your own cosmic pattern.
Explore the Sky Within.
The day before, on November 13, well known Australian astrologer Christine Broadbent offers a workshop in Port Douglas that will guide you to be well prepared for this rare event. Take a journey into your own birth patterns... strengths, gifts and vulnerabilities.

Eclipsed by the Heart: Know your Luminaries
Where do the luminaries of Sun and Moon sit in your birth chart?
What does this mean about you?
Where does the eclipse transit your birth chart?
What influences does this bring for the coming months?
The long Saros cycle of the eclipses illuminates a path with heart.
How does this apply for you now?

When: Tuesday November 13, 11am to 4pm
Where: CWA Hall, Port Douglas
Who: Christine Broadbent brings 28 years of presenting, writing, teaching and consultations in astrology, to add value to this event.
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