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Christines' Planetary Currents

Aquarius Time

Nov 22nd to Dec 20th, 2012


As Lover Venus prompts reflection on your most private feelings, Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22. This combo of Water and Fire is an imaginative and passionate mix that promises to make late November interesting indeed. Full Moon on November 29 illuminates your long-term relationships. Since that Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, take care not to wound a loved one with careless words or unnecessary bossiness. If this focus falls on a lover, don’t assume you have to fix them or advise them of their wrong ways! Just enjoy them as they are. Likewise, on December 3. Your real new start is December 13 when New Moon in Sagittarius comes with some lovely backup for good communication and easy changes. You might want to imagine planting seeds of intention at your annual New Moon, which focus all those big plans down to a simple certainty - set simple clear goals now and they will unfold with ease. Your planetary allies increase when Lover Venus enters Sagittarius on December 16, but be warned that December 17 to 18 is another danger spot when foot-in-the-mouth syndrome could rear its head again. Despite those few 'quicksand' days, December seems purpose-built for your pleasure and effectiveness. From mid month you achieve so much, with extra happy vibes around December 20, a day to celebrate.



There is no stopping a goat-footed one with both Mars and Saturn on your side and this is the case from November 25 to 30. Mars is in Capricorn until December 26, so make the most of your extra energy and drive. One timely warning – Mars does not work out so well if you try to bulldoze others into doing things your way, then it leads to conflict. Remind yourself of this on November 28 when Mars joins Pluto. Great power is available from this planetary pairing and even in December it continues to support your capacity for effective focused work. November 25 to mid December is good for re-invigorating your networks, now that a three week ‘retro’ communication cycle has ended. This is a time to deepen relationships in general. Just be gentle with people if the Mars ‘cut-to-the-crunch’ directive starts to go feral. Not everyone can be as efficient as you! By December 21’s solstice when Sun enters Capricorn, a strong sense of commitment to the people you love is equally matched by a commitment to making sure your work is work that you love...You can only reap benefits from this attitude.



A satisfying career and/or satisfying roles in which you get to help other people, is so important to Aquarius. Now that planet Saturn is linked to your worldly roles, it is impossible to ignore any dissatisfaction you may be feeling. Not reluctant to do hard work, but hating to do things by ‘the rules’ if the rules seem to be faulty, this makes Aquarius a bit of a rebel. Saturn’s ‘square’ to your sign may slow down the process of changes in your work but if you hold to your goal and do everything with thorough attention to detail, you could get recognition as an innovator. November 27 to December 3 is a wonderful opportunity to make progress, with a Full Moon in your ‘house of love’ on November 29. Creative energy is high now and good ideas easy to find, as long as you don’t take on so many commitments you exhaust yourself. December 3 is an accelerator for you and social invitations, plans, could become over-bearing, so keep this in mind. Since friendships are very important to you, ask one of your more laid back friends to help you rethink your schedule. Such a high energy month as December deserves to have an escape plan to make room for those spontaneous joys that come along.



Your sweetly Piscean ways are extra enchanting with Neptune in Pisces and more likely to have clear goals behind them, with Saturn giving extra support. This means hold to your vision but take responsibility for also enacting those practical ideas which can take you there. With Sun entering your career zone on November 22, the next month is critical to your success and happiness. Guru planet to Pisces – Jupiter, is accenting all things home and family, so keeping that balance between the personal and professional in December is the key. December 3, 11 and 17-18 are all times that keeping the balance is most difficult so aim to do less and react less on those days. Your long term dreams are given shape in December. The work to realise them still waits for late January 2013 when Jupiter’s most dynamic cycle begins. Meanwhile December 13’s New Moon gives you an extra nudge. It’s time to actualise your goals. Food for the mind – see yourself sailing happily through the turbulent mental energy surrounding you, just as you would enjoy sailing through leaping dolphins on a sunny day. This is Sagittarius time and warming things like laughter and discovery bring satisfaction, while family provides the fortunate balance.



Busy, yes. Demanding, yes and such a sense of adventure comes with the Full Moon days of late November. From November 27 to 30 you get back in touch with the basics that are your best form of recharge. Any time spent in beautiful natural surrounds between November 22 and 27 sets you up to embrace the mysteries of the potent lunar eclipse on November 29. This activates your love of learning and sense of adventure and is bound to be quite illuminating. Projects that have taken a lot of energy will reach a point of completion around this time, freeing you up for a new phase. Being naturally Ram-like in your spontaneous enthusiasms can sometimes stir up trouble with more controlled types and on November 23 and 28, some restraint will help avoid that. If an old resentment re-emerges, nip it in the bud. If you focus the energy of late November into useful work and connecting with old friends, it will be a lovely period, which supports a real sense of progress in December. This is the month to reach your goals with unusual flair. The extra Fire takes on even more heat after December 13’s New Moon and passionate attachments reap the benefit. Since Uranus is in Aries, it gets support now to open the door on some adventurous plans, maybe involving travel. Something big is coming down the track.



Known for your gentle ways and a will of iron, when you need it, you are often a bastion of support for your friends. Now that Saturn is moving through your partner sign, you want only serious relationship and a real sense of commitment and demands made upon you by others could get even bigger. November 27 ends a ‘retro’ cycle that has had you reviewing relationships and what you attract. Thus November 29’s Full Moon is a good time to decide what attachment or resentment you are now ready to release – something that has been getting in the way of your happiness. This has been a fateful month and December is a time to cut loose a little. Since you are magnetically attractive with Venus amplifying the sizzle factor, through to December 16, things get interesting! From December 13 to 22 your ability to look beneath the surface of your life, is the key to a richly rewarding time, when links with other people give a lot of satisfaction.



A speedy retreat is your speciality when you want to avoid a situation or get bored with demands upon you but when you are really interested time vanishes. With expansive Jupiter in your sign things that really interest you are easy to find right now. However, the whole territory is expanded, so there are plenty of less interesting demands on you as well. It is an all and everything time as Full Moon in Gemini approaches, with Jupiter amplifying the energy and Sun illuminating all things partnership! November 22 to 27 sets you up to enjoy the passion and excitement of November 29’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Time to clarify what unnecessary hesitation can be eclipsed now. Also make room for some gentle, off the schedule hours in late November, to get the best of this lunar climax of your year. December hardly drops the pace so be careful not to blow your cool on December 3...or December 11...or 17. These are rather sensitive days in a month that sees you shine with achievement. The back turning loop of retro Mercury through most of November, has left you with a taste for progressive moves and December 13 to 22 fits the bill entirely.



The sensitive crab is also capable of some very tricky defensive moves and November 23 and 28 might require just that. On November 23 Moon, Uranus and Mars square off and on November 28, a Mars, Pluto combo could show up as a bully or a doubter to be avoided. Yet late November is also a magical time when Water harmonies fine-tune your insights and set free the creative imagination. Make time to enjoy this and to share practical tasks to make them more fun. A serious commitment might come up for consideration in late November with Full Moon on 29th a lunar eclipse – a time to give up some old tired burden or a loss of faith that has hounded you. If other people feel too forceful or if sudden new roles land on your doorstep, keep an open mind to the possibilities. By New Moon on December 13 you will know your correct path forward. That begins a week which gets very good indeed by December 20 when your networks really start to work for you.



Late November is an energy driving confronting kind of time for Leo, with lots of extra Fire from Sun and Uranus helping move things right along. If it is hard to hang on to your dignity and endless tasks seem to pile up between November 23 and 28, let humour be your escape valve. Everything is about to change and November 29’s Full Moon is the key. With Moon and Jupiter expanding your social life and friends popping in, plus Sun warming up some creative ideas that need to be put into practise, busy days and nights are likely. By December 3 the fiery planetary link-ups work for love and success. Then New Moon on December 13 marks the turning point when you decide to enjoy life more and get on with the things that really stir your excitement. Interesting changes and funny ways that plans go pear-shape, then actually turn out well, is all a part of the passionate month of December. In this second half month you can shine without really trying. The high spots multiply further when on December 16 Venus cruises into your love sign and casts her sweet glow over the rest of the month.



When plans change, either you changed them or you are first to get on with the new plan. As this is a changeable kind of time, you will be much in demand. However part of the shape-shifting motif is courtesy of planet Neptune in your opposite sign and that means emotions that sweep in and defy all logic. Much like the river, whose flow is not going to stop because you tell it to, emotions obey their own rules. So remember this on November 22, 29 and on December 3, 11 and 17. Yet these days can also mean extra emotional insights for the Virgo who dares jump into the river! Since your ruling planet Mercury is in rewind mode until November 27, when its ‘retro’ cycle ends, many unfinished tasks and communications that had bogged down, can be simply resolved then. However November 29 is a Full Moon in your career sector and some serious issues about personal needs versus public roles will need to be slowly unravelled. Don’t rely on words alone; rather sit with it and digest the issues slowly. After December 13’s New Moon, it will be much easier to get clarity about your future and time spent at home even beautifying your home, or planning a move, is the secret recipe that makes everything right in your world By December 20, other people may start to see things your way.



Planet Venus has been in lovely Libra but on November 23 Venus moves on, while Mars may test you through other people’ impatience or aggression. In order to protect your relationships with people you love, try not to be judgemental if presented with bad behaviour. Experiencing unpredictable circumstances is just a part of having the planet of change in your opposite sign, so make the most of it - rewrite some of the rules and enjoy a new sense of freedom. Your sense of balance will protect you. Diplomacy comes easy but it may be time to state clearly want you want; and to forget about sitting on the fence. Now that the solar cycle illuminates your contacts, neighbours and daily affairs, it is a busy chaotic time to be enjoyed. Since Saturn’s focus for Libra is about practical plans for material security, being in a relaxed state helps you achieve those goals. Don’t let November 23, 28 or December 17 get you down. Instead get excited; let the fiery enthusiasm so readily available, be the fuel to manifest those goals buzzing through your mind. From December 16 through to January 9, Lover Venus supports a much more free-wheeling time for luscious Libra.



Practical tasks get done and your creative energy is high. Now you are past the life reviewing impulse of your recent New Moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio, you are ready to rock and roll. Life is far too short to be timid about trying new things, so by all means weigh it up carefully but then just get on with it. From November 25 to 27 both Saturn and Mars provide you an extra boost via good contacts and extra ambition. Since Lover Venus will be in Scorpio from November 22 to December 16, this turns up the passion quota and a passionate Scorpio is like a force of nature! As long as you stay heart-centred and honour your intuitive hunches, you will find many situations improve after November 27. Both business and personal relationships can transform for the better now. November 29 to 30 brings a powerful Full Moon and eclipse, prompting a rethink of your financial plans. Since a ‘retro’ communication cycle from November 7 to 27 has already had you reviewing your chosen direction, Full Moon brings those insights to the fore and frees you up for action. Now you are ready to make December a month to remember. Best days are December 8, 13-14 and 20 and financial initiatives work best from 13th.


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