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Stars for April and May 2013

Apr 01st to May 31st, 2013


Why is April, May 2013 a time of opportunity for the headstrong Ram? Well it is your birthday period until April 20 and late March has been a wild ride! This does increase your energy because on your own appointed day you have a solar return, commonly called a birthday! Fast cycles like those of Sun, Venus and Mars are all moving through Aries right now. Then there are the extra opportunities linked to the backdrop of slow planet cycles. One of these is Uranus and it will be in Aries until 2018, so mega hyper-charged change is in the air. Late March and early April Aries folk, are already swept up by it and the rest can smell it coming. The rare alignment of planet Pluto squared off to Uranus until 2015 means you are being ‘cooked’ by changes, challenged at critical points and the biggest outcomes are still years away. Freedom and expressing yourself are jumping hot Aries issues anyway and now there is no excuse not to embrace your most excellent self-expression. By Aries New Moon on April 10 you are pointed and ready to run. Make the most of this period through until April 24 because it is golden. Since another Aries issue is getting respect, now is a time to earn it. However, April 21-22 and the two Full Moons that come on April 25 and on May 25, all need great care. I suggest three protections that will keep you on track and away from ‘hubris’. Hubris is the great fall that comes when we act like we are invulnerable – like a god. First protection is to keep your goals modest by cutting your Big Ambition into small do-able parts. Secondly, acknowledge your dream but settle for doing the stage you are currently in, incredibly well. Give it 100% of yourself, no matter how frustrating and not on track, it may seem. Finally, when challenged, take pause for thought – don’t ram right in. Instead, remember your dream. Doing something about what you don’t know, can only help you reach it. The stars are shining the way.



Why is April, May 2013 so important for the (usually) gentle Bull? Well it is not just your birthday period. However that does focus your attention because on your own appointed day you will have a solar return, commonly called a birthday! It’s the backdrop of slow planets that interact with faster cycles that make a huge difference. The usual Taurus preference for security and comfort is undergoing challenge and change while a deep almost primitive need to learn more, explore more and get spiritually tuned-up is quietly transforming you, courtesy of planet Pluto. Yet inner restlessness can get in your way. Then there is Jupiter expanding your financial potential until late June and Saturn in your partner zone all year accenting commitment and responsibility. Basically, there are many serious things on your mind. Take it one step at a time and beware resisting necessary changes because that wastes energy and with Saturn in opposition, energy must be conserved and strengthened. This is the classic ‘get lean and mean’ transit, but exercise must go with adequate vitamins and minerals, since Saturn rules the bones. Once lovely Venus cruises into Taurus on April 15, this is a homecoming for her and you. A sweetly rewarding time follows and when Sun enters Taurus on April 20, it is all go! The period from April 15 up to the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 26, is dripping with loving potential. Then Taurus New Moon on May 10 is a solar eclipse. All these eclipses go with a sense of fast-moving fated times and this continues through to May 25, another Full Moon. May sizzles with intensity. From May 10, the Venus focus shifts and adequate money for your work comes with effective communication However there are days to be super conscious and not over-react or over-protect. These are: April 21-22 and 28-29. When on May 1, 5, 10 or 13, others just seem too demanding, it’s best to step up.



April, May 2013 an exciting learning curve with great opportunity for the Twins. Why is this? Many reasons - by April 6 your mind will have had its full Mercury ‘recharge’, because the retro review that has been ongoing since late February is finally – really, over. Now you can stop wondering ‘why’ or ‘if’, stop looking back at what is no longer the same and can move ahead with your most important tasks. No more side-tracks and this, is particularly true after April 10’s New Moon in your networking sign. Yes there will always be a couple of hats to wear for Trickster Gemini, to keep life interesting but now the main game is on! This highly effective time supports creative teamwork – your talents are noticed quite likely and you can shine with ease. There is a slower planet story assisting all of this – the presence of Jupiter in Gemini for its once in 12 years visit. Since Jupiter leaves on June 26, these months are a rare and special time. Your mental speed is accelerated by Mercury from April 14 to May 2 and as long as you don’t try to juggle too many projects, this period could deliver an important new role. Make sure you gather your good ideas on April 19 to 20 – write or record them, rather than talk about it. An inspiration that needs time to develop could be ready to present by May 19 to 21. May 21 is also the day Sun enters Gemini, moving into a position that makes May 27 to June 4 potentially spectacular for work and creativity. Days to keep your opinion to yourself are: April 21-22 and 28, May 5, 10 and 26. Don’t take other people’s opinions too seriously either, then.



Water sign sensitivities can be Cancer’s greatest blessing or a curse. Currently they are swinging wildly between the two. Fear not, things will get more settled after April 24. In the meantime why not enjoy the wild ride and focus the energy into new vocational directions, new life roles and exciting challenges. Despite the craziness around April 21 and 22, when the outer planet tug-a-war between Uranus and Pluto, may get personal again, April is a “can do” month for you. Why is late April and May extra special? Well a wondrous combo of Water and Earth harmonies occur once Venus and Sun both enter Taurus and link forces with the many slow planets in Water signs. This whole story gets even juicier, in late June, but that must wait for June’s write-up! On April 19 and 20, from April 24 to 27 and May 2 to 8, there are ‘magic wand’ aspects that can heal emotional rifts; produce deep understanding and show you the simple way to make the right moves. The eclipse cycle has also been on your side lately, which means timely changes are so much easier to make. Next comes a lunar eclipse on April 26, which is a Full Moon in your love sign, illuminating the pleasure of being alive. It can be a chance to eclipse a limiting pattern in your love relationships. After that May 10’s New Moon is a solar eclipse prompting you to initiate new friendships or revitalise old ones. Time now to join or form that group you have considered. A growing Moon boosts your energy through to May 25’s Full Moon – another lunar eclipse. This one needs caution and a plan for a restful two days. Consider a retreat in late May.



What is the most exciting thing about April and May for Leo? In a year in which your Fire is getting a recharge, April charges you up even further, while May gives you a chance to do something very practical with all that pizzazz. Late March had a high fun quota and so does early April but serious responsibilities start to move in to focus after April 10’s New Moon. It is creative projects and adventurous ‘big picture’ plans that make you buzz with energy now. Your urge for travel and learning, is in focus. From April15 the Venus touch supports your drive and ambition, with beauty, balance and shared meals the way things happen. From April 20, both Sun and Mars weigh in for a month. A more driven time keeps you pushing yourself hard through most of May. The eclipse axis is also pivotal for Leo, suggesting a timely new agenda for your life roles. The balance of home and work is shifting now or ready to. Be prepared to prove your ideas, or to agree to change them, when Saturn challenges come along on April 21 to 22 and April 28 to May 1. Humour is the best antidote to any family-based tensions arising then and on May 5. What you don’t say is more important than what you do, if things don’t go your way. Saturn’s path of hard-won wisdom is focused on home and family, thus the tests and the place you can evolve. In a sense, ‘more important’ things don’t exist right now – it’s follow your heart time.



What is special about April and May 2013 for the talented Virgin? For one thing planet Pluto provides powerful support for re-inventing yourself, not to mention the high dreams via planet Neptune, dissolving your old pictures of partnership. You want, and are prepared to give, more. With Mercury as your guru planet, anciently known as ‘Hermes’ – travelling between different worlds is meant to be part of your story. Connecting things, working out solutions, taking care of the details that others may ignore, are often familiar to Virgo. Yet this can bog you down in endless tasks or way too many plans and promises. Now Mercury is in your partner sign until mid April so it is partners and your public self that is keeping you on the hop. From April 19 your wings elegantly unfold and lofty ideas are your destination. Or you may opt for Mother Earth, the other half of your Virgo image and get down and dirty, an eco-recharge. A most valuable period from April 25 to 27, provides perfect timing and includes the healing release of the passionate Scorpio Full Moon on Friday 26th. Considering taking up study or planning a big trip? May 2 to 8 perfectly supports the background work. By the first crescent Moon on May 12 your plans start to come together. After May 16 Mercury highlights ambitions and your ability to bridge two worlds gets even better, with May 27 to 31 super-charged.



Why are April and May such release-valve months for Libra? Maybe because you have had so many challenges, you need a chance to let go! That slow planet story of our time where Uranus squares off to Pluto and both of them challenge Libra, has been jumping again since late March. Various annoying tensions may come along again around April 7 or 21 to 22. Just stay cool and move on quickly. A different Venus energy prevails from early April, and being a bit disobedient and treating serious things with a light touch, lets you be playful in a healing way. Yes all of this is saying: Lighten up then loving times will simply happen in April. Partnership is highly profiled now, yet the earthy shift from April 20 to mid May emphasises keeping your body healthy, simplifying your habits, to really feel balanced. If you keep your mind still by focusing closely on every task, you will feel much closer to that Libran dream of balance. Hold to your inner ground if aspects of home and family seem to be shifting too fast. Do this by accepting changes but sticking to your principles and your essential values. If you need to have your say, don’t choose April 28 to May 1 to do so. Conflict is too close to the surface then and resistance is strong. Sometimes life needs careful moves and for you it becomes easier after May 10 when Venus eases into your adventure sign. Once Sun follows on May 21, you really find your groove and you might like to celebrate that fact in the last five days of May.



Why is the presence of planet Saturn in Scorpio so full of vocational potential through April May 2013? Well if following this site, you already know that Saturn is in your sign until 2015 and that it tends to bring added responsibilities to your life. Also any flaws in the ‘system’, whether it is physical or your relationships, seem to reveal themselves when Saturn is around. Fortunately Saturn has some serious planetary help right now and therefore – so do you! A burst of creative energy and behind the scenes work means projects are likely to surge ahead when Mars and Sun meet on April 18. This can only get better and pull in more people, with the many planets in your partner sign from April 19 to May 8. Into the middle of this period on April 26, comes your annual lunar climax – the Full Moon in Scorpio. Anything important that came into play last November will show its full potential now, thanks to the eclipse cycle in Scorpio. Consider viewing your Full Moon getting partially eclipsed, around 5am Australian Eastern Time. Adding further healing to relationships is Neptune, in your love zone. This means that compassion towards loved ones and embracing the vision of a higher level of empathy can evoke miracles in late April and early May. There are however a few tests on April 22 and 28 and on May 1 and 10, when Saturn is at odds with partnership planets. This is no time to be controlling or critical -kindness or quietness is a much better idea. Yet May is the month for insights and after New Moon on May 10, you will be putting those insights into practice with good cooperative results.



Goodwill to your fellow humans and a love of adventures are two typical Sagittarian traits but late March may have tested your optimism. Now in April, four planets in your love sign are reaching out to Jupiter and this is good news for any partnerships and public roles. Once April 10’s New Moon plants the seeds of a new emotional and creative cycle, there is easy forward movement of plans and goals. Then an earthy cycle subtly slows you down and forces you to do the tedious tasks for the sake of success, from April 19 to 20 through to mid May. If you take this on, results are made more fruitful by both Neptune and Saturn, adding astrological Water. This means that a visionary or artistic bent supports good feelings and loving bonds. You may even get creative with your home. In general home, family and your most intimate personal concerns are helping you drop into a low slow gear, which feels great. Also moments of inspiration can help you cut to the essence of a tricky financial issue. A rainbow of opportunities presents itself when you are receptive enough. Choose one good thing and stick with it in May; stock up all the vitality that will give you and if planet Uranus plays the trickster card via changeable people around May 19 to 23, you will cruise right through it. Your lucky Full Moon in Sagittarius is also a lunar eclipse and it follows on May 25, accenting some unusual adventures. The need to get the balance right with those significant others in your life is the main game for now as planet Jupiter begins its last month in your partner sign.



It’s all go for Capricorn – home, family and any real estate concerns are all jumping with energy right now and through most of April. Try embracing the invitation of Pluto in Capricorn: It’s about personally evolving, switching any heavy-handed “I know best” tendencies, into “show me how you do it”. That way, April can only be good. Why are April and May so revolutionary for the Goat? Because the change planet is squaring off to Pluto and prompting you to try new ways. This has been really strong since late March, picks up energy again in both mid and late April, again around May 21. You are the sign who knows the value of regular routines and sticking with what you know but Uranus has other ideas for you. April, May presents a productive turning point and exciting new hills to climb lay ahead. New levels of enthusiasm in your work and the renewal of relationships are in sight, with sweet Venus aspects making loving solutions easy to find. The earthy harmonies from May 2 to 8 mean that you can be the right person in the right place. Changes become even easier from May 21 to 31 when getting your routines and health regime tuned up will keep you on track. Peer ahead to late June and extraordinary progress is to come, when successful collaboration and building strong relationships, leads you well.



Aries Time from March 21 to April 20 is always quite a dynamic time for Aquarius but late March has had its fair share of stress and challenge. Now April is here and it calls time for a fiery energy that warms you up without all the excess heat. Just what is special about April and May for the Water Bearer? Firstly there are numerous fiery planets in your friendship and communication sign, helping you make a successful blend of passionate public involvement, peppered with creative solitude, study and short journeys. If any one of these is taking all of your time, something has to give! Change planet Uranus is one of these planets and that means expect the unexpected, particularly around April 7, 18 or 26. Since April 10’s New Moon accelerates your busy life, try to resist letting your sense of service go into overdrive, or you could burn out. Once Lover Venus enters earthy Taurus and your family zone on April 15, she shines her light on home concerns. It is easier to be kinder to yourself and go lower key now. Then Sun and Mars join in on April 20, telling you that some rest and recreation at home is great for your mental and physical state. This earthy energy continues into May. As a resourceful sign and ‘Knower’ of the zodiac, Aquarius can be clever and super rational. That does not always mean you are good at being kind to yourself or tuned in to your body and now is a golden opportunity to remedy that. Despite extra demands on your time and big ambitions, the eclipse axis is also prompting you to find a better balance between personal life and work routines. Between May 10’s New Moon, solar eclipse and May 25’s Full Moon, lunar eclipse, is the perfect time to embrace this healing task. By late May with its playful energy, what you are seeking is suddenly easy to find.



Did you know that planet Neptune in Pisces means you are in your element like never before? In April and May this is even more elementally rewarding, because other supporting planets extend your potential for creative teamwork and visible success. Then there is Communication planet Mercury in Pisces, now offering far more satisfying communication outcomes through to mid April, than earlier in March. Add Saturn moving through your sign of adventure and learning, and your choices become more practical and ambitious. Do remember to resist any pressure to make an important decision or take up a political cause on April 22. Yet, important groups and networks will take their shape in April. Your Water sign planet allies now offer inspiration and a leap into the adventure of the mind. What do you really want to learn? It’s time to commit. April 27 to May 8 is particularly creative and with Venus in harmony to Pisces from April 15 to May 10, your sex appeal and charisma goes up. Did I mention this is linked to the greater sense of relaxation all these Taurus planets evoke for you? Then an earthy New Moon on May 10 seeds a fresh start for your daily activities. Everything becomes simpler and you do best if you focus more energy, into less projects. There are certain days to make extra efforts not to stress or to try too hard: these are May 10, 14, 18 and 22. Kick back on those days, take off the pressure then and your efficiency for the rest of May increases. Enjoy all the new contacts made and old connections renewed in this dynamic month.


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