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Christines' Planetary Currents

July, June 2013

Jun 01st to Jul 31st, 2013


It has been Gemini’s time in the Sun since May 21 and Jupiter’s expansive blessings still bless your sign. Yet June 2 to 7 and 14 to 20 has the greatest promise of all. Impressing people and enjoying personal creative goals comes fairly naturally in June, with the real start of your year at Gemini New Moon on June 9. Yet this ‘black Moon’ could test you – beware you don’t say things you will later regret or make rash financial commitments on June 8 to 9. Energy for creativity, good negotiations and general success, rises after June 14. Now you are in your stride! Then two things happen on June 26 which effect Gemini. The first is that Jupiter leaves Gemini and will now spend a year in Cancer, which means coming up soon, it’s “put your money where your mouth is”. The second thing is that your guru planet Mercury goes retro for 3+ weeks, a perfect time to look back, balance accounts and carefully review your finances. July 2 to 4 is another time to hold back on spending. July is an important month when you can make progress by doing the background work, particularly July 8 to10 and 17 to 21. Leave the big stuff like project launches or advertising or house sales or purchases for July 23 to 30. Best overall days are: July 21, July 23’s Full Moon - also the beginning of a good communication cycle for you, plus July 27, 28 and 30.



Canny with timing, sensitive to subtle vibes and caring are just some of the powers of your sign. Yet holding on so tightly to love, that it suffocates, or that you tolerate way too much bad behaviour, are less admirable traits of the Crab’s Claws! Some healthy changes have been happening and your responses have probably had extra impressive gravitas. June 26 brings giant Jupiter to Cancer for a year and the story gets much bigger, the cast of characters larger perhaps. In advance of this, June 3 to 16 soothes your soul and relatively peaceful periods become easier to find, even if brief lived. Water sign harmonies nourish and support you as Lover Venus transits Cancer from June 3 to 28. Late June and early July is a wild ride as communications get tricky and describe a backward loop. Be prepared to redo things and rethink plans. Hard-working associates will inspire you and a pushy someone might need their marching orders July 2 to 4...or you may succumb at last. July 8’s New Moon is the true start of the Cancer year so, set some New Year’s resolutions perhaps? The deeper patterns of your life are emerging now, with serious commitments coming easily when Mars and Saturn join the party in the second half of July. Canny collaborations are the way to go.



At home with yourself and others, listening to the wisdom of your heart; this is all part of the gifts of June. Kicking into effect from June 2 when an evocative link between Sun and the change planet sees friends gathering, groups going into over-drive. A project dear to your heart might shape up rapidly from June 10 to 20. The best inspirations come when you stop trying and simply play with ideas. Leo represents Fire in its most steady state and hottest burn, so numerous planets in airy Gemini are fanning your creative flames. Just don’t expect people around you to act in a particularly rational manner since emotions are also on the boil June 8 to 13. An interesting year begins for you on June 26, signifying July as the month to start dredging in your subconscious, allowing ideas and memories to come up from the dark. This could be the key to a highly creative year to come. It is July 8’s New Moon that shows you the way forward and enterprising ideas take off once Sun enters Leo on July 23. As it happens, an exciting Full Moon occurs the same day, amplifying the fun factor. Don’t let this extra boost of energy make you complacent or careless because July 28 could bring a family confrontation along.



June is about fabulous career and important roles, particularly once June 9’s New Moon helps you shift into new start energy. Projects and plans just buzz ahead with minimum fuss, so beware the manic side that grabs you and obsesses over details on June 4, 8-9 and 20. When your guiding planet begins a three week retro period on June 26, you begin to review your direction. Re-energising is a good idea too, which means – Some Rest! Maybe a dietary cleanse which is kind to the sensitive Virgo digestion. Now you can be your most effective self and also kick back a little. Your guide is communication planet Mercury and from June 26 to July 21 you benefit most from reconnecting with friends, and reviving old contacts. That is your best kind of networking in these weeks. July 17 to 21 has some extra satisfying moments when something you have longed to experience happens for you. Since Venus eases into Virgo on July 22, things just keep getting sweeter as the month progresses and your personal schedule looks good. Take time to catch up with people whose energy lifts you. Prepare now for a wildly busy August.



With Mars now in your adventure sign until mid July, luscious Libra is on the move or planning to be on the move. Gung ho you are and nothing much is going to stop you. But there is a catch of course and it’s the tender trap! Lover Venus is at the top of your ‘scope and amplifying your ardent desire for success, whether that is regarding family roles, working goals or simply staying in control of the shifting ground of your life. The change planet is also helping to bring out the unpredictable or unstable side of your partners and it often feels family and home demands are overpowering. June 8 to 9, 12 and 13, plus June 30 to July 4, all resonate with challenges. This means breathe deeply on those days and look at the events as part of the cosmic joke, which will pass in time. This attitude is the closest you can get to balance because one way or another, your life is a bit of a balancing act in June, July. It could get much too emotional for your liking, if you take things personally. Yet July 17 to 30 offers wonderful opportunities for success and good financial returns, with July 21 to 26 particularly juicy.



Since Lover Venus is in a fellow Water sign in June, you begin to reap the rewards of this from June 4 to 8, in the form of good friends, exciting plans and potentially travel on the horizon. However the ‘black’ of the Moon period on June 8 and 9 needs real caution, particularly with finances and emotional reactions. Serious Saturn has been in Scorpio for about eight months now, so the message is probably filtering through that hard-won wisdom is the wisdom that serves you best. Saturn is rarely an easy transit but it helps us build the life we want. June 12 to 16 is a period to take notice of what you learn as it could be profound and life-enhancing. More Water sign harmonies on June 27 and July 5 to 21 let you know that much can be achieved in the Cancer sunsign period. There is a particularly loving vibe to July and cooperative efforts with others can revolutionise your life. A creative partnership or a lover can inspire you to be your exceptional best but don’t expect the most obvious results of this until after mid July. If plans appear to stall be patient and you will probably find they come to fruition between July 23 and August 2. The giant planets - Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, link up in a three-way harmony on July 18 to 19, so seed ideas you plant then, could grow into something grand. Your enterprising spirit will soar. Most visible on July 23’s Full Moon and most vulnerable on July 28, when the less said the better!



June starts with the trickster planet Uranus in harmony to Sun and all of it in harmony to you. So, try dancing with the opportune openings in June. Projects and plans from late March can really roar ahead now, if you are willing to focus your energy and embrace unusual or even quirky ways of doing things. It is creativity plus this month, so make the most of it. June 18 to 20 is particularly inspirational. This is also Jupiter’s last month in your partner sign. Pay attention to maintaining balance with people you love and remember careless words can cause a lot of damage on June 8-9 or 12-13. You may be jumping with restless energy, but June 26 to July 21, best rewards those who go with the flow. People will be particularly resistant to advice and reactive to criticism during that powerful time, with six planets in Water signs. On the other hand, empathy, understanding and reassuring body language mean a lot! This is also your best period to complete any financial records not up-to-date and to review your finances. In fact, your guiding planet Jupiter is prompting you to invest in your future over the next year. Action comes most easily for the sunny Sagittarius, once Sun moves into Leo on July 23. Now ‘anything goes’ energy meets up with great ideas and you will find the world more receptive to what you have to offer, as August rolls around. Except on July 26 and 28, when tempers are short and misunderstandings may trip you up.



With your regular habits and routines, plus a plan for every occasion, you aim to keep chaos at bay. is not so cooperative as to always fall your way. Be especially alert to this fact on June 8 to 9 and 12 to 13 when chaos agent Uranus may have other ideas for you. You can make this time a creative turning point, which will work best for you if you let your intuition lead and let life’s coincidences determine the order of your tasks. June and July are no months to push against the river, because numerous planets in Water signs just make this a very silly idea. With Pluto in Capricorn, you may be tempted to flex your strong willpower, so try to remember that you are merely a drop in the ocean of life. June can be a month of extraordinary progress, if you embrace the changes that have to happen. On June 23, the climax of your year can be quite heart-opening as a Capricorn Full Moon connects into a Water ‘Grand Trine’ involving Sun, Neptune and your ruling planet, Saturn. This has revolutionary potential and is given extra mana by being so close to winter solstice, the mystical heart of the year. Clarify your intentions in late June and from June 26 to July 21 set yourself the task of refining those intentions. Partners and those special to you, are likely to be very helpful in this process, particularly from July 18 to 30. Tuned-in people in general, are worth listening to and for the next year, the right partner is all important to your success. A warning – be gentle with your body and your relationships on July 28.



As the tuned-in Air sign who is the Knower of the zodiac, Aquarius is on track and in charge, a lot of the time. Then there are times when it’s wise to cut yourself a ‘fun break’ and be a little less the fixer and a little more the playful one. June is such a time but it will take perseverance to get there. Your mind is strong but it can also be a tyrant and stress-master Saturn is now in your career zone for two years. This often means every success is hard won and anything that was an easy ride gets harder. Take any obstacles in your stride and trust that ‘important’ tasks can also be fun if you let the intuitively rich period from June 18 to July 22, take you there. It is the leap into spontaneous insights that can set you free then. Pleasure is expanded with planet Mars accelerating creativity through until mid July. Venus in your partner sign, from June 28 through most of July, means balance is easier to find. If you can hold back ‘know it all’ statements on July 2, 4 and 10, your emotional detachment will be much in demand. Numerous planetary harmonies promote sensitivity to the feelings of others in July and this is what makes fabulous career that much more fabulous! There are two Aquarius Full Moons this year – an unusual event which first occurs on July 23. Celebrate and enjoy...more on that in August’s scope.



You are in your element in June and July, even though June offers a few tasty challenges from the home and family area. It is an elemental boost for you because so many planets are in Water signs and this means, support, fertility in your work and maybe even births happening around you. In any case it is a flowing and growing cycle, most productive on June 7, 12, 16 and 26 to 27. Your Water sign allies increase in the most significant way on June 26, when your guru planet Jupiter enters home loving Cancer for a year. On top of that, your other guru planet –Neptune, is already in Pisces, inspiring you to extend yourself in creative and unusual ways. Since another serious ally is Saturn in Scorpio, the period of July 17 to 21 is an extraordinary harmony of all three planets, with some energetic Mars thrown in. These days are no time to indulge in worries or anxiety since you could easily turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy. Instead these are days to use the power of the imagination in healing, life-affirming ways. The adventure of the mind calls out to you with this ‘trifecta’ of planets continuing to guide you all year. Riches of the heart and mind await you in July. To top it off, the love planet, Venus enters your partner sign on July 22 for a month and it really is lovely to work cooperatively with others, as long as you don’t expect too much on July 26 to 28.



It is the subtle understandings; the attention to what is not being said and intuitive receptivity to others, that bring out your best in early June. Let Gemini quick wit and light touch be your guide here, especially since your guiding planet, Warrior Mars, is in Gemini now until mid July. The change agent Uranus has been in fiery Aries now for some time so June offers a chance to bring together the spontaneous insights it promotes and an airy detachment. As soon as you get most attached to an idea or opinion, an obstacle appears and errors can go unnoticed. June is for playing with ideas, which will allow the rich Water energies of both June and July to deliver the emotional healing they promise. June 4, 7 to 8 and 13 all offer a positive emotional shift in the midst of challenging demands. By July 26, it will be clear to you that your best results come with an open heart and mind. It is the things you don’t expect and the small reminders of life’s gifts that mean the most in July. Now your home and family are of prime importance and your most creative place will be at home or in a homely environment. With power planet Pluto squared off to Aries, a sense of how much you don’t know and a hunger to learn has the best results. What eases your mind and body the most? Water therapy, happy family gatherings and jumping in to the waters of the imagination to dream wonders into being, do the trick.



From June 4 to 7 the pleasure of having your ruling planet Venus moving through home-loving Cancer, works well for you. Sweet times shared with close people close to you as well as easy effective communication in the workplace, all get the month off to a good start. However, there are chaos periods that lurch onto centre stage to occasionally disturb your relaxation. June 8 to 13 could be such a time but your fix-it sweetly mentality, may simply mean you are much in demand. Mid June through July is rather well designed for the gentle Bull – think Ferdinand munching on the green grass. However, Venus moves into Leo on June 28 and could stir up some trouble July 2 to 4, with partners in a funk or family members in meltdown and tending to control your moves. Much more to your liking, is the general ‘purpose built’ feeling about July, with its numerous Water/Earth harmonies that work in your favour, making it easy to achieve your goals. Keep them simple! Then on July 22 Lover Venus eases into your love sign and it’s time to be in love with life. Just beware any bullish moments when your hooves refuse to budge no matter what. This stubborn fixity is your less desirable trait and it will likely be challenged around July 2, 26 or 28. Perhaps any tensions are there to show you more flexible ways to achieve a creative loving life.


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