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Christines' Planetary Currents


Jun 01st to Jul 31st, 2014


June and July are game-changer months for Gemini, with many opportunities to redesign things in June and a surge of creative energy from mid July. Let us unpack this: The first week of June is an excellent time to make “Can do” your key phrase, particularly on the well supported days of June 4 to 6. Get any important documents signed before June 7 when your changeable ruler, planet Mercury, goes retro until July 1. This retro period is a perfect time to revisit your financial plans in order to finesse them and work out exactly how to balance your budget. Mid July will be the most effective time to put these new insights into practice. Your best retro days are June 18, 20, 24 and 29, with a lovely burst of social activity from June 23, when Lover Venus enters Gemini. This continues into late July, with July 5 to 7 particularly sweet – a time for romance and true friendship. It is the action, energy surge of July 13 to 19 that really lights up your profile and potential, with expansive Jupiter beginning a year- long cycle perfect for developing new product and services. With July 27’s New Moon the wild ride gets wilder and your well-developed talents will be noticed. Days to curb careless comments and to not get burnt by the Gemini trait of inattention to ‘boring’ detail: June 13-14, 25 and 30, plus July 19, 22 and 25.



As your Cancer Sun sign period approaches, you enter a two month period in which you can probe an old problem from every angle and move on very decisively. Maximise the sweet energy of early June because communication planet, Mercury, goes ‘retrograde’ in Cancer on June 7. This however makes June the best time to get the inside angle on a problem, particularly June 7 to 16, but you might not like what you learn June 13 to 14, when a feral Full Moon presses emotional buttons. Further challenging insights on June 25 probably continue to be processed at your New Moon in Cancer on June 27. By June 29 when you see the first crescent Moon low in the western sky, you will realise a turning point has been reached! Now the moving on period begins to take shape. Important insights into relationships and into emotional undercurrents linked to work are triggered by events on July 4 and 9, with an action plan illuminated by Full Moon on July 12. You easily fulfil that strategy from July 13 to 24, while the entry of Lover Venus into Cancer on July 19 begins three weeks of sweet social events that boost your confidence and focus your sense of direction.



A big bold Leo year begins on July 16 when Jupiter enters Leo after a twelve year absence. Careful navigation of the sometimes emotional currents of June will ensure you are primed and ready by mid July. The days to be most aware of things potentially going pear-shaped are June 13 to 14 and June 25 to 27, when like it or not, people will be touchy and easily overreact to even small jokes aimed at their blind spots. The interesting thing about June for Leo is that a creative project or good idea which has been abandoned can now be dug up, dusted off, and made all shiny and new. This will be very useful to have at hand, once the Jupiter cycle begins mid July. Even your Leo New Moon on July 27 has a Jupiter theme, so things will begin to move very fast and to get complex, very easily. Choosing the right directions to focus your energy will ensure you make the most of this time, rather than getting exhausted by too much of everything. Your best creative development cycle is June 6 to 18 and the most productive cycle is July 7 to 14. From July 25 to 28 your patience may be tested so stay sane by preparing for a mega dynamic August, when everyone wants a ‘piece’ of you.



June’s Sun sign period illuminates your career and worldly roles but your ruler, Mercury, winds your vocational plans backwards from June 17 to July 1, only to give them a big push forward, from July 5 to 25. So June is a hard-working month that needs a reflective attitude, to allow business ideas to circle around until they make better sense. This nurtures your energy for later achievements in July. Having said that, June 13’s Full Moon agitates impatience for results and travel plans may seem to strike an obstacle. Fear not, that sweet times gal, Venus, helps problems resolve by June 18 then supports financial returns, through into late July. From July 21 a Jupiter year will encourage short periods of solitude when goals and aspirations are considered, while serious Saturn begins a direct motion cycle that urges you to build a better social media profile or more effective communication, maybe both. Once Mars too enters your communication zone on July 26, your drive and determination will be legendary, picking up even more steam in mid August.



Times have been testing for the sign ruled by Lover Venus, and love may not have been a particularly easy path. Partners or significant people in your life can be difficult at such a time and the erratic or unpredictable behaviour you have experienced could have another run from June 13 to 14 and 25 to 27. Yet June is also purpose designed for finessing travel plans and for spiritual pursuits, while June 23 to July 19 offers opportunities to connect with overseas friends, perhaps an old flame. Warrior Mars has been in Libra since last December, bringing a militant air to peace-loving Libra. July 4 to 9 could stir your warrior into action but July is actually the shift month in which Mars starts helping you build loving bonds, rather than challenging them. This is most apparent around July 13 to 14 and on July 26, Mars moves out of your sign. This is followed by July 27’s New Moon that prompts an enthusiastic new start for group projects and the urge to catch up with friends, perhaps travelling to do so. Both of these will be supported by the ongoing Venus aspects, yet there is a strong influence supporting a hard-working money-making August to come.



Since Saturn has been in Scorpio seemingly forever and Mars is on the way there in late July, the driven and serious side of your nature is not likely to ease up. Yet Saturn can be a bit of a wet blanket, dulling your confidence, quite as easily as building it via your ongoing achievement. June’s aspects foster more serious concerns, perhaps involving investment or inheritance, but they warn against trying to rush or push anything through. Be content with small steps and take the easy and simple path, rather than the multi-layered complex approach in June. The good news about June is the boost to your confidence from the appreciation of a special person(s) while Lover Venus transits your partner sign. If appreciation seems to wane on June 13 to 14, don’t fret. July has far zippier aspects for Scorpio and July 9 to 13 is particularly helpful. Something you have worked on since at least last November could flower now, even gaining international attention, and this would be a good period to launch a project. Once Jupiter enters your career sign on July 16, a dynamic year begins, taking shape in the last week of July. This is also when your ‘ruler’ - planet Mars - returns to Scorpio, and now your enterprising zeal can move mountains.



June and July are mega months for the Archer. Your clearest insights occur around June 6 and as a Full Moon in Sagittarius approaches, your world gets busier and people want more of your time. This lunar climax occurs on June 13 to 14 and it has some tricky undercurrents indeed. Learning to go with the flow and holding firm with your family or clan - without criticism, keeps you safely afloat on the sea of turbulent emotions. Issues about money or group dynamics that have been building since the end of December, now reach a climax. With Mars in the lead it is best to be gentle and honest and move on. This will rejuvenate your energy and relationships if you let it, all the better to maximise the excellent aspects of June 18 to 24 when “make love not war” rules the day. Bite your tongue on June 25 and on July 4, if an “I told you so” wants to creep out. Once expansive lucky Jupiter enters your travel and adventure sign on July 16, you are set for an interesting year to follow. You will find that old uncertainties turn into clear plans after July 21 and July 25 to 27 inspires some great ideas. Be forgiving July 28 to August 1 then August may well be your best month yet.



The Goat is sure-footed where others may find a problem too big to handle, and June-July certainly tests your ability to be organised and proactive. A retrograde communication cycle from June 7 to 17, means partners might create confusion and chaos, particularly around June 13’s Full Moon. This is only likely to really ease after July 13, but the second half of June has some progress. Then there are the final Mars challenges, disturbing the status quo and probably business plans, on June 14 and 25. Do exercise extreme patience then and on July 4 and 9, unless you want to waste lots of energy calming down the upsets your behaviour creates. That brings us to your lunar climax – Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12. This lunation illuminates a powerful new phase in your personal life or work, and you gain more respect or support in what you do. From July 20 serious Saturn is on your side, credibility grows and Venus prompts sweet sociable times, helping love relationships to blossom. Late July 2014 to July 2015 is a year to consider better ways to invest in a full and happy life, with expansive Jupiter lighting the way.



June and July are months for the Water Bearer to better understand those nearest and dearest. Your own feelings that arise, also deserve your full attention. June 6 to 25 carries a theme that resonates with Aquarius: the quest for freedom of expression. Discovering new ways to express old truths gets a further spike of energy at Full Moon on 13th, giving romance a boost from June 18. When, on top of this, Lover Venus transits your love sign from June 23 to July 19, you may become entranced with a new person, or in love with a brand new role. A radical questioning of your plans may have occurred in early April and if so July 4 to 9 may bring up a conflict of interests, a challenge that you must consider. Don’t assume it must be solved as it will probably take until early October. Now is the time to get informed and July 13 to 15 has the added bonus that it dissolves your natural reserve and encourages you to let your softer feelings show, to be generous with emotions. Also, career and vocation are about to get a burst of energy from July 26 through August.



June is a winding back month for Pisces and June 7 to 17 re-runs your memories of love – of love lost and love’s sweet traces that get forgotten in daily life. With Neptune planet of dreams, in Pisces for twelve years, its ‘retro’ cycle of five months offers a deeper level of winding back and this starts on June 10. Now actions which spiritually sustain you, must be revisited, and both June 13 and July 12’s Full Moons, trigger this awareness. At your Pisces Full Moon in September, the process will reach its climax. For now be happy with small daily practices, which keep you tuned in. Your ability to give projects your creative best, is another exciting part of the process. From winter solstice on June 21 to July 22, the Sun illuminates your house of love and again romance is on your mind. The best days for romantic get-togethers and creative pizzazz, are June 29, July 5 to 13, and 19. Then the love theme gets even richer when Venus enters you house of love, evoking happy times, particularly July 23 to 25 and August 1.



With your fast and energetic ruler Mars somewhat slowed down by its many months in your opposite sign, many aspects of your life seem to be stuck or going around in circles. No matter how hard you try, there is a ‘go slow or no go’ motif. What to do? Well the plot is much thicker than it looks, since change agent Uranus is in Aries, being repeatedly opposed by Mars since late December and Pluto is throwing its weight around as well. The final times Mars triggers frustrations in this way are June 14, 25 and July 4. On these days, stay super aware and be smart by being restrained. Your opinion really is not needed! By July 13 to 14 a friendship you have been wanting, or the respect from your group you have felt is lacking, is likely to come closer. Slow and steady is best, especially since an expansive fun Jupiter cycle is on the way. In the meantime, find the calm space that exists in between the restless individuality and cramped uncertainties of life. Only by soaking up that calm clear vibe, can you successfully negotiate the power games and people in authority that litter your path. When Mars finally moves on in late July, a weight lifts and you begin to frolic again.



With lovely Venus in Taurus for most of June, you are in your element. If you get up pre-dawn you will see her as the shining morning star in the East. Luscious results are likely June 6, 9 and 18, but do be aware that June 13 is down-time for Venus as well as a feral Full Moon. Don’t let this spoil an otherwise excellent month and just give pushy controlling people a wide berth. This protects that delicate emotional constitution hidden behind the can-do efficiency of Taurus. New Moon on June 27 begins a helpful communication cycle that is likely to deliver its best results July 10 to 12. Since July 12 is also Full Moon, the lunar climax supports some important communication for you and boosts your sense of adventure. Reach out and you won’t regret it. Exciting plans will probably take shape in July and once Venus adds a dash of sweet connecting, from July 19 to mid August, you really are a magnet for charming situations meant to be enjoyed. The stars shine on efforts to build advertising, selling and social media profiles now.


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