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Aug 01st to Sep 30th, 2013


Happy Birthday! August is your month and you are unlikely to waste its potential. From the Leo New Moon on August 7 to the Full Moon of August 21 you are firing on all cylinders, so enjoy the experience! Playmates are available and juicy ideas to be developed first get considered on August 2 to 5. The supportive planetary aspects of August 15 to 17 help you develop these further. With much to do and plenty of Saturn challenges to keep you on task, it may all seem too crazy and unpredictable around August 21’s Full Moon. Yet, the rarity factor of a Leo cycle that begins with a Full Moon on July 23 and now ends with an unusual second Full Moon in your partner sign, means this is a high energy time when the madness just needs to be tolerated. Once Sun enters Virgo on August 23 the way is clear for you to ground and manage this wild energy by being conservative with spending and using simple daily tasks of life as therapy. Cook for yourself and try to simplify your diet in September, particularly between September 5 and 19 to benefit from the wonderful regenerative potential of this month. September 9 to 11 and September 19’s Full Moon are times to hold back on expensive urges and when Venus squares off to Mars in Leo on September 28 you may be glad you have not stretched yourself thin. With Warrior Mars burning its way through Leo, it is time to be selective about your passions.



Since Lover Venus is in Virgo and making sweet harmonious alliances with other planets from August 2 to 11, the pleasures of friendship and the pleasures of the flesh are both likely to be sweetly satisfying. Now your new beginnings readily gain substance and August 15 to 21 boosts rapid movement and progress. The afternoon of August 26 through to the early hours of 27th may bring certain issues to a head and offers a special opportunity – there is potential for a big jump in understanding and insight, in those hours when a six way harmony of Earth and Water signs, includes both Sun and Mercury in Virgo. This is an illumination point in a longer cycle. The whole time that your ruling planet Mercury, plays mental gymnast in Virgo, from August 24 to September 8, brings forth your best. This ’guru’ planet, is hyper charged right now from many helpful alliances that accelerate your learning and networking skills, while fine-tuning your mind. Managing your personal schedule to include pleasurable healing activities and catching up with people whose energy lifts you, is the way to stay balanced. Any tests in late August will be forgotten with the well-supported fresh start of your New Moon in Virgo on September 5. Then your year accelerates, with major moves best initiated September 6 and 7. Since sweet Venus raises your sense of empathy and intuition about friends and loved ones from September 14 to 27, use this wisely. If September 15 and 16 are disruptive just keep smiling. Happy Birthday!



Sometimes old issues just keep resurfacing and August 1, 8, 12 and 21, may be such times. Tolerate peoples’ foibles and flaws on those dates unless you want them harshly judging yours...gentle gestures go a long way at such times. Just enjoy walking through the interesting doorway of August 7’s New Moon and by Full Moon on 21st, you will find many reasons to smile. Your guiding planet - Lover Venus, enters Libra, her home sign, on August 17 and hooks into the change cycle of our era, from August 24 to 27. By then, old issues must definitely be passé and developing the new in productive ways, is your best focus. During this long change cycle you have probably learnt to expect the unexpected and August 28 to September 14 is the time to really enjoy it. A sociable September gets an extra fun factor from energy driver Mars in your zone of like-minded groups and friends. September 15 to 16 brings another exclamation point when you may change your mind about something or someone. Wait for more information before you act, then the Full Moon period of September 19 to 21 will guide you in the right direction. On September 23 Sun enters Libra at Equinox, when day and night are equal in length, and you also reach a special point of balance and love – your time in the Sun.



Powerful planets are collaborating in Water signs right now with Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Neptune describing a triangular formation, which injects extra inspiration and enterprise into your options, through August, September. This creative energy can also evoke practical and do-able plans that will continue to build in substance, since earthy planets assist as well. Nevertheless, restraint is probably necessary on August 1, 5, 12, 15 and 21, when fiery planets throw challenging obstacles into that nice watery flow. This may take the form of disagreements, sudden shifts of agenda and hurt pride. Yet August has great potential for networking, for coordinated group efforts and for loving connections, particularly August 2 to 8, 16 to 17 and 27 to 31. September 6 evokes another growth period, focused on your social commitments then September 11 brings Venus, the love planet to Scorpio. Now your attention is very acute when it comes to dreams, personal projects and maybe travel plans. A bumpy time from September 15 to 16, shifts into a very fruitful Full Moon on 19th. Then a creative high or pursuing a major agreement with long term flow-on, will dominate the next week, with September 27 and 28 the best days for collaboration or meetings. Your negotiation skills get even better October 7 to 8 - more on that next time.



The recharge potential of August for the sensitive Sagittarian nervous system is good. You are one of the ‘dual’ or ‘mutable’ signs, whose energy mutations give you mental dexterity but the highs and lows are hard on your nerves. To get the best of August don’t give energy to worries or annoyances...instead tune in on the good qualities in your relationships and plan a trip or an ‘adventure of the mind’ event. Investing in your future is also important when your leading planet, Jupiter is in canny Cancer for a year. Your concerns for future security could be blocking joy of action. Uranus helps you find the way to more joy on August 5 and August 7’s New Moon is purpose designed for building up your creative zest over the next two weeks. Yet August 21’s Full Moon brings another reminder that experiencing financial stability has got a lot to do with attitude right now. Since emotions are the key to Jupiter’s story for you with this August 8 to 21 wakeup call, drop excuses and see the hidden fears re finances, that this cycle evokes. Then the two follow-ups from January 31 to February and again in late April 2014 will be but logical steps towards more financial stability. Fear only puts out your fire. This means it’s best to deal with hidden issues in August, so the vocational prompts of September can prove to be their potent best. Creative collaborations inspire you and your critical faculty is superb at problem-solving this month. Children, friends, lovers and colleagues respond well to your positivity and new roles likely come your way by September 19’s Full Moon.



Intuitive, tuned-in people are lucky for you this year, but they do upset your routines – and this is good since Jupiter the ‘Greater Fortune’ is opposite your sign for a year, opening new ways of doing things. The right partner, personally and professionally, means expansion in business and in confidence. Collaborative efforts and teamwork are helpful but can also raise problems on August 1, 8, 12 and 21. Beware a hard-headed approach when other people get emotional. Maybe it is time for you to look more deeply at what gives you joy, to gain more emotional nourishment from the simple things of life. A slew of Water/Earth planet harmonies is timely for you and suggests your groups and social roles are gaining in gravity. The Goat likes to be sure-footed and plan the path ahead, but the many planets in intuitive Water signs include your most important guiding planet – Saturn. This means hunches, gut-feelings and passion are super important to honour right now. It is good to be well prepared but if you overdo it, this weakens your imaginative faculty. Your heart opens when Lover Venus joins the watery throng from September 11 to October 7, then draws close to Saturn at September 19’s Full Moon. Now your compassion and caring has a very pointed focus on a person or project close to your heart...Sept 19 to 27 moves you right along.



Two Aquarius Full Moons in succession only happens rarely and the first occurred July 23, the second is coming on August 21. This means a luminous Full Moon in Aquarius both began, and will end, the Leo Sun sign time, the solar cycle that is all about your relationships. Flexibility is not always your strong suit but it is very important for your happiness, particularly on August 12, 15, 24 and 27. These days are potential stress points yet August is full of more opportune days for increased sensitivity and happy bonding. September too has an emphasis on earthy pleasures and September 1 to 7 needs at least one kickback regeneration time, to benefit from the healing energies of this month. With Lover Venus in your adventure sign until September 11, a shared adventure is a good idea. Admittedly September is also a serious month for financial planning and hard work but these will both benefit from some healing time. Your sense of responsibility is strong and your ruling planet has been prompting a focus on vocational and security demands since late 2012, so cut yourself a little slack. You may have to reconsider certain assumptions about partners around September 28, when genuine issues need to be addressed.



With Neptune, the planet of dreams and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, both in Pisces, August brings a juncture when the themes of your life are sharply illuminated and new ways of managing your time may be needed. Since your ‘ruling’ planet, Jupiter, is now in your love sign for a year, being passionate about what you do renews your sense of vitality and creativity. If, between August 8 and 21, odd surprises and controlling people upset your sense of stability, swim around these obstacles. Promising developments will show up around August 31 and hint at the easier relationship cycle coming in November. Meanwhile the Jupiter/Pluto challenges of August herald a potential growth phase for the networks that support your earning power and September is even more dynamic, with many good connections to be made. August 17 to 20 and 27 to 31 are the most notable growth periods and the first week of September continues the trend. New Moon on September 5 gradually builds your energy and commitment through to the exclamation point of Pisces Full Moon on September 19. Consider now what was your focus last March and you will see that your home environment and the people you love are on track, with a good basis for confidence in the future. With Venus prompting a more adventurous attitude from September 19 to 27, you will have numerous opportunities to shine.



Time to play is an important therapy for a happy Aries, yet time may seem to be exactly what you are short of. With the changes that abound, probably come demands and deadlines, time constraints and authorities to deal with. Your guiding planet is in the Water sign of Cancer so life is made rich by family gatherings and loving bonds which will keep you balanced in August. Also Venus is on side from August 17, lighting up your partner sign but also adding to the demands of August 21, 24 and 27. Love and friendship make your world sweeter; it’s just that even these require careful scheduling and people you love need to understand the level of obsessive focus some ‘project’ is requiring right now. The story gets more dynamic after August 28 when Mars moves into fiery Leo, staying there until mid October. Do aim to channel wild emotions as constructively as possible on September 9 to 11, 15 to 16 and 28, when an angry Mars can alienate friends and deliver only frustration. This fiery resurgence is very helpful to your overall creativity, but fire can burn. Being your authentic best deserves your best intentions plus effort, if you want the promise of September to unfold as it can. This potent month is the preparation period for the climax of your year – the Aries Full Moon on October 19. More on that next time...



Family, home, good friendships and love are well watered in August. These are also demanding times, so a chance to recharge is needed. With your ruling light, Lover Venus in your love sign until August 17, such a chance may suddenly appear. Enjoyment is on the menu at least some of the time! Fixity is one of your traits, so be wary on August 5, 15 and 16, that you don’t get stubborn about the wrong thing and feed into a conflict situation. Once the Virgo Sun cycle begins on August 23, you are more truly in your element yet you may still have to ease past some tensions from August 24 to 27. If someone disillusions you it will pass and your ability to shine as a communicator is getting a burst of helpful energy from the emotional broadband of Jupiter. An earthy harmony between Sun and Pluto kicks off September and your expressive abilities flower this month. Yet September 9, 11 and 15 are not easy and unfair demands may be placed on you. Since this is in the context of a month when you will probably be well supported by willing help, a number of times - maybe chalk it down to experience. With Venus in your partner sign for the second half of September, other people matter a lot and a strong sense of commitment comes into focus from Full Moon on 19th to September 27, when Venus and Jupiter evoke loving luscious times.



Serendipity events are fun for Gemini and unscheduled fun is more likely to catch you unawares after August 8 when your guiding light Mercury, enters fiery playful Leo. Meanwhile, clarify ways to get more pleasure from your home, between August 2 and 5, because the contribution of Venus now is all about loving times at home. Try to avoid multi-media overkill, as a start! August 7’s New Moon gives your ideas a burst of energy. The Big demands on your time and the patience needed on August 15, 16 and 21 are just a spur to action. Once the new solar cycle starts on August 23, taking the steps for better time management looks more important and the stress of August 24 to 27 reminds you why. Home and family will benefit from this and so will your nervous system. The creatively juicy side of September is so much easier to access when home is a well-ordered peaceful place. Short journeys can offer a lot of satisfaction but home is your real place of recharge. Vulnerable feelings can even be discussed this month as they may be evoked by the challenges of September 15, 16 or the emotional Full Moon of September 19, but too much talk just exhausts you. Designing, writing, journaling, gentle music and the sounds of the sea all soothe the Gemini soul and reinvigorate you this month. In late September a more material focus will likely claim you and another project start to take shape.



With the abundant fecund energy of Generous Jupiter in Cancer for a year, preparing the right soil for things to grow is all important. New family members, new relationships, new roles and a renewed sense of home, are all in the pipeline of possible for you now. No longer content to hide your light or now ready to reveal more, is another Cancer story of the time. This is an expansion cycle but it reaches an illumination point from August 8 to 21, which it will reach again in early February and late April next year. From now until April, Jupiter interacts three times with the larger story of our time – the interesting stand-off between Uranus and Pluto. For Cancer, this probably boils down to the urge for independent expression in your roles, while having to contend with the obstacles of authority and material necessity. You may even have to convince another person about the right path for you, but Jupiter in Cancer expands your joy in action. Follow your passion, fulfill the material requirements and you will find you are quietly re-inventing yourself. Creative ideas blossom from August 30 to September 19, when a Full Moon illuminates your sense of adventure. Protect yourself on September 15, 16 and 20 and allow your healing instincts to lead the way to a blissful September 27 and early October.


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